Jimmy Surprises Halsey by Replacing Her Lost Childhood Jelly Shoes

Jimmy Surprises Halsey by Replacing Her Lost Childhood Jelly Shoes

-We’re here with Halsey,
ladies and gentlemen. [ Cheers and applause ]
Whose new album “Manic” went straight to number one. That’s got to feel good, huh?
-Yeah, it’s kind of insane. -It’s pretty fun, yeah.
-Yeah. I haven’t even really processed
this week yet, you know? It’s like you hold on to
the record so long while you’re making it, and then
everyone gets to have it, and you’re like, “Oh, yeah.”
-Yeah. Tell me about the songwriting
on this album and how — Has it changed since
your others? -Kind of, yeah.
Well, I wrote every song on this album, which is — I wrote every song
on all of my albums. But this one I just — you know, I wrote my first album
when I was 19. It was very coming of age.
I lived in Brooklyn. And I thought the world revolved
around me. As you do when you’re 19
in Brooklyn. And if not the world, I thought
at least the L train did. [ Laughter ] Yeah, I just — you know,
for me, it was kind of about being honest with
my audience in a way that I never have
gotten to before. I think everyone’s kind of
gotten to know me a little bit the past couple years. It felt safe to kind of give
them some insight on, you know, Ashley,
the girl from Jersey, who’s more than, you know,
Halsey on stage with the microphone and the
theatrics and all that stuff. -Yeah, that’s the first track
on the album. -So, stripped it back.
Yeah, yeah. -I heard you on Sirius Hits 1, which is one of my favorite
stations. I listen to it all the time.
-Hosting, yeah. -And you were hosting.
It was so great. I loved your voice,
loved your stories. And you told the story
about jellies — Do you know —
-Fish? -No. Jelly sandals. -Those shoes!
-Jelly shoes. -Jelly shoes.
-Yeah. -Oh, my God!
Okay, oh. All right. Aw. -I know. You love them?
-I did. I had these purple jelly shoes
when I was a little kid. And I wore them
every single day. I literally wore the life
out of them. And I went to visit
my grandmother’s friends, and they lived on a lagoon,
like, on a — they couldn’t afford to live
on a shore. So they lived on a lagoon. And I put my shoes on
and ran out of the house. I was sitting on the dock. I was kicking my feet
in the water, and my shoes weren’t strapped,
so one of my purple jellies fell off and sunk to the bottom
of an 80-foot lagoon. And I made my grandfather sit
out there with a crab trap and try to get it.
[ Laughter ] -Aw, I just — well,
I heard that story and I loved it, and I went
and I found something — and I just —
-Oh, my God, stop. -This is for you.
-Oh, my God, stop. -They’re not purple
but they’re close. These are blue jellies.
[ Cheers and applause ] I knew you’d like them.
-Oh, my God! [ Laughter ] -I know you love them.
Please. You don’t have to wear them. Just take them with you
and enjoy them. They’re jellies for you. -My mom is going to cry
when she sees this. -Really?
-“Jimmy was so nice for getting you those shoes,
Ashley!” [ Laughter ] -Uh…
-Thank you!


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