Kim-Trump summit making headlines around international media

Kim-Trump summit making headlines around international media

Now we take things to Singapore. The leaders of North Korea and the U.S. have
both departed what was once a media-hyped summit location of the city-state on Tuesday,…
but the two leaders’ meeting is still the hot topic for the day. Our Lee Ji-won joins us live from Singapore. Ji-won, how is the world reporting on this? Ji-yoon, like you said, the two leaders’ meeting
is still making the headlines around the world. But the international media all have different
takes and highlights of the summit. The Straits Times, a Singapore based English
newspaper called the summit the ‘First step on a long road to peace’. It said that the two leaders signed a deal
that promised Pyongyang’s complete denuclearization of the peninsula while the U.S. would provide
it with security guarantees. CNN’s main story was on Trump’s military pullback
and how it alarmed its allies, namely South Korea and Japan. Now, China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency
looked more towards the future, saying that the summit heralds a thaw in Pyongyang-Washington
ties. It also contained Beijing’s response to the
summit where the State Councilor and Foreign Minister highlighted the significance of the
summit, which China had long called for. Japanese media, meanwhile focused on the abductee
issue, that has been mentioned at the summit, according to Trump. They expressed hope in resolving the issue
and how it is an important matter for Japan’s Prime Minister, who is facing problems in
his local politics. The general consensus the media seemed to
have is that although this surely is a step towards a new opening, the joint statement
lacks details and has vague wordings. Now Jiwon,… both leaders have left, we know
Kim Jong-un should have arrived in Pyongyang,… but we have yet to receive any confirmation
on Trump’s touch-down in Washington. Yes, in fact U.S. President Donald Trump,…
even before landing in his home country,… tweeted about the summit with his North Korean
counterpart this morning. His tweet reads, “the world has taken a big
step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe No more rocket launches, nuclear testing or
research ” And he also thanked “Chairman Kim”, saying
their “day together was historic.” And as for the departures,… Semin, North
Korea’s Kim Jong-un left Singapore at around 11:20 PM yesterday,… and he is expected
to have arrived in North Korea this morning. Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump left
about 30 minutes earlier than expected, at 6-thirty local time, on his Air Force One,
from the Paya Lebar Airbase, just as he came into the city state. On his plane, Trump talked with South Korean
President Moon Jae-in at around 8-twenty to share the results of the Joint Statement with
North Korea. He is known to have stopped over at airbases
in Guam and Hawaii to encourage U.S. forces and is expected to arrive at the White House
sometime Wednesday morning. Ji-won, you briefly mentioned the Joint Statement,
which is the outcome of this June 12th summit. Can you tell us more about it. Sure Semin. The weeks and months of talks North Korea
and the United States had over the issue of denuclearization and establishing ties,…
came down to that statement. And although it’s rather simple and short,
it shows the two leaders’ strong faith in each other. It states that the two leaders conducted an
in-depth and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment
of a new Pyongyang-Washington relationship,… as well as building a lasting and robust foundation
that leads to peace on the Korean peninsula. The major point of this summit was also concisely
stipulated. U.S. President Donald Trump committed to providing
security guarantees to North Korea, and conversely, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reaffirmed
his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Agreeing that the development and improvement
in their bilateral ties will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula
and of the world, as well as recognizing that mutual confidence can promote the denuclearization
of the peninsula, the two leaders signed on four clauses. First, Pyongyang and Washington will commit
to establish new relations in accordance with the desire of their respective peoples for
achieving peace and prosperity. Second, the two sides will join the efforts
to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean peninsula. Third, North Korea reaffirms the Panmunjom
Declaration signed with South Korea,… and commits to work toward complete denuclearization
of the peninsula. And finally, North Korea and the U.S. commit
to recovering remains of Prisoners Of War and Missing In Action soldiers from the Korean
War, nearly 70 years ago,… including the immediate repatriation of those already identified. Now with the summit coming to a close, many
media have left,… so it’s quite quiet here at the Media center, but we’ll be here to
deliver any latest news on the summit.


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  • Emperor Caracalla says:

    I hope the deal last but what is to stop the next US presidential administration from breaking the deal?

  • Ajay Krishna India says:

    Kim never imagine Trump this like.
    No ordering No slaving.

    He really surprised.


    Ajay Krishna India

  • Muhammad Siddique says:

    Now the north Korea is highly acknowledged nuclear power.Rest of the develpments although may take some time , have also good signs towards peace and stability. It is learnt that a country who wants a durable peace , first it should become an atomic power.

  • SuperHirohumi says:


  • heide gonzales says:

    The great player in the world no other than the USA. The game master! They won't stop until they win and own the planet? that's the goal. The one world government! They want to make peace with other small countries while the same time adding sanctions on Russia. Nice plan for ww3. Everyone will go against Russia and that's the time for a perfect war.

  • Thanks for all the brainless comments. So glad you losers are not running anything but your mouths. I see a lot of comments bashing America as trying to take over the World… who would you rather have as a world leader? China, Russia, Cuba, Vensuala, North Korea??? The fact is, only America can lead this fk'd up planet, as most countries can do nothing without the US and most countries on the planet owe their freedom, technology, standard of living and life to the fact that the United States of America was there in their time of great need… even Russia and China. Again I reiterate, most of you people are stupid and lack any education.

  • Americans have short memory!

    Kim is playing POTUS. North Korea has signed even tougher denuclearization agreement 3 times before now. They have not kept to it. Trump & Kim needed a Nobel Peace Price and Photo Ops and they have it. Nobel Peace Price? I doubt it. Kim knows too well to give up what keeps him on top of issues in the world. He does not need US money.

  • Trumps team needs most of this credit for this history making event. Awesome work Pompeii, Bolton, Mattis, Kelly + dozens more & n.koreas side too. Job well done!!! Trump pulls out S.Korea militarily it would be debliatating for that whole area!

  • After taking this step, NK must prove it by actions. Simple as that. No need for rainbow interpretations., lets see. There is NO obligations towards its own; NK otherwise, do it and prove it internationally and to gain its own prosperity its country. I'd like to alert NK, stop begging for money. You know what to do to gain such prosperity and trust..

  • Let's hope he starts to stop dictating cruelty to his country's people now as well. Rip Otto, bring our MIA home.

  • Trump needs to be careful he doesnt get assasinated though, the powers that be dont want the world to feel safe and everything to be working properly, as thats how they stay in power in the first place…keeping everyone on edge and needing a government to protect them.

  • Anthony Spanjich says:

    wow….. if this was CNN, they would ridicule this massive achievement. thank you both Mr Trump and Kim. hell, i might even get a Kim haircut.

  • maria pilgrimkennedy says:

    Thank you Jesus for answering prayer. This is a direct result of prayer of so many people around the world praying for the solution. Thank you Jesus for the beginning also looking forward to the chairman of North Korea changing many many situations that will open North Korea to the world. That the chairman will experience so much love worldwide and in so doing he will start showing deep love for the people in his country and to the world at large. Mr. Chairman welcome to the love of God.

  • tony 'too sweet' swann says:

    kju will honor it or screw it up, since kju became the owner of nk, where has he been internationally? China, Singapore, ___________? maybe the USA is his real next stop and would the nk people see this as a betrayal by "the great leader" ('uh oh, he don't look to happy, he's been using brand xssss?') the joker said that.

  • Oswaldo Corleone says:

    Is way too early to sing victory…..There's alot of rules that Kim won't change in his country.Just because they both sign up a paper, still doesn't mean Nothing………….

  • Vietnamese used to hate Yanks, now they are biggest trade partner in SEA after Singapore, Korea and Japan. Nuff said.

  • Valerie Martinez says:

    overall hope Kim comes thru I was so happy at the summit but now that Putin wants to meet I have a bad feeling for a long time he secretly had north Korean labour workers why does he want to talk now , I am really praying but Japan , south korea , and USA must make sure that no other globalist or liberal party comes and gives Kim money to stop deneucleurization that's a bad feeling I have because some evil democratic parties s of the world and the USA hate Trump so much , one democratic reporter said I hate Donald Trump so much I wish our country collapsed financially so I can throw it at his face , if anyone is found to pay Kim jong un money or if he knowingly did this on purpose to get that money the un needs to hold them accountable with a big fine and a sanction but it is my hope and prayer that south and north Korea will finally have peace and Japan too may God Bless this deal everyone please pray

  • Kim and Don one on one. Kim on top! Kim and Don a nuclear love story. Don got pregnant had a Booty Baby it is a BOMB!

  • Antero. Jr Sarreal says:

    I hope Chairman Kim Jun Un understand the problem in USA FAKE media reporting and help diminish OBSTRUCTION and OPPOSITION to the TRUTH. BROTHER President Trump is LOYAL on his WORDS and FRIEND NEEDING SUPPORT to CONTINUE very difficult mission as USA President.

  • The Gun Collector colt45 says:

    Nobody cares about the Communist News Network come on man Trump is a greatest president ever.????????


  • Tundra Phlong says:


  • as the Prince I am upset that I could not meat with Kim Jong Un in the Summit or even be at the summit. I will continue to build my nuclear threats until I get to meat the President of North Korea and other nations also. China is also invited to my Summits. I will continue to increase the end of mankind with my Volcanic eruptions and super storms until I have all the world leaders in my heavenly abode.

  • Tundra Phlong says:

    Thank to both leaders North Korea ?? and USA ??✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️we are having peace now ???????????????????????????????????????

  • I have an opening position for new wife's who will take care of the Prince until he is 100 years old. It is a free trip to heaven to be the twin boys legacy and worship the Prince.

  • If you are from North Korea, you can now be married to one of my sperm cells, they only live to be 56 days old.

  • Start today, it is time to begin a future life with the Prince's family, you do not have to be part of a small family anymore. The twin boys legacy will in large your future and the twin boys future spect into the after spect of life.

  • Justin Isaac Rada says:

    I hope they can get along well, no double cross or betrayal, and not going to end up like the game called "Homefront".

  • GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND CHAIRMAN KIM. BOTH OF THESE LEADERS WELL DESERVE CREDIT!!! SO PROUD OF BOTH OF THEM. IF you want REAL TRUE NEWS with no slanderous lies, stay away from CNN garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most American media are NOT truthful. A good reliable, honest channel is FOX Live.

  • Next the Japanese prime minister needs to meet with Kim jong un in japan or wherever they decide. It's time to get all the regional countries to talk. South Korea and USA has done it and america is not a regional country. China and even Russia has seen Kim at some point in different ways. Now let's see a Japanese and north Korea summit. Make the full circle

  • Dennis Rivenburg says:

    I almost died of laughter when Trump said that the n. Korea beaches would be perfect for condo's, Trump won't be around long enough to even build a treehouse because his idiot lawyer Cohen is going to flip and bring down the Trump crime family ! Thank you Robert Mueller !!!!!

  • Hillary would never have done this based on how the Democratics presidents got much shit for even metioning meeting with Kim or other dictators I don't feel like Obama deserved that imagine if this could've happened sooner put parties divide us as Americans but good on Trump for making this happen

  • Some person who likes AOTsasageyo says:

    We all just say congratulations to trump and Kim for great job and hopefully peace permanently lock up with out changing mind in the we all wrote billions words between NK and US start WW3 good and BAD between Kim and trump hope they meet ours Expectation.war is war but war is going to be bloody and lost life's such as kill, wounding , injure , handicap lost personal beauty and pain, war injure night mare,use chemical warfare in to each other, burn nightmare all kind of bad things.hope man kind can Waive WAR.

  • Hamish McHarg says:

    This news had polluted the entire media industry in the World. I am seeing a beautiful Korean woman with no plastic surgery for the first time. Brilliant report!

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