Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse – Why Is the Iowa Caucus First? | The Daily Show

Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse – Why Is the Iowa Caucus First? | The Daily Show

Tonight’s debate was in Iowa, because in just three weeks they will cast the first vote
in the Democratic primary. Just like they do
in every presidential election. And if you want to know
what it feels like to be number one, well, our own
Jordan Klepper went on the road to find out. ♪ ♪ (amplified heartbeat) Last weekend I went
to beautiful, balmy Iowa to see how they feel about
kicking off primary season. I cannot be more excited
to be in the center -of the universe right now.
-Center of the universe? -Right here. Des Moines, Iowa!
-Des Moines, Iowa, baby1 -Let’s get this caucus goin’!
-Boom! It’s (bleep) caucus time. Yeah! It’s (bleep)
caucus time, baby! The excitement
for the Iowa caucus is like no other primary event. And that’s for one reason:
access to the candidates. Andrew Yang came to my house.
He was in my front yard. He shook my babies
and kissed my hands. -He was awesome! -Was it
because he liked your babies, or was he just testing
if they were robots? I was supporting Joe Biden. I got a Christmas card
from him and Jill. -Oh, well, that’s nice.
-I got one from Tom Steyer, too. -Oh. I didn’t get one from him.
-Oh, yeah, -well, you just don’t count.
-Well. -Steyer’s… You hooked up with Booker
over spring break? Congrats. It seems like any jackass can get up close and personal
with the candidates. How have you… how have you
enjoyed your time here in Idaho? Uh, oh, um,
maybe you’re new at this, -but we are in Iowa.
-What did I say? -You said Idaho.
-I said I… I’ve been a lot of places. I was still learning and had
one very important question. Why is Iowa first? Oh, God, I don’t know. Uh, we’re not really sure why,
and I think a lot of other people
are thinking the same thing. But, um, just ’cause we
always have been, maybe, or…? -Is that a good enough reason?
-Not really. Why do you guys get to be first? Because it’s written
into our Constitution. It’s, like,
oh, I-I said it, right? Yes, exactly. Just because you called shotgun
on democracy doesn’t mean
you get to sit up front. It gets…
it is what it is, man. All right, I needed some real
Iowa background and a beer, so I sat down with local
columnist Lyz Lenz. How did Iowa become first? It happened in 1972
because of paperwork. And then in 1976,
Jimmy Carter came in, won the caucuses, and showed
that if you came to Iowa you could grab the attention
of the nation. So it was basically thanks
to Jimmy Carter that Iowa became a “thing.” Yeah, so those-those
poor little peanut farmers who one day dreamed
of being president, they were like:
Now there’s a place I can go, a place where there are farmers,
but they’re different me– they farm corn–
maybe I should be president. -And soy.
-You can do soy as well. Yeah. I mean,
it’s very… varied. It’s very diverse here. That’s what I’ve noticed. No. It’s actually not diverse. -And that’s the problem.
-What’s the problem? Uh, with the caucuses–
we’re not diverse. In fact,
Iowa is over 90% white. So Julián Castro,
Mike Bloomberg, and even the famously hostile
USA Today say that Iowa doesn’t reflect
the country’s demographics. Just look at these whiteys who qualified
for tonight’s debate. I’m sure the rational folks
of Iowa would agree. There’s been some criticism of
Iowa going first in the nation. I think they’re crazy. You understand that there’s
a diversity issue. Right, but we’re not giving up
first place, just so you know. -That’s American as (bleep).
-Isn’t it, though? You know, Iowa isn’t known
for its diversity, but I really contend
that Iowa’s very diverse. I like to think
that Iowa has a good… we represent the whole country,
we’re a melting pot. It’s-it’s… it’s 90% white. -Right.
-But it’s… but the ten percent
that’s not white -is a hundred percent not white.
-It is. Iowa isn’t
the most diverse place. Absolutely. -Rural could be a minority?
-Could be. That’s a real hot Iowa take. You’re gonna hear people say
we’re all white, we’re old… -I would never say that.
-Well, you probably do, you just didn’t tell me,
’cause you’re being respectful. Okay, I did,
but it was two minutes ago, -and I’ve forgotten it.
-(laughs) We try to be diverse. And, uh, actually, Perry, Iowa, like, has a huge
Hispanic-Latino population. -Like, where we are now…
-You can see it in there, right? -Yeah, you… well…
-Well, not in… Certainly, but… they-they… not in the,
maybe not in the people. -In theory, it’s definitely…
-In theory, yes. In theory. In practicality
and reality, no. -Right. -But theoretically, a
hundred percent. It’s almost… -it’s practically 50-50.
-Yeah. Okay, look, Iowa is
actually really engaged, and they take this seriously. But they’ve had the opportunity
of being first for over 40 years. And they’re rational people,
so I’ll ask one more time. Wouldn’t our country benefit
from kicking off primary season with a state that’s
a bit more representative? Okay, please
don’t go there with me. -I’m not even…
-You don’t want to go there? -No, I will. I’ll go there
with you. -You want to go there? -I’ll go there with you.
-Go there with me? If you are… if you…
if you are a… a state -Uh-huh.
-that has civil discourse and is compassionate
and open-minded, obviously, we are diverse
in our heart and by nature. And I’m not doing that
’cause I’m all white privilege. I’m saying that
’cause it’s real. Well, but diverse in your heart is kind of
a white privilege-y thing… -It is a white privilege-y
thing, too, but… -Yeah. we think and we discuss and
we say, “Well, wait a minute. Is that best for all of us?” I would say that civil discourse
here in Idaho is alive and well. -Okay, except we are in Iowa.
-Did I… What… -I keep doing that.
-Yeah. I… Yeah. -What did I say?
-Idaho. -Idaho.
-Yeah. And we are in Ida… Iowa. Iowa Iowa. Whatever.
At least I’m not in Ohio. (cheering, applause) Jordan Klepper, everybody!


100 thoughts on “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse – Why Is the Iowa Caucus First? | The Daily Show”

  • scarletspidernz says:

    The more and more you find out about American Politics the more and more f'd up it is, it's so biased, its actually a miracle that Obama even got in.

  • Time of Dissonance says:

    I'm making distressing 'uuuuuugh' sounds because these white people r saying their diverse and are minorities. Fuck them. Blah! Go to Houston, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, or even a
    Atlanta to get true representation.

  • Iowa is "first" because they just merely set their caucus dates earlier than everyone else. Its so majority white rural towns get to one-up on the diverse state with big cities.

  • Valentine Carstensen says:

    FYI y’all, MSM has deliberately not executed any qualifying polls for 3+ weeks in order to prevent Yang from obtaining his fourth and final qualifying poll to participate in the debate. MSM has behaved similarly in Tulsi’s regard and is befuddled by Bernie defeating there menu setting methodologies. Blame MSM for the lack of diversity not the people of Iowa.

  • As much as it would benefit the democratic process to change the order of the primaries, no state is going to submit to it being another state, which means that we're going to be stuck on the current default forever. Which is a microcosm of all the failings of American democracy, really

  • How a 90% white state gets to set the stage for elections makes about as much sense as having an electoral college. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Andrew Yang is kissing babies and shaking hands like a real president already lmaoo meanwhile Trump is probably shaking babies and kissing hands without consent. i love it

  • not someone taking over the world defnautly not says:

    To be fair america is not really the most non racist country. U can say other wise when vops shooting black ppl fr existing

  • Damn this Josh Keppler, this failed actor Soros dropping keeps showing up under false names.
    Bring the real Jordan Klepper back!

  • Lol I live in Iowa and I have more black and Bosnian friends then I even know white people. Going to public school I can say that it really is a mixing pot. In my city the Asian community outnumbers the white community 2 to 1. Video was funny but can also be misleading

  • Grandpa Waffles says:

    The members in the debate represent the diversity of the voters even if they don't reflect that specific identity. Honestly PoC donated and are represented by Biden and Bernie.

  • This barely even resembles democracy. End citizens united and get ALL money out. End gerrymandering and switch to a popular vote. #StillSanders

  • "It's written into our Constitution" 😑😑

    " IA is very diverse"
    " a minority"
    "We try to be diverse"
    "Theoretically we have Hispanics"
    " Diversity in our heart"

    Just… yeah…

    Have to tell ya NY and VT (least you think that only large states go last) and others aren't thrilled that by the time it is their turn candidates are totally weeded out.

  • Why do white liberals hate being white? Bill Maher explained this plenty of times. Obama was freaking special, he was one in a billion type of candidate, we can't expect another Obama every election year. Yes it sucks but it sucks more that whites hate themselves for being white, in Mexico we call this kind of racism "Malinchista" hating on your own race. Don't blame white candidates, blame everyone else for not being as cool as Obama.

  • As a southeastern transplant to Des Moines, I have so many thoughts on this. Watching the video, it was fun to watch Heather kick this off; she's a firecracker personality! Here are my 5 thoughts:

    1. NO, Iowa is not diverse. Even Des Moines, which has seen a large influx of black and brown people, including immigrants from up to 36 nations (elementary schools are reflecting the) is not diverse. Any time I return to the east coast to visit family and friends or to work, I'm confronted with what population diversity actually is.
    2. Because other states stopped caucusing and Iowa held on, Iowa is not 1st in the nation. Jimmy Cater's success here merely solidified it.
    3. Caucuses are dinosaurs. They are FUN dinosaurs if you're Democrat and kinda boiler plate if you're Republican. Republicans go in and vote for their candidate, country t the votes, then move on to party planks. Democrats have to be counted walking in the door. Everyone sits in the area for their favorite candidate, including Uncommitted, then reps for each candidate get up and make speeches about the virtues of said candidates (in case anyone's mind id changed), and then the candidate supporters are counted. Candidates must have 15% support to remain viable. Once the unviable candidates are determined, then those with viable candidates get to convince those without a nominee to come over to their side (this is my favorite part, and I'm good at it). A recount is held, and then the winner – and this year the next levels down – are recorded. There's a break, and then there are those who come up to suggest party planks for the state Democratic convention, people vie to be representatives at the convention, and so on. It's messy; it's fun; and it currently keeps a ton of people out of the process. If you have special needs or have crowd anxiety, you're not gonna want to participate. Child care issues get in the way. You can bring your kids to the caucus, but in 2016, kids were relegated to the stage area at my location because the room was overcrowded; if your kid(s) needs supervision for any reason, you'll have to bow out. This process stems from way back when family farming was much more prevalent; now Iowa has more factory farms and more diverse (to choose a word) employment opportunities and community types.
    4. Imagine, if you will, starting the campaign process in a more diverse state like California or New York. There is already an obscene amount of money spent on primary season. Having IA caucus and NH primary up first does keep some costs down. Which leads me to
    5. We need to change the US POTUS campaigning/election season and system. I'm a big proponent of instant runoff election and of having lots of early polling locations and of having election day be a holiday for non-emergency employees. In addition, we absolutely need to overturn Citizens United to start to eliminate the outrageous amounts of money spent on elections. At this juncture, I feel overturning CU will only happen if money starts to prove irrelevant in elections. If Bloomberg, Steyer, DeLaney, and Patrick all fail miserably in their campaigns, that will help, because they are all still in the race because of their own freaking money. Next look at Biden and Buttigieg: if they do poorly at the polls, this will also help, because they are taking the largest donations from corporations and individuals. Gargantuan amounts of money need to become irrelevant in the winner's circle and then we can perhaps gain the momentum needed to get CU gone, and find other ways to block campaign $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that could be spent on raising up those in poverty, encouraging more use of non-fossil fuel energy, and repairing infrastructure.

  • Hmm, to be fair, Iowa is actually home to the first official mosque in the US and has traditionally been very open to welcoming refugees and providing aid services. But, asking the question of if the first caucus should be held someplace more diverse after the reasoning was that if you get noticed in Iowa you have a greater chance of better poll numbers and wining doesn't inherently connect. If you're trying to argue that it pushes white runners ahead because of white people voting similar to their backgrounds, Iowa is more classically a Blue state, only turning Red in the last election (while remaining Blue around major cities), which is traditionally where you find more diverse candidates. This is traditionally due to taxation regulations because of the farmers, mixed a bit with economic reasonings, and the major hospitals and universities. Iowa can frequently be found as a test market due to its range of economics levels rather than its inherent diversity in ethnicities.

  • Iowa is the best blend when it comes to religion but so is Florida and nobody wants that…

    Race: Illinois

    Education: Delaware

    Age: Virginia

    Income: Pennsylvania

    Religion: (tie) Florida, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota

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