30 thoughts on “Joe Rogan | Social Media is in Control of Political Discourse w/Tulsi Gabbard”

  • looneydad0826 says:

    I like the way she thinks. I wish there was an new political party for these people because she's not Democrat even though she's part of the DNC. People in the middle are usually labeled one or the other when they aren't. I don't agree with Pelosi and the DNC and the hatred coming from POTUS is ridiculous. It's all a clown act that does nothing for the country.

  • Why they mad at FB? Just get off of it already. I ain't trying to act like I knew better but I fuckin knew that fb was toxic going back 10 years. Just get off of it. People are addicted I get it but I say drop it slowly. You won't miss it.

  • Anthony Beheshti says:

    I used to listen to JRE all the time, and occasionally I'll get sucked in to an episode and wonder why I ever stopped. In this clip it only took six minutes before I was reminded why I don't listen to him anymore. That whole thing about blocking posts about Alex Jones is complete bullshit. People are still free to post about and even praise Jones on Facebook; however, Facebook said it will remove any post that it considers to be hate speech or a call for violence. And for Jones's fanbase, there is probably a fair bit of hate speech and violence. But this is why I get so frustrated with Joe Rogan. He brands himself as this skeptical, critical thinker that will provide a balanced and fact-based approach to forming his opinions, but then he will confidently spew arrogant misinformation. It happens all the time with him.

    This is still a great podcast for comedy and UFC content, and I appreciate the wide range of topics and guests that are featured in this show, but there is just too much false information that is stated as if it's fact.

  • He asked "who are you?". Who they are is a private business, just as most real world businesses with physical locations are. And with both, the constitutional rights to free speech, freedom to do what you wish etc, do not apply. They only apply to non private businesses. It's not your right to be at those places, it's your privilege, your just a guest. As long as their rules are posted, they are legally enforceable. Like it or not, that's reality of how it works.

  • Justin Holmes says:

    Making up lies about school shooting victims so that they are receiving death threats on the daily is not free speech. It's culpable negligence and should be prosecuted. What about the pizza gate guy who had his life threatened and his property raided by lunatics who thought a mythical satanic pedo ring was meeting there?

    If your free speech is purposefully meant to harm another by inciting violence …. It's not free speech. It's not even covered by the law. Alex Jones should have been banned a long time ago.

  • derek morrelli says:

    i dont understand why people still use these services, simply boggles my mind. they are the force driving the complete destruction of mental well being and our society itself.

  • Also, you don't need to regulate these companies, you just need to enforce the law. Law says we all have a constitutional right to free speech, which includes all speech with the exception of any speech that contains an incitement to harm someone else.

  • Blocking Facebook or Twitter is not going to be enough. It's not just social media that is controlling the narrative. It's the mass media also. So called journalists don't even try to hide their bias. Most of the media are just leftist operatives who pretend to be giving us the news. With the exception of a handful of conservative pundits on Fox news, the entire rest of the MSM are simply mouthpieces for the democrat party, and leftist ideology in general.

  • You guys are operating under the thought that the trolls on the right, and the left to a lesser degree, are operating under good faith and actually want a discussion as opposed to wanting only to win internet arguments, which is what they do.

  • Luke Sheldon says:

    The irony of the topic and the platform should let you know all these "influencers" are full of shit and pandering to what ever your affliction to keep their place at the feeding trough. Dictate the topic control the information facilitate it to the masses and watch it perpetuate a desired result ..

  • Biggest bullshit talk I have ever heard. „ you have the right to use Facebook like water “ what the fuck. This is a fucking privat company make your own social media site like Americabooks idk and prove your site is better than other social media sites. I don’t use Facebook and never will because it is shit. But I have to call out bull shit.

  • All a person has to do is come out and speak in a clear, reasonably intelligent way, and you morons jump on board. None of you actually know anything or research anything. You just turn on a podcast and passively let information fill your tiny brains.

    Look at where she stands compared to what she says and you realize pretty quickly that she's just as full of shit as anybody else. She's still all about the identity politics and expanding the power and scope of government. She's in favor of destroying public healthcare. She wants to expand medicare. She wants to ban assault weapons…which is a stupid thing for a person who's been in the military to even say. She thinks government should steal more money from tax payers to send morons to college for "free." And any time you hear a candidate say they want to do something by "20XX" and that XX is more than 3 years away, you can bet it's just a gesture to appease the retards on the left, because there is NO way it'll ever actually happen. As soon as the regime change happens, they'll just cancel it…and all politicians know this. You should know this too, but you're too busy playing video games and listening to these nonsense podcasts, saying stupid shit like "she sounds like she really cares. what a smart lady. derp." Grow up, people! Stop letting these snake oil salesmen fool you every 4 fucking years. It's pathetic.

    If you're an adult, and you still get excited by politicians when they start ranting and flailing their arms, then you're stuck in a state of arrested development and you need help. None of these people are exciting and none of them are going to make your life better.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    Alot of people are saying delete Facebook. Why not keep an account and just keep posting videos of censored ppl and interesting stuff that's what I do.

  • Michael Richardson says:

    In light of recent events I think we need to be really careful about blaming things on Russia, especially where the 2016 election is concerned. The us and uk governments do this bot thing all the time. I think they done a bunch of stuff and it backfired. Mainly because of how obvious it was to see that hilary is full of it, and also because of how straight talking trump is. People got sick of and very suspicious of politicians that say all the right things but never do what they promise. It suits their ñarrative to say Russians influenced the election because it prevents the real reasons trump won from being looked at seriously.

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