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  • This woman worked more than any entertainer I have ever heard of! By the time she made The Judy Garland Show she was plagued with addiction and depression. She did drink, too. She often had alcohol with her wherever she went. Hospitalized many times to dry out and treat depression I think she was misdiagnosed. We can all wonder 'what if'. Anyone caught in the grips of addiction fight an unGodly battle within themselves. Its remarkable how she performed so well until she died.

  • Ann Holloway says:

    Everyone needs to stop commenting about judy garlands problems. If u must know I had a class on her and it's sort of her fault she had a drug addiction but not really. Her directors gave her drugs to make her skinny when she was age 12 and it was a very addicting drug and she just got addicted to it. She was not on heroine or coke she was addicted to a drug that her directors made her take even though they knew it was extremely addictive. Judy garland was no IS legend. From playing Dorothy to playing Esther she simply pulled off every part every time, despite her circumstances. I don't know why I'm the only one who sees that.

  • I see that someone mentioned drugs, which sounds like illegal substances or a personal choice, they were prescribed and had to be – her mother had put her on them at 7 or younger. It must also be borne in mind that she was a high octane performer who always gave 105%. She sang this song, That's entertainment, (at the famous Carnegie Hall concert), with the same exuberance as she shows here. There are other examples, her act with her daughter Liza and with Donald O'Connor on her TV show.

  • Derpy Hooves says:

    If you like this try "dancing in the dark" written by the same guys "Howard Dietz and Arthur schwartz", Diana Krull did a good version

  • Frank Sinatra said that! Holy mackerel that is amazing! You couldn't ask for a more respected fan and colleague to have said anything more praiseworthy than that!

  • Frank Sinatra said that she was the best live entertainer of all time. That was high praise from the maestro.

  • StopTheMorons says:

    You know I've heard this song since I was a little kid and never really thought about it, it sounds so exciting and so happy but it is really singing about some GD disturbing things. Now that I think about it, It is sort of twisted that anybody should sound so happy about singing it.

  • GravityComedyGroup says:

    At 1:08, does Judy give her conductor a tap on the butt? Ah, those were the days, when a woman could give a guy a little pat on the fanny and not have to worry about sexual harassment.

  • Nina Stougaard says:

    @tapeduk aaah, thank you 🙂 I thought she said "What's got four wheels and LIZA on it's back?" so I guess that's why I didn't get it 🙂

  • @ninskimig123 Well dead bugs lie on their back-so if it has four wheels and lies on its back it must be a Dead Bus—either you get it or you don't

  • Nina Stougaard says:

    @tapeduk yes I know she told a joke, I was asking if you could please explain the meaning of the joke 🙂 I don't get what the funny thing is 🙂

  • Nina Stougaard says:

    p.s. how cool would it be to be able to call out "can I have a piano please" and then a piano came rolling? 😀

  • Nina Stougaard says:

    omg, how cute is she? Look at her hopping around 😀 So adorable <3 There is no one like Judy 🙂 <3 And there never will be.
    But, I don't get the joke… would someone please explain it? Thank you 😀

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