July 2019 Current Affairs in English - 30 July 2019 - Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

July 2019 Current Affairs in English – 30 July 2019 – Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

hello everyone welcome to study IQ let's start the current affairs of 30th of July when was the International Tiger Day observed one of the most important question it is also called as global global Tiger day it was observed on 29th of July 29th of July now remember there was an agreement signed at st. Peterburg summit in 2010 among the tiger range countries that they will double the population by 2022 and I find it you know I am very happy to announce that India has doubled the tiger population but India is not the first country to double the tiger population within the stipulated time frame Nepal was the first and now India is the second 70% of all the Tigers in the world are in India which Formula One driver has won the German Capri German Grand Prix was won by max were stopping and he plays for the team red gun red bull which is the other gras Prix that was won by max Verstappen the Austrian Grand Prix a us t RI Austrian Grand Prix was also won by max Verstappen v Internacional de Hama Hama conference was held in which state it was held in Raja kheer in Bihar Raja in Bihar and this conference was inaugurated by Kiren Rijiju the main aim of this conference was to spread awareness about the terrorism violence and global warming as per the All India tiger estimation 2018-19 which state in India now has the highest number of tiger so answer is mata Pradesh Madhya Pradesh how many so let me show you mata Pradesh has 526 tiger Karnataka has 524 so till now the answer was Karnataka but now you will mark Manta although Madhya Pradesh has only two Tigers more even if we take human error into account so MP and fanatic are almost the same but just for the numbers sake in the exam you will mock math depredation Oh in fact Madi Pradesh has always been known as the tiger state and then we have Karnataka and third is third is you can see oath rockin 442 central government has given its approval for deep ocean mission what is the cost of the project the cost of the project is eight thousand crore rupees it is to explore metals and minerals you know you know in a area which is seventy five thousand square kilometer in the Indian Ocean in India has not made use of the immense mineral rich wealth that we have in the Indian Ocean so remember which ministry has launched it this is very important it is the Ministry of Earth Sciences Ministry of Earth Sciences in which city 100 electric vehicle charging station will be installed in order to promote the use of electric vehicle it will be in Noida in yo P we need in India we need such charging infrastructure and which company will open this ESL energy efficiency Services Limited the world hepatitis day was observed on which state world hepatitis day hepatitis is basically a disease of the liver it is the inflammation of the liver it can be very deadly and it was one twentieth of July 20th of July remember this time the world hepatitis day was hosted by Pakistan Pakistan was the host country for the global world hepatitis day and also remember Islamabad in Pakistan hosted the main event and what was the theme the theme this year was invest in eliminating hepatitis invest in eliminating appetite central government has set a target to achieve 100% digitization of the works properties across the country in how many days in only 100 days all the properties of the buckboard will be digitized this was announced by the minority of her Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi the Health Ministry has banned the manufacture sale and distribution of which antibiotic for food producing animal the antibiotic that has been banned is colistin oxytocin is not antibiotic it is a hormone okay Scala steam is antibiotic the problem is if we if we give constraint to animal then human beings will become will become resistant to it and Coliseum is a life-saving drug when the second line drugs and third line line drugs don't work then the drug of choice especially in the ground negative infection is called steem if we become resistant to colistin also then nothing can save us so colistin has been banned and colistin is given to various animals to increase their weight world hindu economic forum it has launched its with chapter recently it launched the nepal chapter nepal chapter and this organization was founded by swami Vigyan swami Vigyan Anand who has been appointed the next director-general of the Border Security Force very important question he will replace Rajnikanth Mishra Border Security Force protects our border with Bangladesh in Pakistan his name is VK Johari VK jory and recently cane at Rajan was also made the Director General of Indian Coast Guard India Nepal logistic summit was organized in mid-city it was organized in the capital of Nepal Kathmandu the first-ever Conclave of Himalayan States was held in which state Himalayan states you know which states I'm talking about there are 11 Hill states which we call him Himalayan States most most of the states in Northeast Himachal Jammu Kashmir you know with rock and so there are 11 Hill states this Conclave was held in uttrakhand in Missouri in Missouri number of tango cases in which country has reached its highest level in the past 18 years it is Bangladesh Bangladesh is suffering from a great dingo crisis right now this is caused by the bite of the ADEs aegypti most mosquito as for the government data what is the average monthly income per agriculture household in India from all sources put together it is less than rupees how much it is less than 6,500 rupees per month in India the Ministry of Mines had organised an interactive workshop called waste to wealth in New Delhi for discussing the productive utilization of bauxite residue now what is the bauxite residue called but the bauxite residue we call it red mud red mud Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar has invited which country to be the partner country in the Gita Jain the matzoh which which is annual in Haryana it is Nepal Nepal has been invited as the partner country Don Cooper Roy passed away he was the speaker of each state assembly he was a former Speaker of the mahalia State Assembly and also remember he was the former chief minister also of mahalia which state has launched the automated multimodal biometric identification system for crime detection this has been done by Maharashtra is it is basically to make policing more digital which company has partnered with Google for its G station project that will provide free and high speed Wi-Fi at all the public locations across the country which which company it is Cisco so Cisco will partner with Google to provide G you know high speed Wi-Fi as a part of G station project across India in all the public locations so that said Co tomorrow thank you so much


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