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Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– What would you think if you got pregnant as a teenager? – Oh, I feel like I’d get killed. (music) – Hi, I’m Maddie. – Hi Maddie, I’m Jules. – Hi, I’m Talbot.
– Hi. – Hi, I’m Vanessa, it’s nice to meet you. – I’m Maddie.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you all. What do you think you’re here for? – I saw a baby outside so
that’s all I’m thinking of, a young parent? – Yeah! I’m a teen-mom. – When I came in, I thought the baby was the lady’s outside. – Yeah, that’s my mom, so she’s a grandma. – Wow. – Yeah (laughs). How old do you think I am? – Uhhh, 19. – I’m 15. Yeah (laughs), I had my baby when I was 14 and I had just turned
14 when I got pregnant. – That’s kinda weird, 14! – Yeah, I know. – How old is your daughter? – She’s 10 months, almost 11 months. – What’s her name? – Everly. – That’s a good name. – Thank you! – What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant? – I was scared. I was mostly just terrified
of my mom’s reaction though. Because my mom’s like my best
friend, I didn’t want her to look down on me. – What was your mom’s
reaction when you told her? – Okay, so surprisingly a lot
of people think that my mom would’ve like freaked out,
kicked me out but she actually, she just hugged me and
said it’s gonna be okay. – That’s really nice. – Did you tell your
boyfriend like immediately? – Well, he was my ex at the time and I told him the day of. I actually Snapchatted him to tell him. At first he thought I was lying. And then I went and got a
sonogram and I sent him a picture, and he’s like “Oh crap, it’s
real. She’s really pregnant!” What do you think your mom would say, if you said you were
pregnant when you’re 14? – I’m not really sure, I
think she would freak out. ‘Cause like, I’m so at
that point, I’m like “ew”– – “Cooties” was it cooties?
– No. I’m just like “Ew that
sounds weird and disgusting”. Um… Sex. (laughs) – What do you think the right
age is to start having sex? – When you’re a junior in high school, you can explore each others bodies. (laughs) – Actually like, in eighth
grade that’s when our friends started having sex and stuff. So there was a lot of people. The way eighth grade, like the end of it. You know how boys, they always
like “won’t you do sir”. Does that happen to you,
cause I remember when I was 12 boys would always like,
send pictures and stuff. I’m like what is that weird looking worm. (laughs) They don’t do that anymore here? – Oh, I got one snapchat
about it, and was like “Just gonna delete you”.
– It’s really bad. So I kinda got exposed to that early. Then when I got a boyfriend,
he wanted to have sex. I didn’t really want to. – Tell him to do it himself. (laughs) – I kinda thought, “I love
him. This is what he wants, “so if I wanna keep him
this is what I have to do” which is not the case. So never think that. But we ended up having
sex and I got pregnant. – Did you guys use protection? – No. – Well! – Yeah, but in Texas they don’t really
teach about that in school. Did you all learn about protection? – Yes.
– Yeah, condoms and stuff. – Yeah, all they taught was abstinence. So they just said “This
is sex don’t have it” – Oh, so they never taught
protection or STD’s or anything? – I didn’t really have any idea that it was so easy to get pregnant. I thought it just happened like
1 out of 10 times, you know? – Well that’s not the case. – Yeah, cause they don’t
really teach you that in Texas. So, if you were to be a teen
mom too, is that like scary? – Yes. – Yeah, I don’t promote it. So like, wait. What would y’all think if, let’s say you got pregnant
or you got a girl pregnant? – I would probably be a
little ashamed of myself – Yeah, I definitely was too. – Because, I knew that I
could’ve gotten protection or something like that. I’d probably do an abortion because I don’t think I
would be ready for it. – And I definitely understand that. – But I if you chose to
keep the baby after all, I’d be like oh I’m her uncle. But then, also Vanessa,
I’d feel like, oh well okay if that’s what she wants. – Yeah. – Did Everly’s dad have a say in abortion? – He tried to have a say. At first he said abortion
and I said cannot do that. And he just kind of had
to accept it because as unfair as it sounds she was in my body. I’m pro-life for myself, like
I would never get an abortion but I still think that other
people should have that choice. – When you found out
that you were pregnant do you think that people at
school would make fun of you? – Yes, a lot of people did. People can be horrible, especially online because you get to hide behind a screen. I actually got, I think
it was a DM and it said “You’re disgusting, you’re a whore, “I hope you die during
birth better yet your baby” And I just balled my eyes out. I mean we called the
police, we were so mad. – Did people feel bad for
you being pregnant, at 14? – Yes, well they also kind of feel like I’m a bad person because of it. – I don’t think you’re a bad person. – Thank you. – You just made a–
– Bad choice. I agree with that – Were you kind of scared
for when the time was coming? – Yes, I definitely was. I got induced, so it was more control. There wasn’t just this spontaneous labor. – What does child birth feel like? – Well if you got an epidural,
it feel like you’re pooping. I got an epidural. Have y’all ever heard of that? Is that when they like,
give you stuff and it (laughs)
– I don’t know. – Vanessa’s like (laughs) – It numbs you from like–
– Waist down? – Here down. After a while I kind of
felt like I needed to poop. So they checked me, they’re
like “Oh she’s crowning, “it’s time to push.” – So then you didn’t need to poop. – No, I mean, I don’t know if I did. Some people poop on the
table but I didn’t even ask. – Wait, can the baby
come out with the poop? I’m just asking. – Talbot, that’s gross. – I mean… – Like can you poop and have
a baby at the same time? – Probably, it’s probably happened. How old do you think you’re
gonna be when you have a baby? – 37. – 37, that’s a really
specific, I like that. Do you ever want to give birth? Like obviously when you’re older. – No.
– No? (laughs) – How much time do you have to take away of your normal day life
to hang out with her? – Out of 24 hours in a day, he’s with me for about 23, 22 of them. – So do you think you were
ever missing out on anything that kids your age would
be doing because of Everly? – I obviously don’t get to
go to the dances or stuff. But it’s not really my scene. – You have a best friend or
someone you hang out with a lot? Or does your baby take up all your time? – I still have my friends and
I consider them my friends and I talk to them and stuff. But I really don’t get that
much time to hang out with them. And I obviously can’t
text and Snapchat all day. I kind of think of it as, I have to choose between a bad mom or a bad friend. And I’m a bad friend. (laughs) Do y’all wanna meet Everly? – [Both] Yes. – Hi princess. – She’s so cute. – Aww I love her little,
are those pigtails? – Yeah they’re antennas. – Awww. – I love babies so much! – Wait. (laughs) (baby coos) – No. – Thank you for watching
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