Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing | NYT News

Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing | NYT News

”If we find that the president
of the United States abused his power and
invited foreign interference in our elections, or if he
sought to condition, coerce extort or bribe
an ally, if this is not impeachable
conduct, what is?” “Ambassador Taylor
and Mr. Kent, I’d like to welcome you here. I’d like to congratulate you
for passing the Democrats’ star chamber auditions
held for the last weeks in the basement
of the Capitol. It seems you agreed,
witting or unwittingly, to participate in a drama. But the main
performance, the Russia hoax, has
ended and you’ve been cast in the low-rent
Ukrainian sequel.” “I encountered an irregular
informal channel of U.S. policymaking with respect to Ukraine,
unaccountable to Congress. The odd push to make
President Zelensky publicly commit to investigations
of Burisma, and alleged interference
in the 2016 election, showed how the official
foreign policy of the United States was
undercut by the irregular efforts led by Mr. Giuliani.” “Did you ever try
to wrest control of the irregular channel?” “I didn’t try to wrest control
of the irregular channel — do that. At the time when I —” “Well why not though,
if you had your concerns?” “Because Mr. Counselor,
at the time, both channels
were interested in having a meeting
between President Zelensky and President Trump.” “New leaders, particularly
countries that are trying to have good footing in
the international arena, see a meeting with the U.S.
president in the Oval Office at the White House as the
ultimate sign of endorsement and support from
the United States.” “It’s one thing to
try to leverage a meeting in the White House. It’s another thing, I
thought, to leverage security assistance, security
assistance to a country at war.” “You also said that more
Ukrainians would undoubtedly die without U.S. assistance. Why is that?” “This assistance allows
the Ukrainian military to deter further
incursions by the Russians against their own —
against Ukrainian territory.” “In your deposition you said
this and you said it again the first hour
of the majority, ‘My clear understanding was
security assistance money would not come until
President Zelensky committed to pursue the investigation.’ Now with all due
respect, Ambassador, your clear understanding
was obviously wrong — because it didn’t happen. President Zelensky
didn’t announce he was going to
investigate Burisma or the Bidens. Ambassador, you weren’t
on the call, were you? You didn’t listen on
President Trump’s call, and President
Zelensky’s call?” “I did not.” “You’ve never talked with
Chief of Staff Mulvaney?” “I never did.” “You never met the president?” “That’s correct.” “This is what I can’t believe. And you’re their star witness. You’re their first witness.” “Mr. Jordan —” “You’re the guy, you’re the guy
based on this. Based on — I mean, I’ve seen, I’ve seen
church prayer chains that are easier to
understand than this.” “Mr. Kent, are you a
never Trumper?” “I am a career non-professional, who serves whatever
president is duly elected and carries out the foreign
policies of that president and the United States. And I’ve done that
for 27 years for three Republican presidents and
two Democrat presidents.” “Ambassador Taylor are
you a Never Trumper?” “No, sir.” “In this impeachment
hearing today where we impeach presidents
for treason or bribery, or other high crimes, Where is the impeachable
offense in that call? Are either of you
here today to assert there was an impeachable
offense in that call? Shout it out — anyone?” “Mr. Ratcliffe, If I could just
respond let me just reiterate that
I’m not —” “I’ve got one minute left.” “I know and let me —” “Let me just
make this —” “I’ve just
got 30 —” “Please allow the witness — You asked the witness
a question, the witness —“ “I withdraw the question.” “I’m not here to take
one side or the other — Mr. Ratcliffe, I would just
like to say that I’m not here to do anything having
to do with the — to decide about impeachment. That is not what either
of us are here to do. This is your job.”


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  • Schiff’s false claim his committee had not spoken to the whistleblower

    Again if trump is bad
    Why do the trump haters have to tell lies ?

  • Female Ranger of Norrath says:

    Dear "New York Times"
    Thank you for posting.
    Minute 0:28
    Now showing:
    "Revenge of the Nerds: The White House Edition"
    "Passing the auditions in the basement of the Capitol."
    Lambda, Lambda, Lambda
    What next?
    Will they be housed in the closest college gym?
    Truth Time: 🧐
    5th 3rd bank is a bad fraction no matter how you slice it. 😳
    It's 1 2/3rds bank.
    "I know I'm tight man. I live on a Government wage"
    – Harvey Pekar
    "I am a nerd and I'm proud of it"
    – Toby Radloff
    Quotes from the movie:
    "American Splendor"
    Love from 💖
    Mish Again
    *USA L.L.C
    *(copyright pending)

  • Calls to ditch Schiff intensified following a New York Times report saying that Schiff learned about the "outlines" of the whistleblower's complaint "days before" it was filed, something he did not disclose.

    "Every time they have attempted a coup, there's been one common denominator – the lies and deceit of Adam Schiff,

    Lies and lies to get trump


  • Key moments???? 😂🤣 The only key moments i saw were John Radcliffe and Jim Jordan annihilating Taylor and Kent!!! Some "key" Schiff grilling moments were also missing in this video!


  • Watch Schiff Shamelessly Deny Coaching the Whistleblower — Before He Was Forced to Admit He Lied

    Why all the lies to get trump ?

  • Schiff Gets Crushed for ‘Making up Quotes’ About Trump Controversy — Claims It’s ‘Parody’

    Today’s testimony makes the Democrats look like fools

  • Congressman Adam Schiff was caught in a lie by The New York Times on Wednesday, although they didn’t make that point. The newspaper reported the whistleblower contacted Schiff’s committee and discussed his complaint in vague terms, and those terms were passed along to Schiff.

    Just wait till Friday a trump hater told
    The sick trump haters have been saying the same thing for over 3 years

    I am
    Loving it

  • Repub Congressman Ratcliffe demands a "yes or no" answer from Ambassador Taylor. Did you demand a "yes or no" answer from elfin Jeff Sessions at his confirmation hearings???

  • Read the phone call transcript it tells the truth not like your lying Democrats shift the shift

    It does not matter this testimony today made the Democrats look like fools
    Did you think 100% of the transcript is going to be released you must be an anti-American fool

    The transcript is 100% good

    Why have these third hand information people giving testimony Trump wins again Trump wins again Trump wins again

    I know you have been brainwashed by shift the shift

  • First the Democrats one of the transcript now they say the transcript tells lies

    The Democrats lie and lie just to get a great president

    No matter like I say again this testimony today makes the Democrats look like fools

    With every victory by President Trump and his administration another Liberal head explodes! It's almost worth grabbing a popcorn and just scrolling FB and Twitter feeds…

    You’re not going to get the billion dollars if you don’t fire the prosecutor magically the prosecutors fired and millions and billions of dollars released

  • You say I’m talking out myth and lies?
    Apparently you did not get the full story you are only getting it from CNN

    This testimony had third party information which does not stand up in the real world brain dead liberal with the mental disease

  • Many people that testify today was third hand information which does not count in the real world

    Wake up shut off your flat screen TV

    The testimony today makes the Democrats look like fools

    Trump won again today

    Second and third hand information does not hold up in the real world only in a Democrat clown show

  • This man is laughing he is crazy! Never meeting King President Donald J. Trump Never hearing the information and he is the Democrats star witness? INSANE!

  • Are you just receiving sound bites from CNN?
    At least two of the witnesses testified they received information from a second or third person

    Secondhand information does not hold up in the real world
    Second and third hand information only holds up in a Democrat clown show.

    So tell me what myths I have been saying?
    Time to shut off your flat screen TV and get out of your mothers basement

  • I’m a Democrat, but let’s face it. There is no evidence of quid pro quo. The dems are kind of throwing gas on the flames here. The more they go after trump the more he wins. Since second number 1 they’ve been trying to get him out. It ain’t happening guys. DNC should focusing on making their candidates actually electable.

  • 1 dislike just because it's the New York Times, 1
    Like because the Republicans made way more sense than the Democrat led Sham. Trump2020

  • Democrats lousy circus will be over sooner than expected ! but where is the tax payers hard earned money ? wasted and gone for good

  • You hope that the public is affected by the facts to impeach?
    What facts Second and third hand testimony
    It’s just a big clown show Trump is never going to be impeached guaranteed to win in 2020 apparently you’re getting your information from CNN

  • I know you are dreaming that the public opinion will change to impeach Trump I bet you wet your bed every day?
    Trump is not going to be impeached in fact Trump poll numbers are steady during this impeachment clown show
    Tell me what facts second and third hand information?

    Tell me what facts read the phone call on the transcript

    tell me what facts? Adam shift has the lie and lie .. he has people giving testimony second and third hand

    Trumps phone call does not raise to the level of impeachment

    Tell me what fax and not from CNN or Adam shift

  • Tell me what facts?
    The testimony today makes the Democrats look like fools

    Facts you say ?
    If you had facts why do you need second and third hand testimony? people gave testimony in their personal opinion that is is also not facts that is not breaking any policy or rules

    I know you can hope that this impeachment clown show will change public opinion

    I bet you dream about that all day long?
    Me what facts ?
    Second and third hand information is not fax peoples personal opinion or also not facts

  • I know you are hoping and praying… that this clown show will change public opinion on trumps impeachment

    Not after today’s testimony

    Testimony today makes the Democrats look like fools second and third hand information people’s personal opinions

    Adam shift has the lie and lie?
    You can only hope that this clown show changes public opinion on President Trump?
    That is sick
    I bet you cannot stand waking up.. to see trump winning and winning

    You hope that this Democrat clown show will change public opinion on impeaching President Trump?

  • Facts you say ?
    Personal opinions are not facts
    Second and third hand information is also not facts
    When Adam shift speaks that is also not facts.
    He has been proven to lie

    Keep up the great work keep up the clown show Trump is guaranteed to win in 2020

    I am loving it
    Me the facts

  • How many nothing burgers are they gonna cook up? With all this money wasted on these witch hunts we couldve solve the homelessness problem in the US

  • What facts?
    Trump won again today the testimony today makes the Democrats look like fools

    Tell me the facts ?
    Shifty shift lies
    Many of the witnesses said I received information that I received information from that person from the other person

    That does not hold up in the real world only in a Democrat clown show

  • Got them bot talking points ?
    It turned out that two of the witnesses said they received information from somebody else
    Apparently you only received soundbites from CNN

  • There was no cheating there was no stealing only in your mentally ill mind
    Cheating stealing and lying comes from the Democrat party

  • What are you talking about cheating and stealing?
    Did you get your information from Hillary Clinton that Trump stole the election?

  • FYI for those who really do not understand what is happening:

    Trump is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Ukraine soilders/civilans, Blackmailing an Allied head of State, and Colluding with a foreign power for personal and political gain at the expense of American intrest. Oh and btw the guy that nailed him to the cross was appointed by Bush.

    So yea, it's gg boys

  • "Trump did nothing for the Ukraine and possibly cost lives"
    "who gave more aid and caused less deaths in the Ukraine, Obama or Trump?"
    Answers Taylor who said Trump did nothing yet Taylor actually worked for Obama who did much less…."ummmm ummmmm ummmm Yes, President Trump did much more"
    Blankets for Bullets! Ahhh them crazy dems…

  • Fellow democrat, Republicans were cleary so losing this! We and Bidens are very happy too. Also Pelosi is laughing at the REP embarassment, we did great manipulating with the media. CNN, ABC, MSNBC and others were very easy to bought to our side. We just need to get FOX and RT too, they speak too much about us and our Burisma dealings, we need to cover it. We don't care even though Ukraine's president stated that there was no pressure, we don't care. Sad that RT came to show that clip with the Ukrainian president saying that there were no pressure, now some can think that there were none. But we don't care, we just want Trump out.

    Good that we have so much power, ABC, CNN and MSBS to spread only our side of the story, there can't be losses here! There just can't be! Trump can't win this, we are too cleever to him!

    No one will know the truth when we have big media and are projecting all to the Trump, people can't think for them selves. Our Ukraina plot is clearly better than Russian plot, we just need to brainwash more so people will believe it. Just let them tink about good ol Orange Bad Man, so we can hide our corruption with Ukraina.

    And when all is done, when Trump is out of the office they just remember Trump, we can take few more billions out of Ukraine.

    We hope impeachment greatly, it is our only hope and we democrats will be very loudly on this cos projection is our only hope. Trump is very bad, how he can dare to ask to investigate our corruption! But lets just make it seem like it is illegal and project more, people are so stupid that they wont wake up from the sleep. It is good that we had few talking heads to say that there is "no evidence of wrongdoing with Bidens", people believe it… "no eviedence :D", stupid little people. 😀 Good that they wont watch FOX, RT or alternative news. CNN and ABC are so good and Washington Post keeps washing, all is going well and we got 8chan down… sadly they got 8kun now, it is big treath to the National Security like we keep saying… and they believe it. 😀 We maybe need to censor more, like FB, Twitter and Youtube. People wont see it cos we are so rich and powerful.

    And finally the good ol Biden will be the best president of the America, sad that Epstein can't come to our party. But it is good that then finally we can make more wars and steal more money for our own need. Those petty little people, the don't see it coming. We are Gods!

  • Physical Grafitti says:

    The completely unimportant people are drowning in their newly found "self importance" this isn't even yesterdays news anymore, it was "never news." Lying pathetic MSM and the corrupt Demonrats. Disgusting!

  • What a nothing burger. Key witnesses only have hearsay 3rd hand, and not one of the witnesses could say why Trump should be impeached and which law he broke. Because this is nothing but a sham. How can this be taken seriously when the DIMS have been screaming impeachment before Trump even got into office?

    Yet every lying liberal media outlet today's talking point was "BOMBSHELL". LOL. What a joke. It was a snoozefest, but they have to lie to their viewers.

    Interesting how they all have the same talking points everyday. I think that is called propaganda.

  • The Republican defense: "It did not happen! It did not happen!!!" [shouting hysterically without a shred evidence]. Their continuing and ever-increasing war on reality has really become one of the lowest points in the history of human civilization.

  • Nell Davila
    Lol can’t wait for this horribly weak investigation to come crashing in flames. ZERO EVIDENCE ZERO GUILT AND ZERO BASIS FOR THESE ALLEGATIONS. Get out of your feelings we all know deMs will loose to trump in his re-election

  • Neggyly de Jesus says:

    We would ALL “be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify! Donald Trump is more than welcome to take the seat right there without yapping alternative facts!”

  • It doesn't take anyone with an 3rd grade education to see from today's episode Trump is without a shadow of doubt guilty. If by chance he does survive this I sincerely doubt he'll be re-elected. The Republicans had absolutely no defense for the president.

  • Now it's time for U.S.A to show to the rest of the world is your legal system equal to everyone, or is there a different law for the rich? All the crooks are waiting what to do next…

  • Nothing's going to happen; Dems just trying to swing some votes back their way for 2020. Doesn't look like that's going to happen either.

  • Give a witness time to talk, & then say when not so. ok I withdraw my question. Then the pace of questioning, seems deceptive to me & like a battle. Inquisition from defence. Nothing but popularity contest.

  • NYTs left out all of the best parts, like when their "star witnesses" said they knew nothing and weren't sure why they were there..

  • I think🇷🇺President Trump🇷🇺is suffering from self-inflicted, mortal wounds. Had he served in Vietnam like my relatives did,
    he'd have been taught basic self-defense/guerrilla warfare tactics to save his own hide in the (WH) bush! 🇷🇺 = Russian flag

  • What a debacle for the Democrats. Jordan and Whittaker made these two bureaucrats look like dottering old fools. They need to go to the same retirement village where mueller is.

  • Democrats witnesses were bad. All hearsay and 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th party.. Even the witnesses could say why the President should be impeached. Everything was what they thought or believed or what someone, someone, that someone said that they heard.. 3 years and this is best the democrats could do.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ,it is most astounding to see this all in time for the UK election,,and and and oh did you know the Russians are medaling with the election via computer hacking scandal,,, Trump is the only key figure that is stopping all out war. War isn't about our freedom as much as it is about occult control within our society..the occult does not like the Trump he is too decent for them to comprehend, they have no use for him as they can not parasite themselves upon him or replicate him for their own uses against us.if you don't believe me about occult control and war for the last 200yrs or so then take a good look at the slip in spiritual decency as well as the slip in social values..if we want to advance past a dogs dinner then we must fight to keep Trump in.

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