Katie Hill Delivers Fiery Final Speech On House Floor | NBC Nightly News


32 thoughts on “Katie Hill Delivers Fiery Final Speech On House Floor | NBC Nightly News”

  • democrat playbook: break rules then claim to be the victim. hey heres a suggestion, either follow the rules everyone else plays to or OWN UP TO IT. You have no one to blame but yourself, Katie. Good riddance

  • Santiago Muinos says:

    nobody cares today about nude pics but pictures in wich you appear doing drugs with an iron cross tattoo and the fact that you sleep with subordinates is quite weird

  • Like most LGBTs, she blames everything on somebody else. She was found in a situation contrary to the rules of the house, you have to go. She is guilty, nobody forced her into that, as usual with the LGBTs, it is our fault.

  • Sorry for you Katie, people are such hypocrites.. stay safe and thank you for your speech and for voting to impeach the con man in the WH I wish you peace.. men are so hateful

  • Always a victim give me a break. You and only you cheated on your husband and now you're claiming it was because of his abuse instead of your trifling ways.KARMA is a b** but keep blaming your ex-husband and the whole Washington establishment for you being a thot and now you mad because it got exposed without your consent LOL I don't think no little girl has ever looked up to you and said that's what I want to be so don't flatter yourself by hoping they will forgive you for being a lesbian and cheating on your husband. Why are Democrats always involved with staffers or interns? You basically used your celebrity status to molest this female staffer.

  • What I would say to Katie Hill:

    " stop, look what you're doing. You are a a member of the House of Representatives elected by your constituents. Your constituents know you are not perfect, nobody is. Voters put you in this position, this platform. Colin Kaepernick took a position that was Politically Incorrect but socially needed. He's paid for it every single day of his life so far, many others have done the same. You had an obligation to stand for something oh, you still do. You talk about a double standard as if something should be done but you decide to resign. Why? Because it's politically correct? Your fellow colleagues of the squad face death threats every single day, and maybe you do also, but you don't see them backing down. I don't know the details of the photos, what was released, who had them, or what was on them. There are people that have gone on and flourished from tragedy while facing it. You were involved with a breakup with a spiteful person, welcome to the human race. If your answer to this hardship is to resign and let the conservatives rejoice, then you asked the wrong question. We have a president that defies and sets the boundary on criminal / immoral Behavior. We have members of the upper echelon of the US Senate who refused to perform their constitutionally obligated duties. Barack Obama had a constitutionally obligated duty to nominate a person to the federal Supreme Court, which he performed. by way of comparison, Mitch McConnell in the senate had an obligation to give an up-or-down vote. He refused to do that yet, he and the rest of his comrades in the US Senate still got paid for not doing their job. We have criminals like Joe Arpaio running for public office after he was told by a federal judge not to perform discriminatory examinations of persons based on race, he still did it. is violation would have sent him to federal prison but this criminal president, Donald Trump, pardon him. It continues to seek elective public office and his fellow conservative constituents stand behind this Criminal. I could go on but the point is, You wanted public office so you could serve your constituents, right? By standing down to what is on the outside, trivial in nature, you might be letting your constituents down. All this over a relationship, isn't Donald Trump on his third divorce now? You should change course and refused to step down, You should fight this like Donald Trump is fighting impeachment for his true criminal Behavior. if the conservative party is going to hold the line against impeachment of a criminal president for which there is plenty of evidence to support this impeachment, then your fellow Democrats should quite easily find it easy to move on from this extremely minor episode just something more important like impeaching this criminal president. you need to go to a place in your world to straighten this out and Surround yourselves with people that will help you make the right decision. If your conclusion is still to resign amid this minor event, then your surrounding yourselves with the wrong people in your life. maybe the best decision in your life right now could be 2 decide you're going to stay in the House of Representatives and start Consulting people that can give you the strength to do so"

    I hope this helps, I can't really be the only one that feels this way now can I?

  • How she going to weird red outfit! I guess to let us no that she still going to be a naughty lady ! No little girls are looking up to lady ! Get to stepping! Can’t always screw your way to the top of things! I can’t believe she had the nerve to stand up there that long . Big walk of same . It’s sad cause this is how you will be remembered! ?

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