John Krasinski on Turning 40, The Office & Jack Ryan Stunts

John Krasinski on Turning 40, The Office & Jack Ryan Stunts

[CHEERING] And John– Oh, these are– these chairs are
too shoot for me. I can’t get comfortable.
They’re too nice. Let me take you in,
because I haven’t seen you– God, I haven’t sat in
anything this nice in awhile. –since you
turned 40 on Sunday. – I’m old.
– And I’m looking at you. You still look young.
You still– – I do?
– –look good. Yeah.
You still have– I can’t see you,
’cause I turned 40. Is that right?
You’re blind now? Just like that, yeah. Are you wearing
the glasses yet? Or is that still
a couple years– No, I don’t want
to embarrass myself. JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] Everybody’s like,
wait, I wear glasses. You know, a lot of people,
for their 40th birthday, will have a big blow out. They’ll maybe, you know, go
on a trip, have their family– – I did.
– –friends. Oh, you did?
– Well, no. Not really. I did a different
kind of blow out. – Yeah, you had–
– Yeah. –a different
kind of blow out. You went on Twitter and attacked
many of your celebrity friends. Yeah. Yeah. I woke up, and I thought,
I know what I’m going to do. I wanted to do something
good with my 40th birthday, ’cause as I was
going over the hill, I thought I’d do something nice. So I actually just
begged people for money. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-huh, you did. I thought, if
you’re a fan of mine, you deserve to give me money. Not only did you
beg people for money, you threatened people–
– I did, yeah. But it was all
for a great cause. I have the most amazing
friends and people over at Family Reach, which
is the most amazing charity. Check it out. It’s still going
on, still donating. But in order to get money, I had
to do some emotional blackmail. Ryan Reynolds– you asked
for Hugh Jackman’s cell number. Fundraiser for your birthday,
thought you’d try a little good old fashioned blackmail. And then we see a picture here. And correct me if
I’m wrong, but that seems to be Hugh Jackman putting
his tongue in your wife, Emily Blunt’s, ear. JOHN KRASINSKI: Yeah. Yeah, so I’ve been
real quiet about that– JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-huh. JOHN KRASINSKI:
–for a long time. And just, how much, you? How much? JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] So I hope it worked. Was it worth it? Was the whole thing worth it? Did they donate? We made over– thanks to all
the people who donated– we had so many amazing people donate. And we made over half
a million dollars. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow,
that’s a lot of money. Holy cow. JOHN KRASINSKI: All you. [CHEERING] Do you still love– I know you’ve been
enjoying Brooklyn. Do you still love it here? More than ever. I was driving to work
today, and I saw something. Because, you know, I went to
elementary school in Brooklyn. Yep. And I have a
memory of how it was. And I was driving
by the school yard, and all these little kids
were on Yoga mats doing yoga. Yep. Those were probably my kids. JIMMY KIMMEL: Are
your kids in a– Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: –a
school like that? Well, they’re the
instructor for me. And then we set up
a school for them. JIMMY KIMMEL: I see.
– That’s not true. Everybody’s like, really?
Child yoga? No. Did you have to go
through a whole thing to get your kids
into school and– – Yes.
– –all that stuff? Yeah.
– Yes. What was that process like? Well, it was amazing. It’s all amazing and terrifying. But Hazel got into this
school, and she’s been going to this school for a while. And then Violet, our youngest,
just got into the school. But I don’t think she knew
she was there for her. So there’s, like, an
interview process. And she’s just sitting
there talking to us, and everybody else is nervous
about getting their kids in. And then all of the
sudden, Hazel’s teacher says, hey Violet, want to
come into the classroom and talk for a bit? That was the first time
she knew it was about her. And she turned to my wife
and went, oh, my god! [LAUGHS] That genuinely happened. [LAUGHS] And so we got her an agent. She’s doing great. She’s doing– yeah. You probably could get
her some work quickly. Yeah, yeah. Speaking of work, when you
moved– you moved to New York right out of college, right?
– I did. You went to Brown,
moved to New York. Told my mom I want to
be an actor in New York. JIMMY KIMMEL: And she said what? And I– and she
said, good luck. And I moved here and was
a professional waiter. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.
You were a waiter where? What places? Any that we might know? Well, I hope so.
Some great places. Uh-huh. I just didn’t stay
there that long. I got fired.
But– JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh. –I was at The Odeon. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. Amazing place, yeah. OK. It’s slowly making its
way across the room. Blue Smoke.
It’s Blue Smoke yeah,. [CHEERING]
JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. Oh. And then one of my favorites
and longest standing relationships with Sushi Samba. That’s a famous one, right? Yeah.
It is. They actually– I think it’s the
place where “Sex and The City” created the Cosmo. – Really?
– Yeah. Everybody’s like,
that’s not true! [LAUGHS] OK. Well, it is now. Where they had
that scene where the Cosmo became the drink–
– Yeah. –everyone had to
have all the time? I was shooting, or– I was shooting. I was wishing I was shooting. I was pouring shots at lunch. They shot upstairs
while I was on, and that was the closest I had
ever been to a television set. Is that the place
where you taught me a very valuable lesson? We were at dinner one
night, and I was like, I don’t know what we want.
Just bring a bunch of stuff. And you were like, never
say bring a bunch of stuff. – Don’t do that at all.
– Why? ‘Cause we don’t
care about allergies. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-huh. We don’t care about what
you like and don’t like. They had these things
at Sushi Samba, if you’ve ever been there–
I think they still have them. When you walk in, there’s
this decorative bowl of Japanese river crab
that they call [JAPANESE].. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. And everybody’s
like, oh, my god. That’s amazing. They’re alive, and
we’re going to eat them. And– but what
people don’t realize is they build this, like,
crab-like ladder on each other and then jump out of the bowl. So if you watch them
for a long time, they’re escaping all the time. So one day, we had a guy
come with a shoe box, and he said, hey, I just found
this crab in my apartment. And I was like, oh,
where’s your apartment? And he goes, across 7th Avenue. What? Up four flights of
stairs, no elevator. So I was impressed.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. And the manager was
like, what can we do? And he said, well, I just
wanted to know what he eats. I want to take care of him. And we had this sushi
chef from Japan– didn’t speak much English
but was very good. And he said, I think
we said, what is– what do these things eat?
And he goes, what? And he said, he wants to
know what to feed him. And he goes, feed them? We [BLEEP] fry them. And I was like, OK. It’s– it’s all right. That’s OK.
It’s fine. Probably lettuce? I don’t know. It’s OK. John Krasinski is here. We’ll be right back
with John after this! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GRUNTS] [GLASS SHATTERS] That is action
star John Krasinski on “Jack Ryan,” which
premieres a week from today on Amazon Prime Video. What does your mother
think about you jumping off roofs and stuff like that? She’s always
wanted me to do that. When are you gonna
jump off a roof? That’s– that brought
back a lot of memories. That was– that’s
some scary stuff. JIMMY KIMMEL: Where was that?
Where did that happen? That’s in London.
Shot in London. I’m obviously going to
London a lot with my– half my family being there. But I’d never shot there, and
never been almost killed there. JIMMY KIMMEL: Mm-hmm,
until that day. But you know, it’s
one of those things where they’re
like, you know, you don’t have to do a lot of it.
Just run down this roof. And you kind of get confident,
and you’re like, you know what? I’m just going to
slide down the roof. And the stunt guy’s like,
please don’t do that. And I was like, it’s fine. And then I did that
slide and got to the end, and I was like, help! Help! So that’s just before you
see me looking around. I’m asking for help,
and very scared. And people down below on their
lunch break were like, yes! This is great! By the way, there’s
a guy in our audience right now with a Dunder
Mifflin sweatshirt on it. I’m sure–
– Yeah! –you’ve seen that one a lot. [CHEERING] I love the assistant
to make sure we see it. That’s the best. I hope somebody– I hope somebody has the
initiative to edit “Jack Ryan” together with “The Office”
so we can see Jim, like, jump out the window and, you know– Yeah. Isn’t it remarkable
now, people all the time, because they know we’re friends. And we’re like–
you know, kids who are now watching this show–
– Yeah. –in bulk. Oh, it’s insane. I think when you’re
on the show, period, you think you’ve
hit the greatest thing you’re ever going to do,
and no one will ever top that. And then now, it’s, I
think, 50 times bigger. And usually, I’d have,
like, a guy my age come up [CLICKS TONGUE] and say,
like, love “The Office”! And I was like, thanks! And now you just have, like,
a four-year-old in an airport being like, [INHALES] you know
what my favorite episode is? Like, what? You’re not allowed
to smoke in here. What? Everyone’s so old
all of the sudden. Smoking children are
watching this show now. I’ve been through
it four times. Well, it sounds like your
throat’s been through it. You’re working on a
sequel to “A Quiet Place”? I’m working on it. We just– we finished shooting– [CHEERING] – He loves it.
– Yeah. Well, it is a great movie.
You got a lot going on. – Well, thank you very much.
– I’m very proud of you. – Thank you.
– Happy birthday to you– – Thank you so much.
– –and all of that stuff. I appreciate it. He’s a big action
hero now, everybody. [CHEERING] “Jack Ryan” premieres a week
from today on Amazon Prime. John Krasinski. We’ll be right
back from Brooklyn.


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