Khloe Kardashian Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions

Khloe Kardashian Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions

All right, we’re back with
Khloe Kardashian, who’s pregnant for the
first time, and we thought we could have fun
with her in a game we’re calling pregnancy brain. It’s basically burning
questions with a different name. So your sisters have played,
Kim’s played, Kendall’s played, and Kourtney’s played. Cool. And the pregnant sister Kylie,
is not, but when she’s here, she’s going to play. Your cute. All right. Blake Shelton was named this
year’s sexiest man alive. Who do you think is
the sexiest man alive? Tristan, of course. I’ll say, Tristan too. What’s the most rebellious thing
that you did as a teenager. Stole my mom’s car, and
then got caught on fire. That’s how they found out. So I didn’t catch
it on fire, but just because God didn’t
want me to do that. Well, what made
me catch on fire. It was in valet, and this girl
caught her husband cheating on her. She lit his car on fire, which
caused my car to go on fire. Oh, my god. What a freak accident. Yes. Yes. And you got caught. Yeah. I was a good kid. All right. Do your best Kim
Kardashian impression. Well, it’s Kim who’s like,
hi, I’m Kim Kardashian West. Hi. Like, she had like a
really high pitched voice. Yeah, and now it’s like,
hi, I’m Kim Kardashian West. Kim is more like, cause
she doesn’t smile, like, that is so funny. Like, that’s kind of Kim. Have you been
starstruck by anybody. Michael Jackson. Oh, you met him? Yeah. I mean we were younger,
I mean, I was so young, but we all went to Neverland,
and it was awesome. Wow. One thing your family does
that drives you crazy. We probably all just
talk about each other. And I just, and we find out
like when I’m watching the show. I find out all the
crap they talk about. Right. Yeah Just say it to my face. Right, well, you’re
doing a show. That’s– I’m like let’s
address it head on. Yeah, then you
don’t have a show. All right. What’s your favorite curse word. I can say it. Yeah. Oh, it’s a slash. It’s a combo. Who was your first
celebrity crush. Brad Pitt. Yeah. Yeah. Was he your first one. Yeah. I watched Thelma and Louise
and I like, loved him. Well, that’s where
we all found him. Yeah. All right. Favorite body part of yours. Legs. What’s a hidden talent of yours. I am an excellent cook. Oh, well– Is that a talent? It’s not hidden. OK. I mean, is there
a hidden talent. I could sing and cook
at the same time. Do you– No, I’m just kidding. Oh, do you sing? If I could sing, don’t you think
Kris Jenner would have milked this for all she could of. What’s something
you’re afraid of. Whales and bellybuttons. That’s not normal? But the whales? The freakiest thing ever like– Are afraid of them? Oh, yeah. And bellybuttons? Don’t get me started. And now I’m going to have to
deal with the, like umbilical– The umbilical. Yeah, it goes right
to the belly button. Yeah. Oh, no. Freaks me out. All right. That’s the strangest– What are yours? I’m scared of like real things
that are possibly happening. North Korea. I don’t know. I didn’t know we could pick– Kind of scared of that,
more so than a whale. All right. We’re Bed and Body
with Kardashian, airs this Sunday
night at 10:00 on E.


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