Key & Peele - The Telemarketer - Uncensored

Key & Peele – The Telemarketer – Uncensored

hello this is Gavin hi Gavin my name is Colin Valenti I'm calling from master travel incorporated tell you about an exciting living time off an exclusive Las Vegas getaway have a few moans whoo time to tell you about this new package you know what I would love to but I just don't have a time hello hello she's gone Valenti master travel incorporated I may be serviced hi Karla thalente my name is Gavin I think we just talked did we get disconnected yeah no I mean yeah I hung up on you well uh why would you do that I mean are you even are you even allowed to do that what are you going to buy the Las Vegas package well I mean probably not but that's not the point the point this is Colin yeah Valenti listen um I don't know what crawled up your ass set up shop there Oh what the do you are what is your deal huh um you don't want the biggest package so I don't want to talk there's a favorite wasting our time shop stop don't you dare hang up that phone okay why shouldn't I why should what if I wanted the Vegas package will you you know what I want the Vegas package sure you do oh you son of bitch come on man let it go you man you oh you packages right now you know what you know what my wallet this is my credit card number right here okay this off my credit card number zero 3 is 12 24 damn card thank you for your business well I hope you learned his new call scripts are really great yeah I know right the do you want Cathy


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