JOJO RABBIT | Headline Gala | London Film Festival 2019

JOJO RABBIT | Headline Gala | London Film Festival 2019

It’s amazing, I mean it’s my first time accompanying
a film to the London Film Festival and it’s just beautiful I mean, I love London so much and I would basically
take jobs just to come and visit. Taika, he’s an absolute man-child! He’s probably the funniest guy I’ve ever met in my life. He’s got a really unique humour it’s very fast and it’s very funny. Roman is incredible,
he sort of just came out of nowhere. Not even sure if he’d acted before but
he’d never done a film before, and we were searching for about
4 or 5 months for the perfect kid. It was such a treat working with Roman,
because he was eleven I think when we were filming it but he was on set every single day working so hard, but he handled it with so much care and
maturity and professionalism and respect as well so it was amazing,
and he’s like a little brother. I play Freddie Finkel who is the
sub-officer to Captain Klenzendorf, and they have a very close relationship
and he will do anything that Klenzendorf tells him to do. I’m really happy to be here,
I have a lot of friends here, and to be amongst this environment
with all this energy and all these cool, cool people here,
these guys here, it’s amazing. Archie Yates is a little legend.
Roman Griffin Davis is an extremely talented boy. I mean they both are.
Big futures ahead for those kids without a doubt. What was it like playing Hitler in the film? I guess the only word to describe that is embarrassing. I think it’s so cool how Taiko
approached the role of Hitler because he just ridiculed Hitler and
made fun of him and that’s the best way to kill hate is to laugh with it because, you know,
people don’t know how to respond to that.


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