100 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway argues impeachment articles are constitutionally invalid”

  • Gerrit Methorst says:

    This is so much like the anti Brexit in Britain! They ignore the will of the people! Seems like nobody understands the meaning of democracy any more.

  • Kellyanne Conway has got my full support & respect for her articulate concise representation of the WH & her ability to stortch the "never potus" & fake news

  • Farmers are going bankrupt. Many are committing suicide. Trump is losing dozens of high value regional voters every day.

  • The United States Constitution is the real object under trial. Perhaps I should correct myself by saying that WE are the ones on trial based on our allowing the Constitution to be abused by the Democratic/Socialist Party. WE are allowing the Rule of Law to be abused by Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff, Nadler and many others. We are allowing the Mob Media to distort the news. We better wake up!
    Listen to reason not cater to cries of emotion. President Trump was placed in office by the voice of the People in a perfectly legal manner. The Democrats/Socialists can't accept that. The only platform they have is Distraction and Deception. The Democratic Presidential Candidates can't present a valid argument to run on – they know that. So they resort to the blame game, name calling, emotional distractions and just out-and-out deception. Meanwhile, despite the static by the Left President Trump is making Progress. The Country is better off than before he got to work. Can you imagine where we would be if he was not given so much interference???
    Pelosi has known from the beginning that they have no case. She knows President Trump will remain if office. What you need to consider is the damage her "leadership" has brought to the United States.

  • OMG , I can only guess that you aren't actually following the latest news about Parnas, Hyde ,Giuliani, Nunes and Barr. Your careers are heading for a turn for the worse I predict. People now associated with Trump will soon be social pariahs after all this is done. Many more of them could actually be in jail.
    You know, trade policy is not on trial here. The party is not on trial. Trump's attempted extortion of Ukraine for personal gain is on trial. He violated the impound control act. He witheld evidence and obstructed Congress, he lied to the American public.
    He got Giuliani , Parnas and others to illegally spy on the anti Russian American ambassador. Trump withdrew her for no apparent reason other than a quid pro quo deal with Lutsenko, brokered by Russian speaking Parnas , in exchange for dirt on Biden. Mr Trump withdrew visible support for the new Ukrainian, anti Russian president.
    Russian payments were made to Parnas, and maybe to Giuliani also, who then made illegal donations to Trump's campaign. He publically invited foreign interference in your elections.
    In the Senate trial, they will not be able to fake it like Fox. There is detailed overwhelming evidence of Trump's corrupt behaviour that certainly meets standards for impeachment.

  • thepropertypusher says:

    Yes democrats are thirsty. But GAO has independently confirmed what our president did was illegal. Let me guess…deep state. Pelosi is worthless. Trump is even more worthless. How can't you see that he's clueless and doesn't deserve this job?

  • Manumalo Taylor says:

    Taxpayers is Paying Pelosi to Work And here she is not Working but 2 much On Worries About the Impeach the President And She delay too much on her time she should not get Paid for doing nothing for 2 years and another Russia Story. You need to Stop the Democratic now . Swamp People.

  • The non partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report showing that the White House broke the law by withholding funds from Ukraine. Sorry, KellyAnne, the days of "constitutionally invalid" defense are over. LOL

  • Bucket with a face on it says:

    Hello to my American brothers and sisters. The media here in the UK are disgusting they NEVER report positively on President Trump. It's a disgrace because the British people only hear negative articles (mostly fake). We dont have a FOX it's just pure left wing propaganda 24/7.

  • My two favorite gals 2 smartest women in the world right there beautiful women thank you Kelly and Janine God bless you both love you

  • franklin archambault says:

    youtube took a pole on who the viewers would vote for and 99% said they would vote for the Donald me included and none for harris or clinton and 1% for biden

  • You and Kellyanne Conway, should learn something from George Conway. At least he is honest and for real. You two must have the brain of a chicken. Don't care about China, not a great deal any way!! All lies !! Distraction from Impeachment. FOX FAKE FALSE NEWS !! We will see Trump in Prison in 2020. From the White House to the Big House, 8×10 cell. Just where he belongs !! lol

  • Ted Cruz on DJT: This man is a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And he had a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook. His response is to accuse everybody else of lying. He accuses everybody on that debate stage of lying, and it's simply a mindless yell. Whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing. The man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. A narcissist at a level I don’t think this country has ever seen. Donald Trump is such a narcissist, that Barack Obama looks at him and goes, ‘Dude, what’s your problem?’ Everything in Donald’s world is about Donald. And he combines being a pathological liar, and I say pathological because I actually think Donald—if you hooked him up to a lie-detector pass, he could say one thing in the morning, one thing at noon, and one thing in the evening, all contradictory, and he'd pass the lie-detector test each time. Whatever lie he’s telling, at that minute he believes it, but the man is utterly a moron.

  • Every president from here on will be impeached.
    In the same way every Supreme Court nomination gets Borked.

    When you make the criteria for impeachment so pathetic, you make it worthless.

  • Instead of the Democrats spending 100 percent of their time trying to impeach the president, they should be working on things important to our country.

  • The president of America Donald J Trump he have the best of the best no body have in
    The history of America “that why America Change 2016 forever “


  • If disgusting charlatans Shifty SCHIFF, Boozy PELOSI and Nutty NADLER and the other traitors do not go to jail at the end of this, there will be no Justice. And INVESTIGATE the BIDENS !!!

  • 2:26 176,000 jobs over all. That's it. That's like one month job growth. How's that an awesome improvement? Seems slim for all the hype.

  • Kellyanne you looked nice in that picture with you know who. You shouldnt lie. Im surprised your husband has put up with this mess as long as he has.

  • Did I miss something? When did KA turn into a constitutional scholar? She obviously hasn’t been home to dinner with George, the real thing. Surprise KA, the real thing not only disagrees, but can actually explain what it’s all about and why #45 is in the wrong.

  • History will show, that the USA digged their own grave by boosting the economy with making the highest debts in American history. Someone has to pay them back. I guess i won't be Kellyanne Conway or the so called judge. I guess it will be the middleclass who will have to pay them back….

  • To put 31 drones in Mexico to bomb 31 buildings that are owned by Barack Obama's gang, four General Motors buildings in Coahuila Mexico, two GM buildings in Guanajuato Mexico, four GM buildings in Toluca Mexico, to bomb Morgan and Stanley Bank, JP Morgan Bank, Caterpillar Manufacturing plant, AIG insurance building, Barclay's Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, Ford manufacturing plant, three BMW buildings in San Luis Potosi Mexico, four Volkswagen buildings in Puebla Mexico, three John Deere buildings in Santa Maria Coahulia Mexico, two Chrysler, Jeep buildings in Toluca Mexico, that Barack Obama's gang owns, and two Nissan buildings in Aguascalientes Mexico that Mary Stanley's gang owns.
         I pray that someone would help me out, to invest in my idea, I need $600,000,000,000.00 to get a legal Federal Government Independent Army started, three Federal Government Independent Army Banks started, and one Federal Government Independent Army Mint started.
        Any help will be appreciated, invest in my idea to start a legal Federal Government Independent Army and three legal Federal Government Independent Army Bank's, and one Federal Government Independent Army Mint, whoever that would want to invest in my idea, can contact me anytime by phone at the number below:

    Shawn Hays 

  • When will Kellyanne argue that the constitution is legally invalid? Also her husband deserves a lot better than a liar in Trump's mould.

  • They are not marxist they are mussolini.. Greta on the Wall..brainwash children.. Puting The country down by politic.. Its fascism.

  • Two pathetic trumpers pirro and conway. Its valid and cannot be undone. Every trial has witnesses , and so has every impeachment trial in us history
    Why bis trump and his cowardly enabler s afraid of witnesses? Because he is guilty

  • when this congress is examined and the people realize what the Dems have done during this period. I can't imagine how anyone could seriously consider the Dem party as a viable representative when they have taken a three-plus years on a witch hunt that had no basis in fact. Pelosie, Nadler, and Schiff have run an underground operation since it began. If there is no constitutional grounds for this impeachment the Dems house of representatives should be censured.

  • Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth says:

    The lawyers just have to tell the senate Dems did not get any fact witness of Abused of powers or investigate him by any way possible on this accusation in the congress showing its not they . Unfortunately they had to use their majority on something to do the damaged do something written to do their Senate has

  • The Quid pro quo (Something for something of value) for Trump's meeting & Pence's visit and the $300+million in aid IS literally the crime of BRIBERY, not solely a crime "like" bribery. The Dems need to make this simple point clear and repeat it ad nauseam: Trump is guilty of the impeachable offence of Bribery!

  • Fire this TV Director-Kellyanne's lighting is right on top of her head, and very poor effect. Kellyanne should not go on camera when lit from above over her forehead, Light should be from each side, and she should be back-lighted. Poor Directing, Poor Lighting, Poor camera angle. 3 poors.

  • The impeachment of THEIR president is job 1 for the socialist AKA Democrats.
    Suffering from TDS they are pandering to voters with "Pie in The Sky" programs that caused a recession/ depression under Obama!
    "We must learn from our mistakes, or we are DOOMED to repeat them!"
    We are now prospering because of Trump, & Obama claimed his policies caused the prosperity!
    Success has many fathers.
    , failure is always an orphan!
    Vote for a hard worker, PRESIDENT TRUM,P not a hard talker, Democrat / socialist! RE ELECT TRUMP! 👍🇺🇲

  • People are appreciating the economy and job opportunities more everyday!! They aren't going to RISK this MANNA FROM HEAVEN for some absurd socialist regime and then watch their jobs and life savings go up in smoke!

  • When does that c r e e p y convoy go back the other way in their c l o w n car with the articles of acquittal? Or will it be a
    s h o r t b u s?

  • SpybottleMessuage says:

    Про Дональда Трампа – НАЙДИТЕ КТО ДЕЛАЛ И ДЕЛАЕТ РАДИО-ГИПНОЗ В БАРНЕГЭТЕ, в "Брайтон на Барнегэте" поселке, найдите комплекс школьной полиции местных школ Манахоккина, военных форта ДИКС и комплекса военных авиа базы МакГвир и морской ЛЭЙКХЕРСТ, и плюс все пожарники и госслужащих проживающие в лесах Барнегета. Эти люди практически выперли нас из Барнегэта с госпиталями и их психиатрами, работающими с военными и иммиграцией США – там связи с Апстэйт Нью-Йорка и психологии русского языка, а том числе и а КАЗИНО "ТРАМП-МАРИНА" и в Нью-Йорке городе.
    Полиция работали с военными на базисе торговли оружия и с психологами Ветеранского Госпиталя для бывших военных. Оттуда связь с хирургией армии по ремонту людей с ранениями травматологии и суставов, и плюс с глухими и слепыми от ранений на войне.
    Эти же – мошенники во время годовых забегов на скачках и в денежных играх в Казино… И с этими же связана торговля проституцией с радио-гипнозом порнографии полиции, якобы занимающейся сексуальными преступлениями.
    И эти же связаны с Россией и КРЕМЛЕМ – организованная Преступность Плэйбоя в Москве и связи с психологами КГБ а газете "Комсомольская Правда", вот теми баламутами-троблемжйкнрами, что ради квартир создавали себе МЖК на стройках от райкома комсомола и потом с УГРОЗЫСКОМ работали с РАЗВЕДКАМИ в США и Европе – челноками фирм-однодневок: покупали на Западе барахло, и торговали им на базарах Москвы и в ночных киосках Ростова-на-Дону.
    Трамп был избран в президенты – ОРГАНИЗОВАННОЙ ПРЕСТУПНОСТЬЮ ПОРНОГРАФИИ, НАРКОБИЗНЕСА И ТОРГОВЛИ ОРУЖИЕМ ТЕНЕВОЙ ЭКОНОМИКИ И ОТМЫВАНИЯ ДЕНЕГ СУДЬЯМИ И БАНКАМИ Нью-Джерси и Нью-Йорка, а ещё Канзаса – связано с Иллиноисом и их военной системой юстиции и военных фортов. Это глобально – игорный бизнес Лас-Вегаса и торговля людьми с большими деньгами и нарушениями Прав Человека и гражданских прав иммиграционными адвокатами, изготавливавшими фиктивные "Грин-КАРТЫ" и водительские права в Нью-Йорке в 90-2000_х годах, ну, мафия полиции и есть мафия – и так же банковские дельцы и есть коллекторы чужих денег и недвижимости. Им всем выгоден был бизнесмен и его "скачки", где можно было вложить деньги и выиграть приз на тотализаторе, и потом пропустить это через налоговую систему Банка Америки или Вакховии. Причем, ветеранские ВРАЧИ – военная система, работает в УНИВЕРСИТЕТАХ, как система ВЕРБОВКИ В АРМИЮ – СЕЛЕКТИВНАЯ ВЕРБОВКА, ПАРНЕЙ-СТУДЕНТОВ.
    Это реальная банковская система инвесторов в России – автодиллеры и их коллекторы, отнимавшие у российских граждан квартиры под займ на автомобили, и с радио-гипнозом радио-связи продававшие народу наркотики, алкоголь, огнестрельное оружие, проституцию и порнографию. То есть слияние криминала и разведки армии в высших эшелонах власти страны.

  • SpybottleMessuage says:

    У них ПЕРСИКИ закончились кормить девок перед свадьбой, чтоб пахла витаминами и влекла запахом жениха…
    Просто ИМ_peach_МЕНТ натуральный ТРАФФИСКИНГ в ООН… Втечение 20 лет генерал военного комплекса форта Дикс- Военно-Морской Базы ЛЭЙКХЕРСТ – Авиабазы МакГвир из Нью-Джерси и Нью-Йорка – занимался рэкетом иммиграции войск НАТО с Москвой, и Дональд Трамп не знает КТО ЭТОТ ГЕНЕРАЛ и почему радио-гипноз военных был как мошенничество в Казино Трамп-Марина в 2004_м году, вымогавший деньги у посетителей Казино трансляцией текстов "играй-играй-играй… ещё немножечко денюшек, может отыграешься…", и такой же радио-гипноз на СКАЧКАХ с ДЖЕК-ПОТами …. Там на скачках в павильоне – посмотри ПУБЛИКУ… Одни бывшие военные и контакторы малых бизнесов, которые наполовину халтура армии или прокуратуры с их бизнес-биддингом.
    И девок у них нету, всех девок специально настраивали полицейские СУТЕНЕРЫ, которые сами женились на девках и делали им беременность чтоб подавать на Интернете проституцию порносайтов с радио-гипнозом радио-связи…

    Что такое военные ФЕДЕРАЛЬНОЙ КОММУНИКАЦИОНООЙ КОМИССИИ – это инженеры Инженерных Войск США, которые имеют РЕГИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ОФИС по Нью-Джерси в ГЕТТИСБУРГЕ, Пенсильвании – в часе езды по трассе от Черри-Хилла, Нью-Джерси. И эти военные НЕ МОГУТ НАЙТИ как отключить радио-гипноз порнографии, потому что в США нет закона ограничивающего МОШЕННИЧЕСТВО радио-психолога-психиатра. Поэтому вместо тишины в Казино работает военный МОШЕННИК, вымогающий деньги у посетителей радио-гипнозом радио-связи. Социальная ИНЖЕНЕРИЯ растрачивает девок, делая их проститутками, и ставит ценности общества на уровень ДОЛЛАРА, который обеспечивает продажу "ЛЯДЕЙ" кобелям.
    Таким образом, организация ВОРОВ существует в самой системе Сената и Белого Дома, откуда генералы ЦРУ делают мошенничества со скупкой земель – создавая искусственные ТОРНАДО и БАНКРОТСТВА хозяев земель и страховых компаний, создавая погоду "Национальной Безопасности" с повышенной влажностью от высокочастотных гармоник в линиях ЛЭП, электризующих воздух и вызывающих образование влажных облаков от статических взаимодействий молекул воздуха, и потом жидко-азотные ракеты в стратосфере вызывают холодный вихрь со льдом и торнадо – и это позволяет генералам политики иметь проституцию как ОБЩЕНАЦИОНАЛЬНУЮ КУЛЬТУРУ, потому что девки сами лезут к своим банкирам в их штаны, чтоб иметь работу и иметь сутенёра-покровитнля.

    Таким образом, ВСЕ ПЕРСИКИ сожрали стадо свиней из госдепа, нечем кормить невест и создавать им иллюзию УЗ ГИМЕНЕЯ, то что ценится в женщинах наиболее – их верность….

  • Kellyanne such a beautiful and successful woman, really classy and I still don’t understand why she married to that loser.

  • Kelleyanne should go home and bake frozen pizza for her husband George. She can change the label to Trumps Best Pizza and tell George it the best pizza in the history of this great country to the likes America has never seen before.

  • History will say Donald Trump was one of the greatest presidents in the history of the USA while Pelosi Nadler and Schiff will be remembered as the co-conspirators that tried and failed to bring down the Commander in chief

  • What the hell happened to America? When a bunch of criminals can carry out a Mock impeachment at vast expense to the Tax Payer and have it stick – something has gone gravely wrong indeed if this farce is allowed to carry on – it is an Insult to the average intelligence and a crime against the Office of The Presidency – SHAMEFUL

  • Under no circumstances can a leader in this democracy tell the voters what he was doing in office was none of their business. It is PRECISELY our business. All documents must be released. All participating people must testify. Or we betray the founding fathers.

  • make america great again says:

    Trump will be impeached weekly if nothing is done about the gross neglect of power by the democrats . You know it is bad when your own party is defecting .

  • Christopher Waller says:

    From a non-American that doesn't identify with any particular political party…anyone with an ounce of intelligence and integrity can understand and admit that these accusations are not baseless. Both sides know this. If Trump supporters (notice I don't say Republicans) truly felt this was a 'witch-hunt' (the world is laughing at the irony of this by the way) they'd produce any required witnesses, slaughter the democrats and move on. I recently watched a documentary on Scientology and the parallels between the member of that cult and blind Trump supporters are eerily similar. I say that now with disdain but genuine concern. OK folks, start the flaming because I dared question blind allegiance to a terrible human being.

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