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  • Leon Allan Davis says:

    Gotta feel sorry for the folks at MSNBC.
    It's like they all show up at Hiroshima and the bomb is a dud.
    Nobody gets nuked.
    55,000 people didn't die…
    Mika and Joe are crushed…
    How sad is that?

  • Sharon Sanchez says:

    Maybe Mueller got worn out and only went so far, not to say didn't work hard. But maybe Trump's life itself is so rife with crime there was no end.

  • Aaron Lovelace says:

    Are you seriously want to charge with obstruction of justice to a crime he didn’t commit?! My god that’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.
    It would be like being pulled over by the police having the police officer say I smell marijuana I’m going to search your car. You saying I don’t smoke weed and you don’t have the right to do it. The police officer doing it anyway while you complain. Him find no weed but charging you with obstruction of justice.
    Is this where we at rn?! Are you serious…

  • There is something really wrong with this picture.
    If there was collusion, then why all the lies about meetings and why was Trump firing those investigating him.
    Sounds like Mueller remembered his Republican roots.

  • Nameless One Wanderland says:

    Bonespur, if you're reading this, nothing absolutely nothing you say matter anymore you pathetic lying hypocrite. AG is in fact doing the obstruction of justice on behalf of the sitting "resident". That report must go to Congress to make that call, the AG does not make that call.

  • Russian troll machines are everywhere in these clips. I have been looking for them and posting "WOW some of the responses below remind me of what our intelligence agencies have told us. Russian hackers will get on line and do things like create many of the responses below.  Really? This many people who dislike CNN watched this clip? Really? Much more like a group of Russian trollers causing further discord among the American population. At least they are easy to spot now that we know what we are looking for. "  if you find yourself on a more frequently liberal with almost all the comments below from conservatives then you found them too. after all why would the a conservative be listening to a liberal news source? They respond to FOX clips.  Russia – F OFF!!!!

  • The Democrats know there was no collusion they know there was no obstruction but they just can't deal with it so they have to put there micro spin it ! It's no secret everyone knows if President Trump was a Democrat, Hillary or Obama they would be singing from the hill tops and dancing in the streets over Mueller's report ! When will these Democrats ever stop whining over losing the election.

  • James Vincent Franco says:

    If he wins in 2020 then What? You know there is a possibility of Supre Court Justice #3. Sorry We have to face it This will destroy Liberalism and force this party to Split. The Socialists Will walk. They should have 10 years ago . Act Now Please

  • He's right, Mueller ruined the lives of over dozen people with his witchhunt, how's that different from a drug dealer peddling poison that ruins lives?

  • Look at all the RussiaGaters in here still clinging to their disproven conspiracy theories and hatred. No wonder Trump won, any independent can look at the seething hatred spewing from the left to know what's really going on.

  • Barr was put in the AG's position to do one thing.. this is it ! He did what he already said he believed should be done.. The Barr report was predestined.

  • battousai4ever says:

    These people are pitiful, enough is enough. Its a shame hearing this and thats why Trump is winning. Why dint cover what he is doing for America for a change. There was no collusion so how can you obstruct something that didn't happen?

  • trump is no innocent. That Mueller found no evidence that trump colluded with Russia is no surprise. It doesn't change the fact that trump is a failure in every way. trump was a crappy person before election, he's a miserable president–lazy, destructive at worst, mediocre at best. Americans are not blind to this truth.

  • So, the AG is obstructing justice pertaining to whether, or not, the POTUS has obstructed justice, Genius or not?ya,alllll,yawhatwhen?

  • charlie morejon says:

    MSNBC you are a disgrace..lying to us for 2 years..trump celebrating ? no he is not . this witch hunt ended ..I am disappointed in our media.
    MSNBC apologize now …

  • Michael Chabler says:

    Everyone should consider this. You won't find a crime if you look in the wrong place. But looking in the right place can make all the difference:

  • Michael Chabler says:

    The U.S. public is getting an education on how legal processes work. Investigations can have limited scopes and the burden of proof is always on the prosecution. Failure to prove guilt is not proof of innocence.

    Many investigations fail. Look at how many times mobsters walked. It has taken more than one investigation to successfully convict members of organized crime. The RICO statute was a tool to make that job easier, because it then became possible to talk about a pattern. People in the mafia know how to imply things to their underlings that give them plausible deniability.

  • The hero of this investigation is R. Mueller he was the devil as concluded by Republican Americans and hero by Democratic Americans now who was correct.

  • Just tell people you had know idea this was classified as entertainment ! Regarding the View Stephen Colbert Rachel maddow . . .

  • A hoax is a hoax.  Trump knew it was a hoax and was concerned that people would be hurt, and they did get hurt, ruined. Call it what it is, how can anyone obstruct a hoax, nothing to obstruct? Yet, Trump allowed it to run it's course. Not the action of someone trying to obstruct anything. Supreme Court needs to see this one.  The Special Investigator was set up explicitly to promote a Hoax. Democrats used the Justice department in an abusive way. Bad abuse of power, real Bad

  • Why is passing polling data to the Russians is not collusion? Why is firing Comey not obstruction? Why didn't Barr recuse himself?

  • Representatives of Congress and Main Stream Media outlets constantly were calling him a traitor and that there was hard evidence. Everyone was saying he was guilty. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I'd Tweet saying I hate the investigation. Seems like human behavior to me. A Congresswoman stated that his family was involved as well. Running the Country + having to worry about him and his family. Angry tweets seem very human in my book.

  • You all probably believed them when they told you “TRUMP CANT WIN” then they told you “TUMP COLLUDED” and you believed that too. Aren’t you tired of being let down by your fake news media.

  • Michael Chabler says:

    There’s probably no explicit agreement regarding the election. It’s probably more complicated. Russian oligarchs launder money through Trump, as they have been for many years. Russian intelligence has kopromat on Trump. They probably control him without his awareness at this point. They worked to get him elected because he can feed them intelligence and do what they tell him to do. They probably don’t trust his judgement to direct anything, since they know he’s incompetent.

  • Over $35ML taxpayer dollars for 22 months of far left socialist entertainment, Sad.
    Final result: POTUS wins second term in landslide

  • Remember, vengeance belongs to the Lord🙏🏼
    The COLLUSION is over finally over – Thank you God!!!!! We finally see these journalists and democrats for who they are – haters and liars!!! Every single news anchor/journalist working at CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and New York Times (4 of the worse news outlets who colluded with the Democrats) knew they were spewing lies. These journalist have been the worst of our time in America!!!! And they can’t even admit their wrong doing or apologize for their coverage of President Trump’s Russian Collusion illusion they reported almost every morning, noon and night! And now the democrats are wanting to acuse our President of treason…Oh my goodness! These Trump hating media outlets will continue to do the dirty work of the democrats to divide this country and brain wash their viewers into hating the President. Can you imagine how much more this President could have accomplished in 2 years, but had to deal with this hanging over his head? Unbelievable!!!!

  • I guess you can accuse anybody, just anybody with a crime, and if there is not evidence, then they may still be guilty. This doesn't make sense and is anti-American, goes against the laws that go back to the 16th century. Innocent until proven guilty. Trump is innocent. There is NO evidence of any crime whatsoever. That is the American and English legal system. If you don't like it, you wish for Mussolini's Italy or the Soviet Union.

  • Mueller investigation opened the door for the Democrats to be charged for Russian collusion! Fake FISA warrants, fake dossier, paid for by DNC.

  • 7:07 "when a special prosecutor is appointed it's usually not the issue that they're looking at that becomes a problem for the person they're looking at.."

    Hmm..a rare moment of truth from the media-ocracy. Does this imply that special prosecutors are simply character assassins?

    'I was fishing for trout but all we caught we shiners.'

  • This is nothing but liberal propaganda garbage this so called news network work needs to be shut down they lied to their audience for more than 3 years and as has CNN its disgraceful

  • Mueller is going to hang back and let the republicans hide everything and then BOOM he is going to send it all to every newspaper.

  • I know first hand where there is clear and concise evidence of rock solid collusion:

    Donald Trump was caught on camera and microphone appealing for Russia's assistance in smearing the Hillary campaign. I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears and no amount of propaganda will convince me of anything otherwise. It began with the words "Russia if you are listening…"

  • There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at with no result.”
    ― Winston Churchill

    God bless you Mr. President, still not tired of winning.

  • Look at Joes face,he’s not happy at all!Oh man,they were so sure lol!Drowning in yet more liberal tears,I can’t take even more!Magnificently hilarious stuff guys,you’re not quite as funny as Rachel Maddow but you’re close!Keep it coming! #Trump2020

  • They played our emotions like a fiddle to peddle fake news for $$$$. You may not like it, and I'm not saying trump is right on everything, but these people with their fake news ARE the enemy of the people.

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