Jordan Peterson: Desperate mainstream media & the death of TV

Jordan Peterson: Desperate mainstream media & the death of TV

things are changing so fast that none of us can keep up like it's hard to keep the story updated I had no idea for example that most of the world's economic news and even a substantial proportion of its ecological news by the way was positive until I started to work on a UN committee about five years ago on sustainable economic development and I read very widely economically and and also ecologically and realized that things were way better than I had any any sense of that that that these improvements had come at a tremendous rate and and but you see pardon so so partly it is just that it's so new that we don't know and we don't have a story about it and and and and and who is who who would be driving the communication of such things especially given two other things one is that human beings are tilted towards negative emotion in terms of its potency and so for example people would rather they much they're much less happy to lose five dollars than they are happy to gain five dollars we're loss averse or we're more sensitive to negative emotion than we are to positive emotion and there's a reason for that and the reason is well you can only be so happy but you can be dead and right and I mean dead is that's not good and and there can be a lot of misery on the way to that end and so we're we're tilted to protect ourselves and that makes us more interested in some sense and more easily captivated by the negative than by the positive and so that's that's a hard bias to fight and then when you also take into account and I think this is something that's Sarat worth seriously considering because the other thing we don't understand is the technological revolution that's occurring in every form of media no one understands it and but one of the consequences is is that the mainstream media so to speak is increasingly desperate for attention right there exist in a shrinking market with shrinking margins all of the leading newspapers and magazines are feeling the pinch television is dead you because YouTube has everything the television has and then an incredible array of additional features and radio is being replaced by podcasts and so it's very unstable time for the mainstream media and what would you expect them to do except to do whatever they can to attract attention in whatever manner they can manage one example of this one very good example of this is you may or may not know that the rates of violent crime in the United States and and actually in most places have have plummeted in the last 50 years it's it's really quite remarkable the United States is now safer and in terms of violent crime than it has been since the early 60s and that was probably the safest time there ever was but the degree to which violent crime has been reported has increased it's funny the curves are almost completely opposite to one another this is the decline in violent crime this is the increase in the reporting of violent crime and the reason for that is well people read stories about violent crime and then of course they're much more likely to believe that it's on the increase and the people who are most likely to believe that it's on the increase by the way are also those who are least likely to be affected by it because you know to be a victim of a violent crime what helps to drink too much but it also helps a lot to be young and male and that those aren't the people who are particularly afraid of violent crime even though they're the ones most likely to be implicated in it so there's technological reasons for our our concentration on the negative and they're complex it's not easy to figure out how to combat the spiral of outrage and attention-seeking that I think is accompanying the death of our previous means of communication no one no one knows how to handle that and and that's a big problem


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  • Do you have a story ?
    Call your choice of news outlets who just seem to leech off twitter accounts & tell them so it looks like they actually found that kitten stuck up a tree all by themselves.

  • If people would stop bitching out of the most difficult work, mental work, stop looking to follow and trying figure out which guy’s dick they want to suck today, and do some research on their own, one would hope they’d eventually stumble upon some actual numbers on wealth inequality trends and realize what kind of trouble the middle class is actually in. Then they might look back on actual facts and history, and find out what things were like before the Greatest Generation said enough is enough, and created the middle class, (not to mention weekends, vacations, etc.), using their government, unions, etc. Their baby boomer kids and generations since have grown up under the protection of what they did, still enjoying its residual effects without realizing it, and thus living with a sense of entitlement they don’t realize they have, that one will always be just given the opportunity to better oneself through hard work.

    It’s kind of like the inbreds used to rant a few years ago about “Islamic terrorism”. “Y’all can’t even name your enemy. And if you can’t even name your enemy, how can you beat them?”

    The super rich, billionaires, 1%, whatever you want to call them, (or not call them), are kicking your asses kids. The numbers show it. Fucking numbers, not my opinion, not some fudged bullshit on some website they own, but the real fucking objective numbers. And you’re enthusiastically trying to find new ways to position your assholes so they can fuck them more easily, which they are trying to do.

    Yeah kids, by virtue of the fact of their goal being to try to get as much money as possible, and many of them are born and raised to see themselves as superior and believing they should be an oligarchy, right here in the U.S., which they pretty much already are, they are by default an enemy, and one from which you should be trying to defend yourself.

    All of the patting yourself on the back for a good attitude, or thinking how daddy would pat you on the back if he could see what a good attitude you have, isn’t going to change how economics and capitalism works. We’ll always need those antitrust laws, (because the it was proven by all of those monopolies that end result of capitalism if unchecked is always capitalism destroys itself), and you’ll always need to act together in organized ways as a middle class to defend against the worst and historically the most prolific kind of oppression, economic oppression, the kind the US Constitution and other documents like it do nothing to protect you from, and the kind that makes the freedoms you’re guaranteed pretty much irrelevant when you’re financially indentured and working constantly to never get out from under, things my Greatest Generation grandparents knew very well before they provided for unprecedentedly and then unfortunately spoiled their baby boomer kids.

  • Gaining is not an opposite of losing… more like winning vs losing would be a better match, as gaining implies having to work for so it's not so much an added value as it is a swap of different values.

  • I'd be very surprised if part of this isn't being driven by the victim culture that is adopted by females in particular. Their sensitivities already heightened, are assailed by common media, which thrives on an outrage perspective. As you have said, comfortable middle class women who are not poor, enjoy being outraged together. It becomes a focus of general gossip which be shared, even with strangers. Hence the process is self reinforcing.

  • Dr Doom and gloom who claimed he worked for the UN …. which he did not. Suffering deep depression a man selling a self help book ,…. hilarious … using self promotion of similar types to sell it … oh ts ok to worry about Islam as they are the issue or gays because they spread disease …. this speech seems logical until you listen to the rest of his rubbish.

  • Judy Greenwell says:

    Apparently, (if the FBI statics are accurate), the downward trend of violent crime reversed in 2015. The figures for 2018 weren't provided.

    This figure is a line graph that presents trends in the estimated number of violent crimes for the nation from 2013 through 2017. In 2013, there were 1,168,298 violent crimes. In 2014, there were 1,153,022 violent crimes. In 2015, there were 1,199,310 violent crimes. In 2016, there were 1,250,162 violent crimes. In 2017, there were 1,247,321 violent crimes. The figure is based on statistics from Table 1.

    Violent Crime

  • They are fudging the crime numbers in America to make themselves look good and to hide the fact that certain ethnic groups are committing most of the crimes.

  • I don’t know why, but you need to upload a version of this with “The Walking Dead” theme in the background and your title image.

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