Kidnap Part 02 || EP 06 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

Kidnap Part 02 || EP 06 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

A bike!
Hope no one is seeing me. Wonder what they’ll do to my brother.
– I wonder what they need so much money for? You are upset because my brother got kidnapped
or is it because of the ransom they’re asking. I’m upset about both. Shit, someone is here. What if they don’t release him even after taking the money?
– Of course, they’ll release him. Hold on to those Rs. 4 lakhs tight.
– Rs. 4 lakhs! I’ll be set for life. I’m coming. Sister-in-law, give those guys a call.
– Give me a minute. Hello? We’ve reached the location you shared.
We’re on the stairs. Third floor?
Yes, we’re coming. Let’s go. Where are your earrings?
– I left them at home fearing these guys will snatch it. Then why are you still wearing rings and bangles?
– Oh, no! My bad. You kept earrings worth Rs. 300 at home
and are wearing jewellry worth Rs. 30,000 on you? There he is!
– Hey! Wait up! Walk behind us. Why is there no blood on him like in that photo?
– We aren’t so inhumane. We smeared fake blood on him.
– I see. Anyways, we bought the cash you asked me to. Something just happened.
– Something just happened. – Where did the money bag go? A thief! He just robbed the bag.
Catch him! I gave you the cash you asked me to.
So, technically we’re even. Release him. Shut up! Give me the cash if you want him alive.
– I already gave you the cash. Cut it! It is money or his life.
– Stop this infighting and let’s go nab that thief. Where did he go?
– There is money here. Hello.
– Hi! Thief! Stop him! What’s the matter?
– That robber stole my bag. – Where did he go? What’s the matter?
– That robber stole my bag. – Crap! Hey, guys, it is me!
– How come you are here? – Where is the thief? He is right here.
– Stop him! Sir, please don’t circle me up? Why? Would you get more confused
and beat us up? My foot! I’ll start feeling dizzy if you walk in circles.
– Is it? Guys, walk faster and make him even more dizzy. Please, sir, don’t walk in circles.
Sir, I beg of you. Please.. This is why I asked you
not to walk in circles. Got you!
– What do I do now? – Isn’t his shirt so cool? Yes, you are right.
– Where did you buy it, bro? – At Big Bazaar, sis. Dear, we’ll buy you one on the way back home.
– It is a nice ring. Is it paste? No, it is real gold! – Oh, cut it!
– It is real gold! – I’m a thief, so I know better. Let’s prove it to him.
– See it for yourself. Yes, it is real gold.
– Our point exactly. – Look behind. This is a cool looking shirt.
I’ll try it on me. There he is!
How dare you rob our money! It is me! – Why are you wearing his shirt?
– Because it is cool. – Idiot! Ditch it and let’s go nab him. He is right here. Relax, guys! His bike is right here. He’ll come back for it.
– That thief is there. – Let’s go catch him. Why are these guys waiting here? He isn’t back yet.
– What is the matter? – Wait and watch. Hey, take your leg off.
– How dare you ask me to! Did that guy send you here?
– Do you even know who I am? You know who he is?
He did 10 kidnappings and 40 land grabs and yet is at large. That is his all time record!
– Is it? – What do you mean by is it? Who is the guy that I just kidnapped.
– You kidnapped me. – How much ransom did I want? Rs. 10 lakhs.
– 10 lakhs? I asked for 6 and you brought it down to 4.. I’m sorry.
– You see that. Shit! He is a cop!
– Now tell me about your record in the court. Sir, I never even harmed a fly. Sir, please..
– Keep walking, you idiot! That lady had a few bangles on her.
I should’ve robbed them too. Shall I go again? What if they nab me this time?
Nah, those dummies can never nab me. I’m coming for the bangles. Thanks for the cop,
we’ve come out of this mess. Your bangles are paste, aren’t they?
– No, they are real. – You’re lying. – See for yourself. Won’t you ever learn?
Sunny, nab him. Return the ring back.
– Pull it. Don’t care even his finger comes loose. Thank God! I got back my ring,
the cash and even my husband. Yeah, whatever.
Let’s go now.


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