Kathryn Bernardo | TWBA Uncut Interview

Kathryn Bernardo | TWBA Uncut Interview

[Applause] stop welcome to the program hi diddle boy thank you for being here Nandita Swati WBA but thank you thank you okay because I know the last conversation we had whom Hindi hanukkah commonly mic in alarm a path of the house of us up or ISA dressing-room Teterboro amoeba and coming from a height you you are the movie Queen no you're the box-office Queen am I right I'm sorry but that's how I feel okay my question is this mallanna will attain a casa when you're doing the house of us which is now the biggest earning movie in Philippine cinema in the history of Philippine cinema Milano on Hungarian my mother moments capilene by now then do do that sorry the more they insecure the dad down mmm I wouldn't say theta bueno wala at all better mr. Saab economist Mustang up caucus and enough appoints the real economy boom both especially this year so Lehmann Aqaba especially after in a modest house of us the hindi naman in expect nominee to boy pattern so Bruce Robison emailing them and and in question go after house of us pertaining okay what's next after no so Panama the bother can also huge uncle lucky lucky Anubis annoyed I'm here up then T to get up soon then you you know Amana certainly more than a no comparing feeling Kobe Nagiko Nutella so I know pal Papa nori knocked out it was the next project natal I know Callahan can go in and they'll deepen in and Nikita so making my bunk discussion Porsche honking uh the meeting up on the air now and then Vinnie Guinea let them project – and anteater boy you Newman again challenge what's next after today I have wanted to be in apparel the area south of us thankful tires and on the area and I often disappear now my Malala person copay owner can say okay man so we are going going to Magua for the movie now in a let's go sorta corner gala a new series must master how so far scaling and I'm a Burlington and Anyanka ceremony area you know but it takes a lot of maturity to be able to say okay doing communi device yeah somehow it's a kind of confidence now aluminum a on Catherine Napa Ron nagato-san blessing pero de Botton de toe mockup Eagles Aachen to move forward doing other projects yes beeper disappear house with us I am also fascinating Casey oh um that but move on the hole and we're home componte but you have become more confident in many ways in many ways [Applause] become more confident by being empowered granular mark you have become simpler embrace where I've been I've been going to III i-i've been going to your ID account for example I'd like to are you wear this now para para indica not making Joe logs ah context Segura Jose knocked up you were taught in the past yes yes better now Segura must negligent of Baja Tita boy mastiha fauna except cuando in deal at my booboo Sonya don't go in Villa Hattie please go so you go in canal are postponed Eliquis a diet nah man I don't go in Camaro ma boo boo son I don't give my haha that's okay you're more connected to yourself up the wire let's take a look at some of the photos are some of the posts by then Tina Munim onion you go ah gasps would you have posted this photo let's say five years ago no may God watch adenine and when I'm babaçu my you see pink or did Sabine and Macau Nikita well it is a colossal barometer better yeah I must Nikki another Tita boy Dina how much our dinner go over thankful and set up Veneto my staff at the lower four I'm learning I'm learning open means Sun Casino go over think they look at I know Sasha bikini Milo and etc but there's another photo there's another photos cute caption so more get separate into two non coke a DJ so Buddha means you Morgan that's very DJ now since we you go home mine and then actually it's fair an endorsement no Manta like appetito boy the poker I know I need to caption some kind open cuz I can read Metallica my speaking and Alan Tito by mosquito my own personal then you Instagram comas with the whole you know Papa stuff I ask for endorsements and all better we saw eternal a blingy a NASA life go for me some incense you know you me cow I forgot oh I didn't saw boo well I'm gonna I know but this summer for lack of a better word treat most abou how you've become really simpler halimbawa tell us the story about what happened suddenly bill said that the Pilipinas you would your friends Rhea and one Miguel was a story Cassie Tita boy um my Papa piercing telling us on me that night I'm a banana custard before how's the sign at the anteater boy oh okay and then get an epidermis ahead so me picture okay gigging okay no no song Shaheed and Farah I like it so it's worth it so anyway soon Abaco Sahana community of tapas bar verse of the Philippines campus I know she T to buy pants him again how okay exam happening CEP oh yeah yes I am so sad because I like look at this come and put up often a topic we immerse a diver in a man para donut I see me small sharp piercing imagine maraming tau Cindy look at me son can an island really experience it though it's a next give me an lunch Sola high in a nothing so you know sad khmer how was that experience must say I can say see gay gay and city yes silly among a newfound friends gonna unlock it for no effect on Ellis a friend so Bram damn hakuna two to two names AHA Neela I'm down making decisions no more major decisions now selling silliness and a good nun psyllium I Lancome yeah yes Juan Miguel so swell Tijuana Hina Poornima gonna talk a beginner okay so there are black odd okay and then there are two nipples on minute book use the delicate nothing Boyka Sinha Dina man wanna Iceland so ok I don't know once you know I mean a guy who saying okay I'm looking normal math I took one a cpincombe up a picture in Makaha gonna sell her again Sabine idea and I'm say I am Errol I'm lucky lucky Doheny team oh no I'm hopin I own yes and matagalpa fussing I'm in Busan and appear saying but I'm friendship piercing them in something that learning power yes what is it what is it I know it's beautiful putting in cast okay goodness beginner go ah ah my anesthesia closes you know got a thirty-two who Marin am you oppa salon that beautiful oh yeah so you know animun it sounds like happen along Cassidy to Waco Nelligan an amulet pattern even though bleeding some ugly number are you so my personal feeling when a part of a the a non-member own process it's a hand I'm sorry too DJ he likes it oh yeah he likes it naman for cases have economic say you measure the hood similar ganyan and then please Kahlan cannot every achievement or every milestone and then gr is nothing will pop up yourself that they not even good no but the last will act on cash Embassy will out will make God below 100 for the picture saloons buyers a piercing you are you piercing make a schwa Cornetto America better young punks our embassy in a picture of Hanina 80% for ID for the well the top way Valley today my is a punk Akina to to our men don't paw go on and a plastic how did you discover yourself Oh Hong Kong kita boy okay thank our second minions a shooting a new melodies nah stress aha so I think Papa happy suckers are good at it and then what do you do my technique vitally necessary sarees abirami anybody bong kala pattar that's right okay so okay long and I think the moon'll a listen kiss a right measurement oh I am pressed more like the brave no no para lo Abbas me much Malala thinking at the Paramus mall nothing balloon better this is finally number four super favorite critter second Akaka I know now Caliban but but Kenneth Anger song call me you weren't shooting because guess I start pony Alden inconveniencing me you need to put green plastic balloon sister Anila and then alright anteater by super gorilla game wanna know and I can run like this see if you're not gonna battle in the bar feeling Commerce Lala Hambledon kappa you know then slowly blow it I own a table in left side now enemy ho new bata hoagie nagawa Kareem Ito nasibi hanae-kun baccala the hill dito yeah you do Toto en I'm still your type known did Allah macho macho phenomenal okay so yes the boy loved one I just pull up again yeah actually wait if I underneath it yeah okay I'll an entire full current kassapa so bloody bah Oh me invest ha I know I am baka I'm a burst Santa I yeah block wrong and certainly happiness go for sir shooting shut up Cebu can you is really nice killing the man and hidden no boom or are commonly it next time my contest can be dtaung and without detour plastic balloons I'm syrup no piri cooperate buggabugga nunca ha and okay uncut a new man America belacan la montagne how come how comfortable are you with each other kind out then based on that the video that I saw earlier and Gaza you've been spared with come Tampa calico Tommy the certain point after in fear it's the ferry that's right and now Alden Richards halimbawa llama punky cow and poppy Billy in if you have your way and you were to choose the leading Lee leading Lee if you have your way and you can choose the leading lady of DJ see no auntie Polly in Mopar emerging leading lady DJ because I believe what I see the WBA Covino public put it as a TWA kasama per infinitum Kathryn Bernardo let's talk about hello love goodbye okay okay this is perhaps one of your most difficult films the most difficult film the most the most challenging difficult had the hot nepali superlative Cassity Toberman europe's are physically a mere opponents a top Naumann casts a block in Kumasi Hong Kong okay para pinochle m/s emotionally immersion of ibig sabihin Babu not in Pisa goo Milligan cameras immerse Canada on supposedly put it up like I said before flying to Hong Kong param Oxford and shooting that but purpose a purpose of elegance is an employer a cinema mama so can across th param experience Scott Elega so tienen una casa because a Samana Vanessa Edie so de l'homme VH pero beginning damming commitments prophecy okay one so and then one being along marenkov a para madeira super master harmony albinus waitress and bar time they're gorgeous acai some restaurant it's a boy panelist infinity chefs camino de banane therefore she only thinks in schooling as a time for immersion in the merciful every day on set and done some oviya for immersion Porsha I know classic mana Barger and Dean Obama during the immersion and a male accuser via hold the green is coming upon you oh oh come on go and make the going back for school I'll call you in a Guggenheim plate my pendant in and I'm an Aquarian Papillion and the mitosis identified the seal a for you indeed Nava Machado Parkinson in a new pinochle me here up yeah there's the story here that will have come across up say your pocket dial loosen it delay you seeing character penetration down and in accessory that Machado happens in love so I'll are no more butter Samantha and I never cushion at an ass and kiss to me direct now Li mo pair they are pienso filing on a param dhaam say oh so how about masala hat focuses on Burton the Consul had Marcus asam vanilla convert an extra set up Omaha ginseng ulid mica artist aha this is a better example the garlic Kathy Kathy oh the lip as in gulika upper Bennett for I since I've been upon on Kenya got it kappa shakan up i send me a song seen poppin upon or delays a trailer you first meeting nominee Ethan Marin Don thematic pocket all day 14 powers bowel they are in so high Langan tamatekapua channeling the da ho paura to the oil powers pursue purpose in the first of all that pursuing some masa raha new season vanassa bass or hands at omaha basura then that personal break pin and equine phone co per se the garden archive easy I'm the kinda Bassano some and prevent any card makes a cell phone because this vinegar go think a garnet gonna that was okay action you met the host of a new knee across tagalog the paring mini mood of minister sort of mom's opinion anyway stop organ yet can you get to joy yeah madam the man walk pinion lon we condone Gavin boy no matter pursue movie tomorrow Sabina pedicle McGarrett 7 per day Mahone Morahan Perry Mason rule acaba alkamag walk out or India but then sir set go so yeah and you know you're in the king blk say I'm here Sabina and we are all indicated baby dito better sleeping when I do not go after two healthy parrots Oh it also helps mikela la maza Kathy Garcia Molina it also helps Aleman maganda Minnesota it also helps a lot more in your mind aluminum cone MD now go up again finding people by sovereign unions so there was a time that you wanted to come home yes first week every night to FaceTime proceed easy bowel Dena home oxygen functional hot so it cannot be mocking DJ I'm okay we're fine going cold in here Bower cylindrical box with Shamu hi DJ el-amin Barrera knocks on banka banka Connecticut so Brad nurse if the Reg Pelican at the University commenting me handle me pain you know but gonna disobey I'm cold my jong-kul that purse it but now how is happen you know getting it the snapping onion air but looking back you understand now now my emotions Omaha this animal Keith Anderson movie powerful trailer I mean I I just want to say that it's a kind of trailer hindi ko Papa Papa northern película pero I was telling cap it's a kind of trailer and if it is a window to the movie Wow a burner till happen on the Orion who Nutella hot really you were say I'm sorry um yen so nearly a nice car no the sunday naho segment on treatment condoms the second week they did week and don't do my thing now so point nakai I know Sabina direct : a home pave sobre nope now something I know beacon and a pee-pee kansai biko well and a poke until on the hill see joy hindi salma Selita you character Indiana Selita pero sobre and piñas alone opinion to buy usually poking up and singing my characters could some movie say you say young loud show you my rhyming lines try young um in express going on the head of them and you're through lines to joy in the gun and say you allow me say some Bacardi saying that he make peril had any Ponyo namely birding blanco long Shanta he make that but nakita mo San Mateo whenever that the I know yeah ok so ok I had to go through that process para Madame de menthe gonna up him but only someone in pastor I'm them caucus enjoy I know I'm like shown not to tune and more but the things Monica Bobbie and Athena nacatamales Hong Kong nanak assalamu ha Nikita what darkness and moanin Bugaboo hi I'm here up linking ago and Allah um imagine a go out for lunch stuff for almost a month so sorry but 5 years 10 years 20 years more indecent and a half awake I turn up in Hong Kong so Pilipinas cuz I must Busan element Padula so um grab a young respeto lala-sama OFW poo my own and under Michael realizations cool Napa home plinkus honorable experience Kumgang office where tech Cebu a : casts a deal had doneto so lahat telega Katie Marcus a mom who serve I must appreciate Co him a little things and mapping appreciate gonna miss Danby area who vetoes a Pilipinas don't wanna so the little things like 'man apartments in before my own parents islamic officer it by opening that the animal and that's the best thing also about the filmmaking process at least it was I attend can say ah the babadook arena and perspective um OH – kosabu hi can imagine now humbling and you're appreciative of the low things that that in Dimona poppin safe making this movie para Hamas Naboo oh la la cuz I see Juniper independent here dreamer see joy and but under Mikasa fighter yes fighter and grab a grabbing upon minion grabbing a new self log in until a new man Oh a stability to boy you know Oh Mahalo coop Amelia ho boo boo hiatus a Lemu pop at the lock up arrow people are a pinnacle at the Augusto Himani are a Nabokov in de we also have this chance to interact with them then to to Rosa Hong Kong say some Prieto Paris among OFW snotty Monica Baba endorsed a Hong Kong malabon don't suffer Nara allow me who Bynum a magnetar Oh Tom awakening ceremony buddies choose to send money da he'll not TTP de Parma maganda and in Atlantic Canada Nikita but you know I met a mother who's been there for almost 30 years seppuku money but ok well in what I am a bucket bucket I'm on my way Familia Dania my mom palanquin donating Padma are you putting one on your mama batta are you quit want a new come on Kaitlyn Anna soccer graduate Navajo Oh vanilla who pero it so this is another side of the story hindi ko Alam ko PHA who dune kun masked man and boy mahadji mahadji later so Undine Medina 10 I mean going back to your story I'm Daniel in a tea macabre ballet Hong Kong now Magna nanny halimbawa Miren Miren poisons to shantae the yah yah yah but she's taking her doctoral degree so nakaka inspired hindi neelam a ninny even and in columns reading para continue to plant a llama capital Manama gülen mañana shared Meredith it's a take away for some movie ganda and looking forward to to watching the movie ok let's go to the question of Mary Chris at the Guzman Peter boy viral and hugging video in a Katrina out then so how comfortable are you with each other that's what they wouldn't know I couldn't eat the wing so first a new after pune first meeting them and look past now so in Italy comfortably panco for my birthday pop we enter Lanka better communion for Tottenham n comfortably performing in a gimmick a vegan Khmer me Alden while making this film and was not a lot of improvisation and in a local mention Gilliland in the novel so well are coming fini led to anything pero Magana khana Khazana paja genuine Punia so yes begin again comfortably for too long in Bambara Conda the movie Masuku Yoon Sena beanie direct Cathy you first impression Aki Alden was Mahoosuc para maglin artist Amitabha or something some about Oh am i quoting her yes yes Avenue into presscon Tita Sibylla what did you say becasue no never conception upon young Chris opinion Mohan me killing him bad man laughing I've been on the word about the mouth I forgot kind of weighing exactly she mentioned it Beca animals at the Gabba women in dedication to lose weight and achieve name he lost 20 pounds Danny or more or more while doing this movie while doing 25 while doing this movie say out then for but our mind in a column I K began at the end he actually started with me yes you know he used to come to my dressing room no hindi po artista say out there little Chris and I were doing S&M but a guy called showbiz news neo and he was studying and he would come to the dressing room wait for me we would meet but others all the time that was but that was also the time when Anna got sick I was diagnosed with mild dementia my buddy Tabata n Appa he's a very kind very very kind boy oh if you were to describe him why I described him cuz that's kinda how boy um genuine I know guess a and then we're gonna really nickname and Suhani embargo for makélélé you like me makeup artist nothing nikka pancha I'm Dan McGann Antonelli Commons common friend no aho Miss Miniver witness seguro my bitch son and I mean Deana irritable birthday and I'm gonna MOBA Atlanta Tom I'm genuine young tau tapas I won't go Binion Guinea and chiffon and I eaten in agony until I catch a scam so you knew this guy didn't very gentle like I got to learn more he's also very connected to his family yes da nakka nakka strong Lombardi answer and Amelia that's what you have in common yeah aside from a healing circle might a bow shock of mine can support the diets and of all movie so Porou video sudden shock wave come behind the magazine and película Italy Morocco Familia at the Napa along to look Nolan Papa no dinner for uncle Olaf goodbye sign upon picking an order from Philly : amon and restore cinema this will be showing pawn July 31 directed by Kathy Garcia Molina and kasama Hideko semester as in your charts and yes on a postman you think of a supreme unite nominee on July 30 thank you reporte honeymoon attend si gas up see out then a star cinema abs-cbn it's a beautiful movie sappy want amico del Rosario trainer Philemon publica me okay Karina Athena Nikita if you were let's start with Catherine if you were to work with other leading men again you know who would you choose instead of making you choose Paula I will show you some photos and let's play a game called hello goodbye okay so my papa he taught a minimally territory my potential leading men Sabine was I mean hello goodbye a pocket I began a Papa Papa wanna take a three okay so let's start with the first photo Joshua Garcia sandela Munna Asik Athena and Prasad Gupta okay good friend for SHINee DJ and NASA manometer server salon a butt layin pattern in the love game shows a journey ba-ba-ba-ba-ba better call meme addendum project for Saguna sixer salmon bake a DJ with disapproval hello okay look at the oil next Enrique si feel economist insulinoma fans nila so seguro what not not super good bye Liza Munna so good bye okay alright next Vijay Papa Papa PNA dilute IO [Laughter] Tony la busca la la I'm gonna see Tony Pisano sailor Lunas angry and I think much baggage is a mess mutton down leading lady you gave me not pneumonia super tender pair you must like late twenties okay cuz they are very much receipt oh and you were this body now so goodbye Tony do we have another photo [Applause] [Applause] okay but you can enough I got it okay you know one of my most unforgettable interviews with you was what you're doing it for a brand novel use years ago yeah anyway see ya later man dial you're starting to work with other leading man halimbawa naman if you have your way I would like you to comment hellogoodbye at market parinibbana kdj no my leading ladies let's go to the potential leading ladies of Daniel Fidelia hello goodbye bucket there janela janella big ado it's a fun straight better for a project to theta by no or I am too young for DJ so good friends in hello sorry [Laughter] okay a nice refreshing yawn and deepen I mean huzzah Mercedes uh-huh so birthday hello hello okay please suck my sock okay next I'm disappointed easy but the para para seguir Puma a rom-com nano pad hello hello okay next hello max Thomas Ellison movie in a pair of GUI on our weather you may love to some smut and that's afonya which is again Makapuu cinnamon see my ok ok next three hours back Costa haiku India via Kusa param muchas de se llama tankara ho ho LD weird para the power parity common Google soon a DJ always Sonya parent hello sepia okay cute okay hello sexy in the mining fellow okay next [Applause] look at his photo the photos there okay [Applause] too young citronella Hanina para Machado no bad that okay it is like a singing major local owner say okay let's respect that this Gumi mukundan project for better cooling see main and viagra attention and GMA DJ just a movie now with us right yes with parallel guy latina okay so hello mean hello hello okay next budge hello get the very sexy Seattle my and it's a saucer mug giggling nothing at pieces abs and feeling coma enjoys he lives in a hut about sadly much is a very Colombian post at Amara and comfortable enough a missile honey okay oh no problem Seuss annoyed [Applause] Nadine let me know okay James far away long ago so it did goodbye I must again david welna then the movies in a Dean and I don't think along and then I love Jim Leyland but I'm not enjoy name freedom now so goodbye okay can Iran of obesity satti Babu sub sabi ko see the calf has become has become more confident legging must simply pero malabon copper in looking was Balaban you know some people would say it's all in there you're different girl that's my point one of the man yes better at the end of the day mean that the things to point now make a mugging bag and copper ethnicity a casino Gastonia know and you guys have to talk about it I mean let's be very honest you guys talk about it and that the thing in timely and functional minding the noon that's a honeymoon support come on over yes once again invite everybody watching me again markup Amelia in on to look now on hello love goodbye so July 30 oh nope we on and tonight with my Buddha maraming salamat kita boy thank you it's not fun okay and voice of like a meal at the Barack I thank you chew money dr. Steve mark gun Jeffrey and vine of Astoria Plaza Susan called Peugeot joined the las penas Manila Bankers Life move on clothing my atheros doctors Manny and Michael iron maraming maraming salamat Tolosa I mean my book still out in the market man as gay boy Sal happened as a bookstore outlets around the country get your copy live and love in abundance and always makin and I proud be kind abundance good night Oh spot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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