Keegan-Michael Key Gets Scared by a Spider

Keegan-Michael Key Gets Scared by a Spider

I don’t know why this
is your first time here but it is, and congratulations
on everything you’ve done. I’m a fan. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I just was saying
backstage, I’ve been doing this for 23
years and we’ve never met. Not at a party, not on the show. And I’m so thrilled. I’m glad this is the
way we’re doing it. Yeah. So, yeah. We have witnesses. We have witnesses. So you were in The Lion King,
which did very, very well. Yes. Congratulations. It made thousands and
thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars. And also, the premiere was in
London, which was a big deal. Yes. We got to meet the royals. You did? We got to meet the Duke
and Duchess of Sussex. Aren’t they lovely? They were lovely. You know them. I do know them, yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was great. What was the conversation? I shook their hands, and
I was freaking out mostly because there was
all this protocol. And so you get this
email that says, you must stand at
this particular spot. Your mate will stand feet
three feet behind you, directly behind you. When you shake his hand,
you will shake the hand and bend at the waist. You genuflect. I’m just like, oh gosh,
there’s all these rules. So when we finally got
to do the conversation, I was try to follow the
rules, I kind of like– I kind of was just like, I’m
supposed to shake the hand, and he was just ready to hug. Yeah. And so we just kind
of did pleasantries. His wife worked on a
television show with me my wife’s good
friend Doug Liman. So we talked about that. Meghan was on show with him. Yeah. They’re so lovely, and
they’re so pleasant. Yes, they are. And they kind of moved
on down the line. They were saying
hi to everybody. I was like, OK, I
followed all the rules. Then they get to Seth Rogen.
He’s like, ‘sup, dude, how’s it going? [LAUGHTER] Just jumped in there. I was like, I
could’ve done that. I didn’t know there
was protocol either. I had no idea. Yeah. Yeah, we had this long list. I was like, oh God, OK. And we have another– we have
a mutual friend in Drew Brees. Yes. Yes. Now how do you know Drew? Drew Brees worked on a project
with me for the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago. And his wife and my wife have
become really fast friends. So that’s been a
wonderful thing. Brittany is great. Brittany’s the best, yeah. And then we kind of– I’m a huge New Orleans fan and– [CHEERS] Yeah. New Orleans, yeah. Who dat? And so we started
becoming friendly, and we started spending
time at events together, and just became fast friends. And he is quite a player. And they’re doing
very, very well. They’re doing well. Yeah, they are doing well. Yeah. I mean, he’s recovering
from an injury now and the team keeps on
trucking and winning. Yeah. Do you spend time
in New Orleans? Did you go to Mardi
Gras or anything? We did. We were on a float. We were on Harry Connick’s
float two Mardi Gras ago and it was completely insane. Because you’re on the float for
four hours and you’re tossing. And we were the first float
on that particular parade. So you’re the ones, the first
people to be tossing the beads. And the people are rabid. They’re just out there. There’s a guy like,
over here, kid! Throw it over here! And I tossed some beads and
then he picked his baby up and it was like the
bead went like around. Like a ring toss. It was like a ring toss baby. And then they’ll say,
do you have coins? Do you have coins? And you’re tossing
coins over the side and there’s just like a
battle royale in the middle of the street to grab the coins. It was crazy. Yeah. You’re doing this for
four hours, right? You’re doing this
for four hours. You’re not thinking about it. You’re just tossing. Have a good time,
everybody’s waving. And the next morning you wake
up, and you get out of bed and you’re like, [SCREAMS] Move your right arm like
three inches, you’re like, what is going on? And then you realize the
night before– if I had just taken a bottle of Advil
and half a tube of Bengay the night before, I would
have been in better shape. I would imagine, yeah. I don’t think about
that part of it. But, yeah. I mean, I grew up
in New Orleans. So when you’re scrambling
for plastic beads, when you think that they are
everything, or those doubloons. The doubloons. But they’re not
really gold, guys. No, they’re just doubloons. And you know, kids
are scrambling and getting stepped on. It’s a dangerous situation. It’s like a blood
sport out there. It really is. So Jordan Peele, obviously
you know him very well. He’s doing all these
scary movies now. Are you going to be
in a scary movie? If Jordan wanted me to do a
scary movie I would 100% do it. Really? [APPLAUSE] Why have you not done that yet? I haven’t done a scary
movie with Jordan yet because I’m afraid
that he might ask me to do a movie that has spiders in it. Are you scared of spiders? Horribly arachnophobic. Like, I can’t do
the spider thing. I said– if he ever came to
me and said, “All right, I have a spider movie,” I
would say, “OK, spider movie? I’ve got three letters for you– CGI.” Right. Then I would do it. Because they can do that. Yes, they can do that now. They can have spiders
crawling all over my face. But that’s my thing. Yeah. If I see a cobweb I faint. Oh, no. I’m really bad with spiders. Well, spiders are
kind of everywhere. Like literally, you
can’t really do anything without having a spider– [SCREAMING] [BLEEP] [APPLAUSE] Now you’re over your
fear of spiders. I’m done. All right, I’m gonna
make that movie. Yes. All right. We have to take a break. We’ll be back.


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