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  • On Tuesday i had a little hope that witnesses would be allowed ,to help it make the case visually clear to those playing the Trumpets notes that he did nothing wrong but on Wednesday things went so so bad. i want you to imagine being on trial yourself and not being allowed to call witnesses that wouldn't be fair. In America our state and federal and local prosecutors indite and prosecute people who have alleged to have committed crimes upon person or property . CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING ON TRIAL FOR A SERIOUS OR MINOR CHARGE AND THE PROSECUTORS CHARGED YOU FOR MURDER , AND YOU HAD TO PROVE YOUR CASE WITH OUT ANY WITNESSES OR EVIDENCE. This goes to prove that even tho we see some cases where people are not found guilty in a trial it doesn't always mean they were innocent .

  • Republicans are voting to give up all of their POWER of oversight from the Constitution. Any future President can claim BLANKET immunity and make up their own rules in the House.

  • Will there be other major Republicans coming out in defense of Bolton or against Trump? It seems like the biggest hope at this point; pride among the Republican Old Guard surely can't begin and end with John Kelly.

  • C myfriendscallmeColin Powell says:

    The biggest Russian propaganda machine in the Western Hemisphere is Fox News and the Republican Party!
    Jesus Christ! Wake Up America! The Traitors are selling the USA out!

  • Moosieman WTB BIKELIFE says:

    Adam pelosi nadler blew it straight an plain,,,,,,they rushed ,they didn't go to Court to compell the president to comply ,,,,naw,,,they had all the time and chance to do it right,,NOW YOU MADD ,,BE MADD AT SCHIFF PELOSI NADLER,,,THEY RUINING THE CONGRESS…

  • Republicans are in the mudd.America is smart and understand they are not being far to America and the tax payers that pay there salary.Vote them out.Democrates 2020

  • PreMeditatED Noise says:

    Convict him! Remove him! Imprison him!

    Why? – Because if anybody else did the same thing that Trump has, it is what would happen to them!

    Last time I checked no individual was above the law.

  • Folly jolly—u follow Lying Shiffty Schiff, Napalm Nadler, Pathetic Pelosi, Sewer Schumer? Don't hold onto their tails too tightly cause they'll lead u over the cliff.

  • Why should they care? They are doing exactly what their 1% owner want them to do. How blind can you be, corporations are now, "We The People" and money is "Free Speech." You are nothing more than your 1% owners hamburger, now get in the grinder your masters need more money! Our Democracy is Dead… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  • Foxy Aussie murkdog trumpeting facts into lies and lies into facts, on 3 continents, the kingpin of neoliberalism, capitalism on steroids, self-regulation and privatization of any and every public asset or service and climate emergency is fake….ohhhh dear mother Earth

  • The Truth Channel says:


  • Look it, we listened to the talking heads on corporate media like MSNBC and we got trump. Want the truth, find and listen to independent progressive news programs.

  • The Truth Channel says:


  • Scott Heffernan says:

    C'mon rs, do you think the republic can survive this, YOUR nonsense?

    But really, this is just an exercise in the waste of time. The rs only tune into anything fox.

  • Lol DEMOCRATS crying now. Still no evidence of anything against Trump. Thoughts and opinions. 3+ YEARS millions of dollars for Thoughts and Opinions. Lol. Trump landslide victory again…. Winning !

  • Stop lying MSLSD. Or MSNBC> Former congressman Jolly is a disgruntled liar. He has nothing to say. his comments are foolish and so is he. We have a great President. Support him.

  • Why shouldn't they?  The democrat mob has been using CNN and MSNBC talking points ever since this whole "impeachment" freak show started.

  • You all are deranged. If someone doesn't agree with you, then you throw darts. You are not the standard. We all have our opinions. Sometimes you just have to say, we don't agree. Then move on. But for the left, it's just some of the same old crying when they don't get their way. Well, when you try to impeach a president because you don't like him, the truth will prevail. If the left had "facts" that there was wrongdoing, then this would have been much different. The hypocrisy is unfathomable. After all, the aid was released before the deadline and there was no investigation into Joe Biden by the Ukraine. But then again, why are the left so scared of Joe Biden being investigated? Using the left's own logic, if there's nothing to hide, then why not investigate into the Biden's dealings with Ukraine? After all, many on the left have clearly stated that at the very least, it didn't look good what Joe and Hunter were doing. Think the left may be protecting their own? I think so. Hypocrisy.

  • Bolton saying he thinks lying is OK
    Bolton testifying:

  • Fancy the Democrat media propaganda, channels. Who are fed their headlines by the Democrats, complaining about Fox News. After all these media newspapers and channels outnumber Fox News. Thank god we have a channel to bring true reporting and balance to the one sided narrative and spoon fed headlines by the a Democrats to the Democratic propaganda news.

  • Arden McConnell says:

    The world is watching the dirty laundry of corruption happening in our United States right before our eyes.  Tragic.

  • So if getting dirt from other countries, can the Democratic nominee contact, the PMs of GB, Canada, Germany, and the Presidents of France, and many other countries about the stupid crap Trump has done and use it in lots of ads. It not going to be hard to reveal that Trump is an ignorant, stupid, selfish, moron. Maybe even the red hats will see a glimmer of sense. It’s possible, but not likely.

  • Good ole David Jolly. HAHAHAHAHA! I said way back in 2016 this Bush-loving RepublicRAT would end up somewhere as a panelist with the Fake News. HAHAHAHAHA! Let me give you a brief bio of this sleaze. He took over FL-13 after the passing of the great CW Bill Young. He won a special election in 2014, and immediately ran again for a full term and won with 75% of the vote! Two years later, in 2016, he REFUSED to endorse Trump and the good folk of St. Petersburg (a district Trump WON) overwhelmingly threw this guy out and they elected former RepublicRAT, then former Independent, now Obama wannabe DemocRAT Charlie Crist (Charlie will say anything and join any party to get elected). And now this worm is employed by MSDNC! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Proverbs 6:12-19 ESV – A worthless person, a wicked man, goes …

  • I would love it if people started to burn fox TV stations on a daily basis. Is fox news owned by Putin or one of his cohorts? Why are there so many fox news exec's in our WHITE HOUSE working for the Trump family.

  • They're pieces of crap the Republicans have lost their minds, what a betrayal to Americans and America….. We have to get them out they are taking over our country now, being dictators it's what our soldiers have been fighting and dying for forever…..

  • Leilani Iesbick says:

    Dems shouldn't have been so unfair and one sided in the house, they should have done their job properly in the house….

  • So its OK to be corrupt if it is in America's interest, So Trump can do anything he wants legally or illegally if in his mind it is in the national interest. ATTENTION:
    the senate just made Trump our King. We have no rights except those he allows and if our vote isn't what Trump wants too bad our votes won't count.

  • And this Senator says nothing significant happened today.
    Holy Lord, In God we trust, Aerica is on fire and the devils are dancing around the fire.

  • I love seeing this charade fall apart. The only thing the demoncrats achieved was guarantee trump another 4 years to do even more good for the country.

  • It's clear that Fox News is the Helmsman steering us all straight for the shoals. They and Trump combine into a maelstrom of circular feedback, a hall-of-mirrors filled with an insane chameleon insanely and desperately trying to find a color to settle on and seeing only an abyss of endless circularity

  • The Media AND the Democrats knew this Dictatorship was coming and the only thing they care about is ratings, instead off seeing the USA being governed by a Dictator. That's where he's going to in Nov 2020. If you're not woken up by now, you never will

  • Andrian & Adryan says:

    Wow, at the end there, Jolly sounded so ummm not sad.. maybe disheartened or deeply disappointed? The comments are getting more and more succinct as each day goes by.

  • ? Anyone remember the plot from KINGSMEN? Nations leaders and riches people agreed with a madman to commit global genocide to save themselves and further their own ambitions? The mindset they had is the same for Trump and his cronies. The means may be different, but the end result will be the same.

  • People are waking up to the horrors,
    Gather Polosi and the rest to be known in the Coup up and send them to GITMO to wait for Treasonist Trial
    Against the United States.

  • excrement sandwiches for MSNBC all-round. Amazing how MANY unverifiable "bombshells" suddenly exist..all with no proof to back them up.

  • ..stunning how the Dem commenters here reveal how little they know about what's in the Constitution. And it really doesn't help to point this out, because they aren't suddenly going to go read it. So much easier for them to let MSNBC do their thinking for them.

  • So lets say, just for fun, that republicans have:
    1. FOX news
    Now, lets say, the democrats have:
    1. CBS
    2. ABC
    3. NBC
    4. CNN
    5. MSNBC
    if you want to credit one network for the so called success of trump then it's pretty sad that at least 5 networks fail to prevent it. Absolutely mind blowing how so many continue to follow the sources that are continuously wrong?

  • Robert Shrewsbury says:

    I find that the recent years of political media circus and coup, with the Far-Left and foreign enemy solicitation, distasteful, despicable and  totally embarrassing to the human race. For such inappropriate political nonsense to actually be played openly and publicly, as though or if it is some kind of actual
    dignified civilized reality, when there has not been even a semblance of real Statesmanship, truth, civility or order in any measurable or appreciable form from most.  Even worse, is and has been to see the illusions and mayhem distributed and played around the world, over and over again (like an orchestra of untrained elementary school children) for years.

    The use apparently has been of paid time to ruin our nation, not handle normal affairs and de-fund, rob or drag improvements to the ground. It  is incomprehensible, unprecedented and unparalleled in any history that I am aware of. It has been and is a media-driven tool of verbal/audio poison. It is just a
    disheartening shame that our good people and leaders are forcibly dragged through such an irresponsible, immature political degraded mess. To have to so babysit ("adults") so often and so much when precious time and funds would be so much better used in building and creation of good for our people. In keeping with destroying, degrading communication in this country, this entire scenario has reduced my watching of any kind of news by 90%, as it does of most of my friends also. My time is now better used!


  • A science writer with a PhD in neuroscience named Bobby Azarian has laid out why Trump supporters (and a lot of Republicans in general) are so quick to fall in line with politicians like Trump who are clearly charlatans. He identifies five different common traits that we see in these die hard supporters, and they are each more disturbing as the list goes on. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this:1) Authoritarian Personality Syndrome
    2) Social Dominance Orientation
    3) Prejudice
    4) Intergroup Contact
    5) Deprivation

  • Asking for witnesses now in the Senate, but wouldn't let Republicans call witnesses in the house of representatives. What were you thinking, that you could only get away with it because you're a Democrat?

  • Bolton's Perfect Book says:

    This message is for reasonable republicans. Magats no need to read any further, I know you don't read so well. You can go back to f-ing your sisters.

    He screws over banks
    He screw over contractors
    He screws over his lawyers
    He screws over his wives
    He screws over his own
    He screws over his friends
    He screws over his enemies

    And he's going to screw over you

  • Search for the truth says:

    Trump is a freak. Granted, the grotesque is hard to ignore, but we've seen the sideshow for a while now and its gotten boring. The country isn't divided, it's grumpy, irritable, depressed. An old fashioned circus freak show isn't any place to call home, and while we can pity the fat old sleazbag, I seriously doubt many of us would admit he's part of the family. His sideshow days are over, time to grow up. Trump's stupid and obvious cruelty, coupled with his slurred speech and memory lapses just don't cut it on the world stage.

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