32 thoughts on “Karl Rove Causes Fox News Chaos By Challenging Obama Victory Projection”

  • This was caused because Rove had a plan to electronically switch the vote totals when the votes were send into Kentucky to be computed. Some hero hacked into the system and prevented Rove from switching the vote totals. This was talked about on the Thom Hartmann show. This is why Rove when crazy.

  • Matt Richardson says:

    He tried to rig Ohios election like he did in 2004 against kerry but Anonymous blocked it…. what a joke of an individual.

  • That's fine, there will not be any dancing blacks who just wanted to secure their food stamps and lefty pieces of shit celebrating this election!

    TRUMP 2016!

    We got this one bitches!

  • Dany Targaryen says:

    Karl Rove reminds me of porky pig — the fucker even stutters over his fat tongue. I've never seen someone who reminds me so much of spam, glistening in its own disgusting jelly.

  • Ugly Girl Does says:

    I'm a cincy girl and Hamilton county does usually go totally red, but we shocked them in this election. 😉 Pssst: I drove people to the voting stations.

  • Karl Rove was thinking that the computers will go down once again like 2004 and the votes will flip. The strangest thing happened at 23:00 hrs in Ohio, the computers crashed and came back on line and the count had changed all of a sudden and Bush won.

  • psychoabattoirhorror says:

    Rove knows all about the danger of calling the vote too early since that's what this POS did to get GW elected.

  • Excellent observation by Rove. Why call an election when 900 votes separate two people. Let the process work. You people morons? This is all Monday morning quarterbacking, lol , and you thought you were smart, lol.

  • Obama and his longtime friend Bill Ayers are worse than everyone mentioned here. A Socialist and a Terrorist.
    The USA got duped by this Macchiavellian Chicago community organizer twice, and the world because of him lost a lot of respect for this country.
    The Who said it best……" Don't get Fooled Again."
    An Elizabeth Warren or Clinton would be a huge mistake, incalculable damage would be caused by these two .

  • Karl Rove in utter denial of reality & absolute disbelief of facts.
    (in other words – Rove… "being a Republican" – LOL)

    4:25 …. Megyn Kelly:  "That's awkward !!"
    best one-liner in history, ever spoken on Fox news – LOL

  • the President ended up winning Ohio by 3%.  the votes that hadn't been counted went to him so Karl Rove was not only wrong but he was way off.  how this guy gets paid millions I have no idea. 

  • I love rewatching Karl Rove squirm in his chair at the fact that he's about to get a lot of phone calls from irritated billionaires about how much money they pissed away on his PAC with nothing to show for it. You can totally see the terror in his eyes about his means of support circling down the drain.

  • Terral BlackStar says:

    Karl Rove is a 9/11 murderer along with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld called in to give commentary against the illegal alien in chief now squatting in the White House. Fox News should be ashamed for making news contributors out of 9/11 murderers ….

  • Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 says:

    Obama Sinks even Further
    President Obama Job Approval
    41.1% approve
    53.3% disapprove
    America has come to the Realization that, Obama's a Fraud.

  • You heard that on Fox News, so did I, and for whatever believed it until Wallace informed everyone that it wasn't true.

  • John Randall Banks says:

    The funniest part of this whole rant by Karl Rove is that EVEN WITH OHIO, AND FLORIDA, OBAMA STILL WON HANDILY

  • We already had a weak dollar under Bush. We're in the hell were you "Moran" when bush was in office which caused the economical meltdown. We car plants closed down: Saturn, Pontiac, Buick. Under Bush the worst gas hike 300% from $1.63 to $4.50 when Bush left office. These are facts. Unemplyement under bush was at 10% nation wide. Now 6.4%. BUT NO! FOX new won't compare from not to then.

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