. Kellyanne Conway and Newspaper Face Off Over Warning to Reporter  . .

. Kellyanne Conway and Newspaper Face Off Over Warning to Reporter . .

. Kellyanne Conway and Newspaper Face Off Over Warning to Reporter . . Ms. Conway told the reporter for The Washington Examiner that if she was going to cover her personal life, then were welcome to do the same around here, according to an audio recording. Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Trump and one of his fiercest defenders, found herself in a standoff on Friday with a conservative leaning newspaper after it accused her of threatening to investigate a reporters personal life. Much of the drama played out in public, with the newspaper, The Washington Examiner, on Thursday about Ms. Conways pressure on its reporter that included a recording of their conversation. Ms. Conway then defended herself on Twitter and on Friday, If I threaten someone, youll know it. It started with a phone call. Ms. Conway contacted the reporter, Caitlin Yilek, on Wednesday to dispute a line in an article from the previous day that mentioned the White House advisers husband, George Conway, who has departed sharply from his wife and become a prominent critic of Mr. Trump. According to The Examiner, the offending line — which focused on the possibility that Ms. Conway could become the presidents chief of staff — read: Conway has been in the middle of Trumps barbs with her husband, George, a conservative lawyer who frequently makes headlines for his criticism of the president. That led Tom Joannou, Ms. Conways assistant, to contact Ms. Yilek on Tuesday, The Examiner said. They spoke again on Wednesday, and he requested that their conversation be off the record, the newspaper stated, adding that Ms. Conway then got on the line without saying that their conversation was off the record as well. Ms. Conway began by questioning why the reporter had mentioned her husband, according to a that The Examiner published on Thursday in addition to the recording. So I just am wondering why in Gods earth you would need to mention anything about George Conways tweets in an article that talks about me as possibly being chief of staff, Ms. Conway said to Ms. Yilek, according to the transcript. The reporter defended her decision, saying that mentioning George Conway was relevant context. Ms. Conway asked if the reporter routinely talked about peoples spouses in her articles, to which the reporter responded, My editor requires us to put in context about peoples families or spouses when its relevant. After the reporter offered to connect Ms. Conway with her editor, Ms. Conway called herself a powerful woman and added: Dont pull the crap where youre trying to undercut another woman based on who shes married to. He gets his power through me, if you havent noticed. Not the other way around. At the end of the conversation, Ms. Conway said that if the reporter was going to cover her personal life, then were welcome to do the same around here. If it has nothing to do with my job, which it doesnt, thats obvious, then were either going to expect you to cover everybodys personal life or were going to start covering them over here, she added. The White House and The Examiner did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the exchange. In a long statement on Thursday, Ms. Conway stood by her remarks to the reporter and said, It seems irrelevant if not sexist to mention my husband in describing me. Ms. Conway added that she and her husband disagree and agree on many big things. Exactly none of it affects my position as Counselor to the President, she wrote. Exactly none of it is anyones business. Ms. Conway has frequently tangled with reporters. She infamously used the term in 2017 to describe easily debunked information put forward by Sean Spicer, then the White House press secretary, as he discussed the size of Mr. Trumps inauguration crowd. In July, when answering questions about Mr. Trumps attacks on four congresswomen of color whom he told to to the countries they came from, Ms. Conway asked a reporter, ? Last year, Ms. Conway said she did not t of the public criticism of her because it is so reflexive and unthoughtful. The Examiner a statement on Thursday about the recorded conversation from Hugo Gurdon, the newspapers editor in chief. Off the record conversations are agreed in good faith and in advance between people known to be participating, he said. They are not, and never have been, blanket coverage to shield people who pull a bait and switch, peremptorily enter the conversation, and then spend 10 minutes abusing, bullying and threatening a reporter.


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