20 thoughts on “Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising's Image of Women [Trailer] – Available on DVD”

  • Andy Thomson says:

    It used to be available online to watch. I understand that it is costly to make such a documentary, but I thinks it's sad that such an important message is now pay-per-view…

  • Men also feel like this. Tbh it's harder for men to fit this certain image than it is for women. I exercise, eat right and can't even come close to how some of these guys look.

  • Mychal Massie says:

    Please stop blaming men for this. Generally speaking, cis men don't care about fashion; they care if you look good. Some men like a more tomboyish or quirky look. Many guys I've dated would prefer me not to wear makeup and love natural beauty. The fashion industry is all about women competing against each other. Men don't care & they hate photoshop. You all know this and the ones complaining are just using them as a crutch and that is not healthy. Stop following fashion trends and dress according to your body type and your personal style.

  • Ettina Kitten says:

    I have to disagree with something she said. Girls aged 8-10 do not feel fine about their bodies. Maybe it used to be that way, but now, even girls as young as 7 often say they'd like to be thinner – in many cases identifying an ideal that is medically underweight. The shame gets into these girls very young.

  • what is disturbing is the women who agree to work in these industries, knowing that the publication of their pictures are a message that their bodies are commodities, that they are fine with commodifying their bodies as a way of making a living, and that little girls can be fine with this, too. At least, Winslet has a conscience and has a sense of responsibility regarding what messages and values she is espousing by her public photos.

  • One should notice the most unrealistic photos and objective products are distributed by women for women in women's magazines and outlets. Noteworthy is the steady decline in violence against women since the 70s.

  • I find it amusing just how much of an issue the objectification of women is, but not the objectification of men. Oh wait, I guess when its a mans body that is photoshopped into an unobtainable look its not objectification. You gotta love women and the things they choose to take issue with, even when its things they do to themselves.

  • MarshmallowMadnesss says:

    I am a man and I agree that advertising portrays people in an unrealistic way. Photoshop is synonymous with lies.

  • I watched this in school,me and my teacher even though we are boys,we were very disappointed at the other people for doing this to the helpless women. I'm gonna have my sister watch this when i see her.

  • Fredrik Åström says:

    Not true. It is not oppression if it is optional without penalty.

    Men in advertising are also handsome and muscular… yet only a few men strive for this look. Those of us who don't, not to break the ideals, but because life works out fine anyway.

    Women generally don't have a problem finding someone to love. So where is the problem really.

  • I've watched this in college a few times so far. I'm wishing I watched this in middle school, along with a few other girls, when my self-esteem was almost nonexistent.

  • I agreed many of the comments ok , but also you need to remember, this is a capitalism system it is your choice , sex sells, 7 out 10 knows now publicity is just full of crap.they lie becouse is the way they make the big money, you also making money send messages against big just can't win.

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