30 thoughts on “Katie Bouman “Imaging a Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope””

  • jonathan bacon says:

    Yah, no, Andrew Chael wrote 95% of the code that made this possible. This girl wrote 6%. Anyone see his name in the “news”? Liberal BS!

  • MrIntelligentdesign says:

    Oh my goodness!! She had given us point of references (POR) that had nothing to do with real BLACK HOLE!! Did they find a massive star only, and not Black Hole?? The possibility that they found a massive star in the center of a galaxy is 95% probable..I will explain the explanation in details in my upcoming science book, "All About Gravity"… I will explain them with drawings, so that you will know..and I will use this lecture and its graphics (allow me) to show why the team of EHT are wrong…

  • We take the diameter of Earth and use it as a signal collector for radio waves. Now, let's do it with the shorter wave lengths Galileo observed with, when he used a 3 inch signal collector.


    Ι cannot understand how nothing was interfered in the optical link between the Earth and the Black hole,especially in such a enormous distance….Or was part of the algorithm to reconstruct the data ,moving out any stellar object besides noise?

  • this woman did not contribute to this bh image discovery! it was all fake news put out to the world by feminists trying to bolster the involvement of women in science. out of 900,000 lines of code a man named andrew chael coded 850,000 lines and he received zero recognition. this womans supposed code that was used was zero! and of course aoc jumped on the bandwagon hailing womans positioning in science due to this persons supposed contribution to the bh images. she is not at fault howevdr for this fake news being perpetuated its the system using a teams involvement and discovery to be placed on 1 womans so called discovery, its all bs!!

  • Angel Nicolas says:

    Why do we need to know all these informations as human?! What is the point…. providing that we are smart beautiful creatures??? And if you know the answer what you will be treasured?

  • I'm sure that she just forgot to mention the fact that it is theorized that the image is of a Black Hole. Must have been oversight…LOL. The fact is that nothing is science fact …only theory according to Steven Hawkins "The Grand Design." In fact all of his books state that FACT. Some, however are more elegant than others. A elegant theory is testable, predictable and must match observation. 
    There is a branch of scientists that call themselves "Plasma Cosmologists." They say that the new image supports their theory that the source of the jets shooting from this supposed Black Hole, is actually a Super Plasmoid. A Super Plasmoid is a torus (donut) shaped magnetic anomaly with a glowing plasma around the center of the torus. That is what the image shows. A plasmid can be created in a lab and similar jets are created. This match the observation. I thought Black Holes don't let out light…hence the term Black Hole. Anyway "Wal Thornhil" of the "Thunderbolts Project" Youtube channel explains it quit simply without having to use infinity in his mathematics. It is very important that scientists tell people that not all scientists agree with that theory. By not mentioning that fact, they always look like they are trying to silence opposition. In science especially we need to hear from as many minds and ideas as possible. Who know what the the real truth of the image, but lets try not to draw conclusions too quickly. Here is a link to a good video. . It probably won't stay posted long.

  • Katie Bouman, so it has taken a large international team, number of years to take picture of dust which are in the center of galaxy rotating through long distance which are full of electromagnet noise, that you are not aware. then filtered with your limited knowledge of structure of galaxy then compared it with simulation of hypothetical black hole. The result presented as proof of none existing black hole. just to comply with current scientific belief. Well-done. I thought science is understanding of nature. It remind me first low resolution infrared picture of eye of storm cloud from space. They were excited to have taken picture of black hole on earth. Fortunately they had rational scientist who pointed it is eye of storm. Not a black hole on earth. MG1

  • Humans are able to take pics of very distant objects yet we have people dying every day from lack of water and food. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Black hole paradox says:

    To be honest, I haven't heard much of any other guys who worked to photograph the image of black hole.
    Doesn't everyone deserve the credits?

  • Jacques Souvenir says:

    Look forward to more radio telescopes being added in the future and more data points being available.

    Hopefully this opens the door for more funding, more construction, and more exploring.

    So exciting!

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