Kimi Raikkonen Funny Team Radio Compilation (subtitles)

Kimi Raikkonen Funny Team Radio Compilation (subtitles)

Pick up the peace for the next couple of laps Give me more power then ok kimi next car behind you is alonso, alonso 5 sec behind you ill give you updated on gap, i’ll give you updated on the peace Leave me alone, i know what iam doing Please keep working all four tires, keep working all four… yes yes yes yes i am doing it all the tires you dont have to remind me every second Today i’m gonna start here with Kimi raikkonen, kimi your first victory since the 2008 belgian gp. Tell us about your amotions Not much really aah… The people want to know how amazing it is to win a gp… tell us Last time you guys was giving me shit because I didn’t really smile enough. Maybe this time again but i mean i am very happy for the team and myself The car is not fit for me, were not learning anything, we should change the car now ok kimi Fernando is 3 sec ahead of Hamilton we expect his tires to go off at the end of the race, if you get past hamilton we got a chance for the win yeah Did you see what the fuck happened? Why do i get all the damn blue flags? Blue flags are for cars behind kimi, not for you ?Look out off the treath of Michael behind? I know what iam doing


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