July Democratic Debates Night #1 | Crooked Group Thread


9 thoughts on “July Democratic Debates Night #1 | Crooked Group Thread”

  • Forgotten Children's Books says:

    Can we all raise our voices to let CNN know that everyone should have access to the debates, even if they were unable to stream them live? This is bogus, if CNN is only allowing access to the debates in real time. Some people were not able to watch at that moment. Grrrrr.

  • Neil Anderson says:

    Im really disappointed you couldn't have the video on here, CNN hasn't uploaded their stream and i missed it live

  • Bernie won. Liz did a fair impersonation of Bernie despite being a republican for 35 years. Liz Warren is riding Bernard's coattails. As you heard in her summation, she is now trying to hijack his grassroots revolution strategy. Pete did a better Obama than Beto. Marianne Williamson is more progressive than Liz. That is all.

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