Joseph Gilgun Interview   BAFTA Television Awards 2012 720p

Joseph Gilgun Interview BAFTA Television Awards 2012 720p

start by telling us just how it feels to
be nominated it’s absolutely terrifying it is everyone assumes that you’re going
to be like overwhelmed really arrogant but it’s just frightening as hell just
because I think you wait your entire career and you work like buggery your
entire career to get to the stage amount and then once your ear and they go yeah
you’ve done really well you got Christ up huh but better better make a speech I
can’t believe it I can’t believe I’m study at Orkut it’s a bit out-of-body
experience really a Sports of vickima clear about it I’m obviously really good
mates wave and she told me oh and I’d never saw it I’d never never understood
what she meant and now and now I get it it’s
all-consuming it’s and it’s an amazing it’s an amazing thing man like speaking
of amazing things what do you think it is about this is England as captured
audiences so intently I just I think it addresses a lot of the stuff that
actually goes on today as well to be honest then and I think that
particularly our generation can act with it well because we are part of that
generation I think the older generation remember bits and bats from that era as
well when it’s nice to be able to watch it all back again you know or the dams
and the gear and all the rest of it yeah Shane’s got such a unique voice as a
director and writer I mean what do you think makes him so special and what do
you like to work with I think he’s probably autistic and a little bit
mentally unwell Nighy trusts you as an actor he
completely trusts you and you feel that and as a result he ends up getting the
results ago I guess characters gone on quite a journey obviously the big
reunion we were all quite happy to see that I mean how did you feel about that
what the reunion going about bats of the gang yeah it’s amazing I hate it I
didn’t enjoy the filming of this this one because it’s such a personal
experience sometimes it’s very difficult emotionally for yourself
especially for me and Vicki at the time we really struggle with the distance we
had to spend apart but it’s for a reason you know and yeah I’m really chuffed to
be to be back like definitely we are hoping you’re gonna be back for
this is England 90 do you think there’s still a lot of room to grow with these
characters I definitely there’s always room for grow with characters always you
know people shape and change all the way through the life like you know I’m just
putting this on I’m actually a real real shit very final question do you have a
message to all of the fans anything you’d like to say to them tonight um put
me on the spot they’re just nice one thanks for thanks for having me you’ve
been watching well really though nice one


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