• John terry is a celebrity thats why so of course the media are going to give Terrys issue more attention. BTW the four girls were drunk yes what they did was extremely wrong but they were under the influence Terry wasn't.

  • @GoodFightUploads I didnt justify it you fucking idiot. I said it was wrong clearly but they were under the influence which means they werent 100%. Yes it was a racist attack.

  • yes that says it all about BBC news.
    A person kicked in the head by black racists is not worth broadcasting because it might offend black people at the BBC.

  • @TheDarthvader9999 And to all the Dumbasses that hate, yes i realize i did not CAPITALIZE MY i's…GET FUKNG LIVES PEOPLE;fkfkffkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkfkfkfk!

  • cSilentnDeadlyc says:

    @maju786 LOL @ trying to justify racism by saying they were drunk…. Flip the story the other way if 4 white girls attacked a black girl while drunk you telling me you would say the same thing?? There is no excuse for racism regardless of the situation ……..

  • bbc news alway censors these violent crimes on white victims.
    they always focus on imaginary racist incidents like this john terry hysteria

  • Current hysteria about John Terry's 'awful' crime of issuing a racist epiphet is ridiculous. The fact is he lost his cool and although it's not acceptable I think people are allowed to make mistakes. I don;t think there's a person on the planet that hasn't said or thought something they'd regret were it made public in the way the Terry-Ferdinand incident has. He is clearly not a rascist.

  • This 'racism' hysteria which demonises whites is part of the agenda of Cultural Marxism, and I suggest people read about it because it's being used to covertly indoctrinate you by culturally left-wing mindbenders in the media and government. It was devised by early 20th Century Communists as a tactic to overthrow western society. Policies relating to race, religion, homosexuality, positive discrimination, etc. that were once deemed as 'loony-Left' have now become mainstream due to these people.

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