K2B media 소개영상 / Company introduction video

K2B media 소개영상 / Company introduction video

Hello! I’m K2B Media’s representative. My name is So Yeon Park. Pleasure to meet you! Where are the reactions, guys? How is it workin… Kimchi GAAANG! Oh! They know it! What about K2B? Can I say the truth? Sure! I like here. I really do! You can say the truth I like it! I like to work here Just kidding What I like here is… people are very kind I like our team Everybody helps each other, so That’s it, family We’re a family, here. Did you get it?! They’re helping us a lot Us… They embraced our project I hope that in the future, when we start to grow with the company Trying to open new doors I hope we can make the best content for you My name is Sang! Sang! My name is Sang Ang I am general helper and youtuber I have a Channel Kimchi Kimchi GAANG They know me! I like it I really like it It’s crazy No, I don’t! The chief is close. I’ve no complaints to do. No, no. I don’t. No, I don’t. I work in Wonderland He’s right behind me Everything is good, man. Mostly the boss He’s the best thing You’re his “yes-man” Oh, no! I’m not. I’m saying the truth Just the truth No, no, no… Then you put the subtitle in korean, please Sure, sure, yes! No. I’m not the “yes-man” It’s the truth Only the truth! K2b Media is a company that produces content with independent Youtubers in Brazil It’s a company that gives priority to the content’s quality always investing in the production of our videos, photos and editions. We give our best everyday to present you the best and funniest content I’m Hwan Hee I’m 27 years old Nickname: Bolo Fofo (soft cake) Bolo Fofo First! Women here are beautif… Men here are beautif… They’re kind That’s it… They just have to do a good job editing my videos Just do a good edition That’s all that matters All my videos First, she’s taller than me Beaut… She’s kind She’s taller They told me she’s a supermodel If you want to see her, come to K2B Air… Chef… air Buy an air purifier to me Air purifier and an air conditioning How many? Three is a good number? Hmm… I think three is okay. An air purifier too, please. Because I have a cold You can tell it directly to the boss Beauti…ful Ki…nd And tall, our boss My channel’s name is “Bolo Fofo” It’s “Bolo Fofo” The channel is about a fitness guy in some embarrassing moments Fitness guy Usually, people think about beauty when we talk about fitness, but in this case, it’s not Our camera’s general director is an ex B-boy But it seems like he dances very bad! He’s pretty small and he teases I can dance better So, soon I’ll record a B-boy content It will be a B-boy battle, one against the other. It will be fun. B-boy VS Bolo Fofo K2B Family Enough, enough. Stop it. Planning Team, Edition Team, Recording Team Marketing Team, Translation Team, Music Production Team Support Team. There’s a Support Team and external collaboration Content! Our company has a team composed of almost 30 employees I’m K2B’s audio engineer, productor,songwriter and DJ Shateau I make my songs here Here I do the youtuber’s covers of the company And I work as an audio engineer in events and presentations I particularly like my work environment very much I don’t have any complaints about the company It’s very comfortable to work here. I’d like our company could grow up soon That’s the only thing I wish. That we grow up fast. Bye My name is Paloma Oliveira I work on social media and I do some administrative stuff too. Here is a good place to work, because it’s a Startup. We can wear the way we feel comfortable. We’re are always playing while we’re working and we have contact with the all team. I always have contact with the edition team and the recording team, for example. With everyone. We work together and I like it. My name is William Park, my posicion here is: 0.5 So, you’re the 0.5? I’m the 0.5 The other… …translate here! The other chief By my side No. I don’t translate here. Someone else does, you know? I ask someone to translate What’s positive here… You can use the clothe you want to, We start at 10 a.m. We just don’t have time to go. You arrive at 10 a.m. But you don’t now the time to go home Today is the same… it’s 5:42 p.m. Today, I believe we’re going home at 8 or 9 p.m. I’ve nothing to complain I can’t complain The chief is close Boss! When the company to grow I want a salary increase! I wanto more commission, too I’m already 30 years old I wanna get married So Go, K2B! Brazil has ’bout 210 millions of people And the video’s content market is growing about 10% every year And for 2019 we estimate 72,2 billion dólars of this industry And we started with our company here in Brazil, where the market is bigger than Korea that is an interesting culture here in Latin America She’s on Instagram! Hahaha We’re planning to produce more quality contents with more youtubers Join us to follow the potency of our youtubers of K2B Media.


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