49 thoughts on “Kerry Packer – Full Version – House of Reps Select Committee on Print Media (4/11/91)”

  • Agatemaster 199 says:

    It’s amazing turncoat Turnbull termed up in the conversation and then back stabbed Abbott the low peace of shit Goldman Sachs peace of shit

  • Hector Scicluna says:

    I didn't agree with his politics or some of his ideas but i have to admit he was a powerful and clear thinking man, but I did have some sort of respect for him.

  • Kerry Packer should have run this Country a long time ago. He had Australia within his heart as his Son has now and I wish he would now get better and run for Government as he has his Dads blood within him and amazing and great ideas. He jst has to continue to fight the great fight of all the bullshit red tape as that tape is now even thicker and wider. R.I.P Mr Packer, you will forever dancing within my heart. I thank you for trying to fix Australia whilst all these other pen pushers are continuing to screw it. Your the Man

  • “I have no access to the editors, I have no method of talking to people”….Please, a guy with this personality not having a method to seek information and influence control? Very funny.

  • Shuriken Consulting says:

    Kerry Packer is one of the best Australian's that ever lived. Jamie I am sure your are so proud. There will never be another Kerry. RIP mate. You bloody Legend!!!

  • Andrew Tigchelaar says:

    Dumb politicians asking the stupid same questions in different ways over and over, and Kerry Packer giving them the same answers while making them look like the clowns they are.

  • gauriandpranav says:

    Well after time, it was proven that these theatrics by Kerry Packer were a sham. Look into the Tourang Syndicate and how Packer pulled out of the bid soon after this appearance after assertions were made to diary notes of discussion between Trevor Kennedy and Packer around how much control he was going to exercise.

    Yes, his performance is commendable and he is right about whether these laws which existed at the time were suitable. All ironic now given that Fairfax and Nine were considering merging recently

  • Murderer. Shame on him.

    • Horace James Clarke (18),
    • John Frederick Foster (16),
    • Raymond Kevin Phillips (17),
    —killed Hume Highway at Barker's Bridge near Yass, 8 September 1956 in a collision with a car driven by a drunk Kerry Packer.

  • the australian politician has to be the most stupid, ignorant, arrogant type of politician — just complete idiots

  • johnny stone says:

    Another greedy rich arrogant cunt pushin himself as a tough nut as to why he shouldn't have to pay tax he wants the benefits the country he made his profits from with his huge inheritance and all these dickheads sing in his praises you pay your taxes to subsidies greedy cunts like packer dumbfucks.

  • Marc Rossbridge says:

    Kerry fuck'n Packer, you legend cunt! Kezza, if you saw this place, you'd die. Mate, she's gone. But mate, the worst thing was, us Aussie's didn't fight hard enough. Except those cunts in Cronulla, mate, you'd be proud of them, but that was long ago. Aussie's are living on their knee's instead of dying on their feet. All them wars, all those wasted men……. shame, shame on us Australia!

  • Wow this man is truly amazing, what he says about the future of news in the last 4 minutes is impressive. Where are these people now when we need them?

  • Australian Patriot says:

    Australia is being controlled by a 'World' foreign corporation who are the 'true' most dangerous psychopaths . They generationally place their 'Modern Pavlovian Milgram', compartmentalized politicians  into, to control Australians governance .Then they freely rape all Australians immense natural wealth, while conditioning new generations of Australians into unrepayable debt and rotten 'Modern Pavlovian' addictions. Currently real Australians are dying 'traumatically' both ecological and socially .While Millions of moronic breeder migrants flood in accelerating the ecological collapse.

  • Graeme alan Deross says:

    they won't fool this man he knows the real constitution  they don't they're idiots  Costello wanker

  • Christopher Steiner says:

    Love how they are talking about "Mr Turnbull". Only if everyone there knew that one day he would be PM of Australia.

  • YouAre TheGreatest says:

    I love his first statement
    Rep: me packer do you mind if we distribute copies of your opening statement?

    Packer: I think we should be done with the pictures and begin the serious stuff and not continue this circus!!!

    Lol pretty much this is my meeting bitches!!!!!!

  • Clayton Elliott says:

    Wow his ending statement summed up exactly what we have and are experiencing in Australia, where we introduced cable through either Telsra or Optus, and the availability of option pended upon the state to which you lived, and now we are having a massive roll out for the NBN, and at the end of the day it's become an absolute farce for a lot of consumers because of the fact that instead of only receiving two options for connection optical or satellite pending upon the population density to which you are living, there are 4 options which include overwhelming the current copper run out which exists forcing people to be supplied with completely inferior products.

    Gone is the opportunity to which then entire world was privileged at the time of the construction of Wardencliffe tower, which as much as many would have you believe was an instrument for free energy, was just a means of being capable of supplying all media and all electricity through very simple means world wide. Even though there wouldn't be a metered charge as currently exists, the energy would not be free per say, because it would still need to be produced in the first place, but the distribution would only need the connection of an aerial to the ground in order to attain what was being distributed to the atmosphere.

    Maybe one day the comprehension of social and capitalist co-operation will be understood and the utilities will be supplied to the people, while through employ and the acquisition of funds will be able to maintain the capitalistic narrative and allow people the opportunity to have the things that they want, and be supplied the things which they need.

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