Kellyanne Conway on the released transcripts from impeachment probe


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  • Handsome muscular and Driven with My Masculinity for Sure Laura Ingraham "! It's a Bit of a Acquired Taste really but please do try Some !!!?,,,,🖤🔮💋🦉

  • They have to have fact not presumption. Just like Comey trying to get obstruction on Trump because he felt pressured and scared Trump wanted him to stop the investigation of Flynn. Well Comey if you were so scared and pressured why didn't you not stop the investigation.

  • Impeachment is 2020 election strategy/platform because Demonrats have no viable candidate or platform. Demons know it, everybody else knows it. Can’t beat Trump in election. Green new deal gibberish platform? Clown car full of clown candidates, Hillaroid? Demonrats [email protected](Ked In 2020.

  • Hmmm… on tragedy … activate the Gang of 4 or Gang of 8; that will keep them busy priorities: wall, immigration, security, drugs, etc, it will keep them busy AND bring to the forefront any who drag feet vs Impeachment

  • I just don't understand the desire to vacation in Cancun and other Mexican tourist traps when there are endless places here in the states. We don't need to be spending money down there and putting American lives at risk. BTW…Kellyanne is so beautiful…

  • Dump Trump wants Ukraine to investigate the corruption in their country before they get the financial aid and yet the Trumplicans say No QPQ. You can tell she is lying her lips are moving. She will not be able to get a job other than in the Trumplican Party when the vote is over in 2020.
    How come Dump Trump hasn't called Zimbabwe or Mexico or Nigeria to ask about their corruption. Oh right Hunter Biden has not worked there.
    Vote Blue 2020

  • So he lies to congress and changed his testimony yet not in jail for lying to congress… Why would that be.. oh hes a Democrat.. they can lie to congress

  • This administration is all talk and no action! Three years in and we still have the same problems! And I'm still waiting for that "beautiful wall that Mexico is supposed to be paying for!" This administration is nothing but a FAILED ADMINISTRATION! Anyone who's still supporting these lies is a TREMENDOUS IDIOT! 🤣😂🤣😆😆🤣

  • Laws were violated when Trump asked Ukraine to investigate the Bidens risking our national security on top of it. And besides that, Trump needs to be impeached for misleading the American public, violating the law, obstruction of Justice, obstruction of Congress, violation of the emoluments clause, and because he's unfit to lead, which has been proven by the Syria calamity, the trade deals calamity, his divisiveness, his inability to get any legislation passed because he changes his mind every day, his dismantling of the State Department, his verbal attacks on every institution from the media to the FBI etc. creating a lack of trust in our institutions, the damage he has done to our standing in the world, the loss of faith from our allies, and how everything he does benefits Putin not not our nation. Patriots are fed up with the Republic Con Job!

  • Why does fake fox news keep putting this habitual lier on the air? Kellyanne has blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her….wherever. she should go home and get a lecture from her much smarter husband.

  • Pelosi was afraid that the drugs will stop flowing from the cartels to her house if we were to help Mexico battle the cartels !

  • It's shocking how ignorant people who have never leave the US, who have been submitted to the disastrous 12 years of day care, pretend to know 'something'..What is hardly a surprise is that they can defend a stupid clown like trump.

  • We need to advise no American travels to Mexico and we need to accelerate the building of the wall as well as monitoring of any and all activity near the wall. Do we have any way to detect if tunnels are dug under the wall?

    The transcript does not reveal any Qid pro Quo. How can we rely on opinions not related to facts in these impeachment hearings? It's a Farce.

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen says:

    I wish President Trump's transcipt would be copied off and given to.all Americans to read especially the GODDAMN TRUMP-HATERS, to prove he is innocent!!!🇺🇸😡🔫💣💥


    Witch Craft at its finest… Main reason why how Cartels are so successful and so very hard to take down. Evil is stronger than any country stronger than any person on Earth!

  • It's more a comedy show then politics. America is joining a group of countries like Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela etc.

  • They've already started cutting through sections of the wall with home depot saws. It's good we wasted so much money on it to have trump shrug and say "welp you can cut through anything!"

  • I like Kellyann, but she is useless at protecting the president. He needs someone who can communicate well with the public.

  • Kellyanne Conway you are next in line.
    You been a very nutty girl.
    I know you can't shut your mouth off, so I have something especial for you.
    You are going to love it.
    Keep lying , Trump is not loyal to you or anyone, you will find out very soon.

  • Senator Lindsay Graham threw his reputation down the toilet just like all the others who have associated themselves with tainted President Trump AKA individual number one. More interested in himself then anything else. What a legacy Senator Graham and all the other Trump Republicans Will have..

  • Virginia is where the federal bureaucracy hides and no surprise that it leans left for big government and federal spending nanny state.

  • Fulando Mcclarin says:

    Democrat won Kentucky governorship last night, Democrats had victories in The Virginian state houses. The momentum from the 2018 elections has not stopped, in fact it is accelerating. One year out from 2020.

  • Fox News talking about the lack of knowledge and integrity of career professionals(non partisan) is ironical.. just because their answer doesn’t suit you doesn’t mean it’s a sham.. sham is what is being done here in the name of journalism… why don’t you talk about how Sondland has also confirmed the quid pro quo even if it happened due to fear of perjury…? Is he also a never trumper now..?

  • Fulando Mcclarin says:

    She's twisting this! Trump is going to get impeached because of bribery, you cannot! Ask or request a head of state from a foreign country, to investigate a United States citizen which happens to be a political rival. That is unamerican, and that's not how we play ball.

  • Fulando Mcclarin says:

    The Whistleblower is a mute point now, American people who did not vote for Trump have the testimony of people that was involved in the matter in question. So at this point we don't need the Whistleblower, we got other people telling the story. And they all telling the same story.

  • The Democrats are desperate , they just keep losing and lying more and more . This road these Democrats are on is going to come to a sudden ________ End !

  • the world is not what people view of is. the nice world of these poor victims has a short reach . the world of the scum that did this has a growing reach .mexico is a war zone .9 billion in drug trade buys its own armies

  • The thing i dont get is why the GOP doesnt also leak , if the DEMS are clearly leaking, get a backbone GOP, file ethics complaints, or do the same behavior, anything but cry infront of the camera. Grow some balls!

  • Trump is guilty of bribe. Trump will be impeached. There will be no alternative facts. Kellyanne, you're losing it. Think about vacation.

  • , obviously this lady is delirious she hadn't eaten in years Ct listen to her she's starving to listen to a starving woman she'll say anything

  • Republicans want the transcripts, now the transcripts don’t mean anything and it’s about the process. Omg🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The impeachment is all about negative air time, propagated by fake media. Its just a game to drive down numbers, and it worked with the fake Russia narrative at the 2018 midterm.

  • Next we need to find some proof that conversations occurred by Democrats with the Ambassador pressuring him to 'revise' his testimony. Seriously, my disgust towards the Democrats continues to break records.

  • Problem with Mexico is we have 2 million expats living there. Those American babies killed was a once a year freakish happening. Folks are still a hundred times likely to be murdered in America vs Mexico. Do the math. Reality sucks but is true.

  • This what the Democrats want. They want to show that Trumps policies are not working.They spread lies like I spread peanut butter.

  • BLUE WAVE 2019! Voters reject Trump/GOP TRAITOR republiCONS and deliver HISTORIC victories in Virginia & Kentucky! WE THE PEOPLE are sick of the Trump/GOP LIES, CRIMES, and CORRUPTION!!!

  • I can only pray any suffering was extremely short lived, like a few seconds only. It is unimaginable even thinking about being shot and burned alive. If any hope in this is that I hope their spirits are together in heaven as a family. So horribly sad.

  • Liar liar! So many lies in one interview. The histleblower was on the call. Of course you can't expect the truth from trumpers.

  • Susan De Longis says:

    Lies ala Mueller, Kavanaugh, etc. The Republicans cooperate and it continues. They should walk out, shut down and demand that SCOTUS restore Constitutional law and order.

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