Journalisming – Cable News Panels are S**tshows | The Daily Show

Journalisming – Cable News Panels are S**tshows | The Daily Show

In times like these, clear, insightful news reporting
is something we all need. And then,
we also have cable news. Desi Lydic has more in tonight’s
edition of Journalisming. ♪ ♪ Journalism has never been
more important than it is 2018, but some say it’s under attack. For more on this,
I’m joined by Matt Davis, a reporter
for the Hartford Daily Times, and Judith Star from the Institute
for Media Integrity. Is there a war on journalism? Matt, let’s start with you. Yes, absolutely, Desi. The media is under attack, but also,
perhaps more importantly, facts are under attack. Um, can I jump in? The media should be under attack
because the fake news is… Oh, now, Desi, see, this is
exactly what I’m talking about. These are talking points
instead of the truth. -No, the lies are actually
-There is an all-out war -coming from the news. -on
the free press as we know it. -Sources and fact-checking,
-Everyone knows that democracy -it’s all pretend. -itself
relies on a free and fair press. And freeze. What you just saw
is a little something we journalists
like to call a panel, because, actually,
that’s tonight’s topic: cable news panels. Groups of experts
brought together to debate
today’s biggest issues. Great, you guys can go. You can go now. Now, people have been
discussing the news on TV since before President Truman
tore down the Berlin Wall or whatever. But for decades, even the most heated debates
looked like this. Isn’t the certitude
of the innocence of Dreyfus a part of your
sort of natural equipment? Aren’t you willing
to come to historical terms -with that data?
-Well, the French government, which originally said
he was guilty, reversed itself after Esterhazy had confessed
that he was guilty. Yes, but there are a lot of
Mark Lanes around, you know, who make the same objections. Hey! Wake up! Clip’s over. I assume you fell asleep. But since then,
the game has changed, and there is no channel
that can panel like CNN. They do three boxes, five boxes, long tables, circle tables,
horseshoe, double stuffed, and who could forget the time
they tried out bunk tables? So what makes CNN’s panels
better than the rest? Let’s start
with the most important thing. You want a spirited debate. If the panelists
can hear each other talk, you’ve already failed. You have no respect
for Mrs. Trump. You have no respect
for his children. -You have no respect
for his family -Oh, I’m sorry. -because this has nothing to do
-I’m sorry. -with him as a candidate.
-I’m sorry. -Nobody goes back in your past
-We’re gonna talk about respect? -and picks up something…
-We’re gonna talk about respect? (overlapping chatter) One voice. Oh, my gosh, you guys,
you guys, you guys. Please, please, please,
one of you at a time. I wish you were
this compassionate -about the Clinton Foundation.
-I didn’t interrupt you. -You had your turn…
-You have a duty to announce… You had your turn to talk. Give me my turn to talk. See, CNN doesn’t waste time trying to solve a crisis
or educate the viewer. Their priority
is producing a shitshow that will get them millions
of clicks on their YouTube page. Look at that.
Those are Pornhub numbers. Sorry. That’s not fair. I shouldn’t associate such
a disgusting industry with porn. But you can’t get
train wrecks like these without an anchor
who’s asleep at the wheel. That brings me to our next tip: hosts need to moderate
in moderation. Just let the chaos unfold. Better watch how he talks
about me, too. -I understand…
-Paris, shut up, please! -For God’s sake, why do you keep
doing that? -Okay, so when… -Governments that stone women
to death. -This is what this is. -We’ve got 19 days till
Election Day. -How do you… -Wait, let me…
-And Donald Trump is flailing… -(overlapping chatter)
-But you… But you… Loretta Lynch? -Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton?
-It’s Donald Trump. -Patty, Patty…
-If you believe that, then will you shine
that same light on team Clinton? Now, that’s how you do it. You just let them go at it. I mean,
does Jerry Springer intervene when two chicks
start slapping each other? No, because some someone’s shirt
might get ripped off, and then we about to see
some titties. But if there’s one thing
I learned while volunteering
in a nursing home, it’s that shouting
and negligence only get you so far. So pundits need to use
this trick of the trade: bomb throwing. Say something
people will remember you for. I believe
in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs. This nation has been victimized
by rampant election fraud -in the past.
-No, no, no, no. When Bill Clinton was president, my children came home
from school, and they had no idea it was
actually called the Oval Office. They thought it was called
the “oral office.” I want to say something here that I know will probably
drive someone crazy, but think of President Trump as the Martin Luther King
of health care. -Oh, Jeffrey. Jeffrey.
-When I was a kid… I have a dream that none of you
ever stop talking. This shit is gold. So there you have it. Staging a successful
cable news panel is easy if you know how
to do journalism good. Guys, what do you think? We’re definitely witnessing
the tabloidization -of the fourth estate.
-Tabloid? What is it, Judith? It is the politicians
that are trashy. -(scoffs) -The news is simply
a reflection of a political… Do you hear yourself
when you speak? -(overlapping chatter)
-A real shitshow. Mission accomplished. I am a huge fan
of the First Amendment. -Until we’re eventually
living in a world -But this? -where no one can believe
anything. -This is untenable. Desi Lydic, everyone.


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