Kathryn Hahn Made Her Kids Trick-or-Treat When She Ran Out of Halloween Candy

Kathryn Hahn Made Her Kids Trick-or-Treat When She Ran Out of Halloween Candy

-We were talking about the worst
Halloween costumes earlier. -Oh. Yeah.
-Do you have any bad ones? -Oh, I mean, I think growing
up — Don’t have any bad ones. We kind of — Growing up,
we had like runs of three years. Like, my mom would work really
hard on something, and then we were kind of stuck
with the same outfit for like three years. So, I remember one — There was,
like, a period where my mom — I think she was
quitting smoking, so she spent an extra long time
on this particular costume, and it was a Tooth Fairy. And so I was stuck with, like,
a — Just kind of your basic princess garb
and then a wand with, like, a foil tooth on it. And then I kind of had to,
like, walk around trying to gather candy
in one hand but, like, stuck holding a wand,
and then explaining to everybody that I was the Tooth Fairy
just by the wand. -I love when the costume comes
with an explanation. -Yeah, it was not great.
Three years. -Your kids —
are they into Halloween? Do you dress them?
Do you get, like — -No. They have the chutzpah to
say, “No, thanks, Mom. We can take care of ourselves.” So, yeah, they dress
themselves for Halloween. -They do?
-Yeah. -And what are they
going as this year? -I think my daughter’s
going as, like, something from “Little House on
the Prairie,” maybe. -Like, Half-Pint or —
Now I’m intrigued. Which character?
-Half-Pint. Oh!
-Almanzo? -I love Half-Pint.
Yeah, I think Half-Pint, Laura. -She’s being Laura Ingalls? -Yeah, I think she’s going to be
Laura Ingalls. -That’s fantastic. -You know all
the people, though. Almanzo?
-Almanzo. -Bust out Almanzo.
-Almanzo, dude. If you’re playing the drinking
game at home… -Way to my heart. You’ll just say “Almanzo”
in casual conversation. No.
That’s the way to my heart. -Oh, my gosh. Oh, man. Do you guys, like,
have the whole candy thing, and people come to your house? -No, we’re in one of those
crazy neighborhoods. It’s like, if you don’t
set it up — Like, when we moved into this
neighborhood, they were like, “Just warning you, like,
it is crazy on Halloween. Like, if you don’t show up,
it’s like you are ostracized. Like, you have to really
do it up. Like, fog machines,
like, all the fake tombstones, like, people jumping out of
crap, screaming. Like, you got to really show up
for Halloween. Like, you got to have
so much candy.” So, like, last year, it was
literally like my kids had to — It was like, “You guys,
we got to pay it forward.” Because we ran out at 8:30, and
so I made my kids, like, dump their Halloween candy, and we had to use their
Halloween candy on Halloween. -And then keep sending your kids
out every hour? -“Get some more, get some more!” And then they’d come back —
-“We’re running out! Do another trick-or-treat! Go trick-or-treat!
Hurry up! We’re running out!” -Yeah.
Paying it forward, though. I felt like, “Good lesson.”


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