John Carlton Copywriting Tips:  How To Create An Effective Headline

John Carlton Copywriting Tips: How To Create An Effective Headline

who else was to discover the magical..and he has put magical in italics so he’s bounced that up secrets of earning an extra thirty nine thousand specific
number as a dentist in the next seventeen days bold promise, short period of time while working three days a week or less enjoying a better sex life stress-free life, even though the ecomony SUCKS. He’s obviously stumbled this is a very much a first draft doesn’t flow at all and he took what’s
interesting is that he took a headline of mine that did flow and threw a bunch of beavers in there and set up a bunch of dams and stuff I don’t know where to start very well actually in this case uh…
earning is ok or but you but that would be a word that uh… would be a word that i would work on i think the original headline that I used had earning in it but scott’s right this one would do it anybody what about magical…anybody? good bad…come on It seems unreal Dentists don’t believe in magic…they believe in ether nitrous oxide magical secrets,,, well you make a big
promise there Your big promise is here Magical secrets takes away from that Do you understand why, Ed? Your’re almost two different things Who believes in magic? Kids. When you say “it works like magic”, you’re
tapping into it works so well it’s almost
unbelievable It worked like magic why do I say it works like magic? It’s because magic is kind of unbelievable. I’d better back that up yes But magic doesn’t carry that much any more…it has been so overused and has been used by bad copy writers in place of uh… words that they could have used. They kind of ruined the word. It is one of those power words that has been ruined OK here’s where i stumbled first First of all, who wants to discover this magical so it was who wants to discover the secret of earning an extra thirty nine thousand eight hundred twenty one dollars as a dentist
in the next seventeen days It’s OK…there’s a little rythm It’s ok , you got the phrases “…” working three days a week or less…bam…stops me right there didn’t
you say seventeen days So, if I’m working seventeen days, is that three
days during the two and half weeks, the fourteen
days plus a three what the hell you talking about so what you meant to say was for the rest your career working three days a week so you have to decide what your USP is
here your really confused and you are confusing the
reader and it’s because you’re confused ’cause you’re you’re doing immediate and
then you’re doing a long-range thing so and and of course again, we are knocking
out the better sex life while working 3 days a week enjoying a stress free life even though
the economy sucks. Now, i think he took the economy sucks from me, too I know I’ve used that somewhere personally, I like it. i like “when the economy sucks” however it can
be overused so you’ve got to decide what your USP is
what you did you took my headline which had multiple like four USP’s it was like working less making more taking vacation I forget what it was a
lot of things stress free debt free. And I struggled
over that. I pained and I wanted to make make it i would make it flow. I knew that uh… debt-free and stress-free by talking to the client
i figured out what was high up and i happened to be dealing with a coach who knew
the hierarchy of what was important to these guys working less was high up there the stress thing
didn’t have the same resonance as working less even though we
know it was probably connected yes more of a concept so debt-free also was
high. High enough to make it to the headlight not high enough to be a major part of the USP so i kind of mashed them together so you have to get clear on what you’re offering
the guy. What’s he gonna walk away with from this?


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