Karácsonyi képeslapok mixed media technikával // Christmas cards with mixed media technique

Karácsonyi képeslapok mixed media technikával // Christmas cards with mixed media technique

CHRISTMAS CARDS BY MIXED MEDIA TECHNIQUE Prepare three white cardboard bases in 19×12,5 cm size Stamp patches by a writing stamp to white cardboard sheets
that are smaller than the actual Christmas card (about 17,5*11,5 cm) Apply gel paste through a stencil… and lift the stencil off… then spread pearl color embossing powder to the wet paste… knock the excess powder off… warm the powder, keeping the air heater quite close
so that you create an embossed, shiny pattern Select a palette of colors from winter style matte and metal paints
(matt color: olive, metal colors: blue, silver, turquoise, light green) Blur the various colors to each other by a water-wet
brush applied to the paper in aquarelle style… then spray more water to it to increase
the aquarelle effect, and dry it by an air heater Afterwards drip paint drops on it Apply matte media glue on the backside of the card, and
attach it to a couple mm larger white card (about 18,5 x 12,3 cm)… and glue it to the outside of the card holder.
The paper will not be wavy due to the media glue Crease the edges of the decorated paper Rumple some little pieces of gauze… paint them by white primer… and make the surface sticky by gel paste… place and arrange them on the surface Place 3D sticker spacers to the backside of the chipboard wreath
in two layers so it is raised adequately from the base… and apply media glue on them to fix it stronger Apply some spots on the gauze from white primer paste (gesso)… and spread it by a sponge brush; afterwards
whiten/stiffen it further by primer paint… to hold it stronger Now spread rough 3D powder and
small 3D balls to the painted gauze and also paint them white by primer paint Continue painting on the surface of the chipboard wreath… and then spread iridescent glitter powder to the wet primer Also paint the color paper flowers white by the primer… and color the smaller chipboard decors by metal acrylic paint Glue one more piece of the rumpled gauze by media glue… and glue bigger chipboard and paper decorations on it… making the composition richer by small decorations You can place small leaves behind the bigger flowers Shade the embossed parts after drying of the primer… and highlight them by wet brush, with blurred colors Create frosty effect by a layer of gesso and iridescent glitter powder… and enhance it by snow paste… Finally, spread dots on the surface by frost-work-color pearl pen… and complete your creation by a hemp string tie


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