Kids Meet a News Anchor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet a News Anchor | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Are you a Seahawks fan?
– Mmhmm. – Okay, you have a favorite player? – Right now, Russell Wilson.
– I like it. – If he gets traded …
– Don’t even say that. – I know, but, just if
– Bop, bop, wait a minute. Wait a second
– I don’t want him to. – Wait a second. KOMO 4 News this is Michelle Esteban, I
think I’ve just got scoop. – Hi there!
– Hi. – How are you?
– I’m good. I’m Zailey. – Zailey? Nice to meet you.
– It’s nice to meet you. – Michelle Esteban, I’m your neighbor. Right over here, KOMO TV, not very far. I could walk here actually, but I didn’t
– Oh. – You are?
– Justin Harris. – And you are?
– Gigi Harris. – Are you guys related? – Yes.
– Yeah we’re twins. – You are, okay.
– We’re twins. She’s 2 minutes older.
– 2 minutes older? – Yes.
– So you have bragging rights? – You don’t know half of it.
– I can always say I have a younger brother – Well I’m taller than her so I can always say I have a shorter sister. – You got the 2 minutes,
you got the 2 inches. Alight I think we’re even. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – What is your job?
– Well, I am a journalist. And I work at KOMO TV and I work as a reporter and an anchor. – Is there a difference between a news anchor and a news reporter? – There is. The anchoring is continuous, right? So if we have an hour newscast, I’m on for 60 minutes
and covering everything. You’re live on the air the whole time. – Yeah.
– There’s no redo. And then with the reporting, I’m focusing on one single story. Are you guys news watcher’s? – We don’t have cable.
– Unfortunately not. – You don’t. Where do you get your news? – We listen to NPR.
– Okay. – Newspapers. NPR. I think
there’s also KOMO radio station. – Yes there is! – Yes!
– Alright we have a listener! – Do you have to memorize all your lines? – No, thank goodness, I
couldn’t do it if I had to. Sometimes if there’s breaking news you’re ad-libbing, but I think what you want to know about is the teleprompter. – What’s a teleprompter? – So a teleprompter is in the camera and all the words to news
appear on the camera. – Wanna give it a try?
– Mmhmm. – Hi everybody, I’m Michelle
Esteban with KOMO 4 news. We are on panda watch as the city’s zoo giant panda gets ready to give birth. Plus a Seattle man is being called a hero after he rescues a kitten stuck in a tree. KOMO Four news at 10 starts now. (laughing and clapping) – Hi I’m Crystal, tonight
on channel six news we’re on panda watching the city zoo giant panda getting ready to give birth. Plus the Seattle man has been called a hero after saving a
kitten stuck in a tree. The channel six news at 10 starts now. (clapping and cheering) – I’m very nervous,
somebody’s gonna take my job if I’m not careful and
her name is Crystal. (laughing
– I think so. – Have you ever done any
stories about animals? – Oh yes. There’s a dance recital in Kent and all the kids are
doing their dance routines (vocalizing music sounds)
(laughs) And then all of a sudden
(vocalizing music sounds) this little terrier comes across the stage while they’re doing their performance. – Oh
– And he goes all the way across the front.
(laughing) He’s dancing all over the stage. Finally somebody had to come and scoop him up and it was just hilarious. – I’m Gigi from KOMO Four News. And today a doggy ran across the stage. (clapping and laughing) – So how many hours a week
do you think you work? – Anywhere from 45 to 50, a week. – Hours?
– Hours. – Oh.
– The news happens on holidays and it happens on the weekends and it happens overnight
and so that can be tough. – Is it hard maintaining your appearance to keep up with the new trends? – Yeah there’s a little bit of pressure in terms of, I’ve gotta put my makeup on I have to be camera ready
– Yeah – I have to wear certain kinds of clothes I have to be fit and healthy, I have to be hydrated, I gotta sleep well. And it’s probably like with most jobs. – Yeah. – Have you ever said
a bad word on the air? – Never, wash your mouth out.
(laughing) No but I do remember one time when I was doing the news, I would get hungry and my stomach would start
to growl really loudly. So I was bringing banana
bread to work with me. Well one day I was really hungry and I didn’t want to wait
till a commercial break. And so I’m eating the bread and all of the sudden
they’re like, “and back!” And I was caught on camera with banana bread in my mouth, and I swallowed it really quickly and I gulped and it went down the wrong pipe and I started choking and I was like “we’ll be right back”. – Have you ever been fired?
– Hmmm. Do you know something I don’t know? (laughing) Yes, I have been fired.
– Oh no. – Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was literally the day I got
back from my honeymoon. It was tough, are you feeling
me, do you feel for me? – Wow.
– Yes. But, I went and talked
to an old news director that I knew because I
was kind of sad about it. And he goes you know what
Michelle, congratulations. Anybody who makes it in television news, has been fired at least
once, you’re on your way kid. (laughing)
How ’bout that? – When you’ve been out
reporting in the field has anyone ever tried to turn you away or say don’t do this just
’cause you’re a girl? – No.
– No? – But I think that people will definitely try to say, “this isn’t a story”. – Yeah.
– They might wanna just say well this is just fake news anyway. – Oh.
– Yeah. And you’re like, “well it’s not”. – What’s fake news?
– Bad. There’s these little news trolls that are out there and they’re
putting out fake stories. Not KOMO though. – What’s it like to encounter fake news? – It makes me angry and it’s frustrating for a listener or a viewer or a reader to have to suss all that out, but you have to.
– Yeah. – You have to really
take some responsibility and if you see something, like a headline on Facebook that sounds ridiculous it probably is.
– Yeah. – And before you believe it, dig deeper. – So how do you think the TV news is gonna change in 20 years? – That’s a really good question and if I had that answer, boy I’d be a rich woman right now. I don’t know where it’s gonna end up. I mean you can talk to people in the industry who will say that TV news is dead already and that it’s gonna be gone in 10 years. I’ve been hearing that and hearing that. The one thing that I know is that news will always find its way.
– Mmhmm – And I’m gonna follow it. What about you? What would
you like to see on the news? – Sports.
– Sports. Are you a Seahawks fan?
– Mmhmm. – Okay, you have a favorite player? – Right now Russell Wilson.
– I like it. – But if he gets traded.
– Don’t even say that. – I’m Justin from KOMO Four News and here’s the sports report. Russell Wilson is not being traded. – Yes!
(clapping) Thanks for watching everybody. We are out of time, so glad you joined us. I’m Michelle Esteban.
– I’m Vanessa from Hiho Kids
– I’m Tyler from Hiho Kids. – And thank you for watching. – Bye.
– Bye. – Watch out I may take your job. – I believe it.


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