26 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Represents Everything Wrong with American Entertainment”

  • Bryan Valencia says:

    I think his problem with humor is that he doesnt have a target audience. Most small time comedians have really well focused humor targeted for certain audiences. Kimmel is so big that he has multiple camps so his humor has morphed to be that. Bland.

  • “When you oversimplify an issue, you take time away from crafting a real solution”
    That’s the gender wage gap in a nutshell.

  • North Korea is a communist dictatorship, not a fascist one. Also, the DNC did not right the 2016 primaries. They provided Hillary advisors in exchange for paying off debts, but there's no evidence that this altered anyone's vote or any vote counts. It may have been inappropriate, but it's a far cry from "rigging" the nomination. Anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist, a sore loser Sandernista, or both.

  • Jedrek Przekwas says:

    Why are you insulting Jimmy Kimmel? Do you think you're funny? Are you cringey? Why this video has 1.3 million views? Why are you just some random memer who he's smarter than other people? When will you stop making videos? Are you going to die someday? Thanks in advanced.

  • This is probably one of my favorit videos i have ever seen, i have watched it like 5 times and the end is so hype

  • It should probably be mentioned that if guns were banned, the "really bad people" will just get it through illegal means.

    But don't tell the liberals that though, they'd turn the conversation into how you're a racist.

  • You, a channel focused on memes, are startlingly intelligent and can have well constructed arguments! I really appreciate it tbh

  • I feel like Jimmy Kimmel is just a real life ASDF movie episode, just a bunch of random clips that can be individually picked apart and turn into memes except Jimmy Kimmel uses it to boost ratings

  • Emperor lemon is such a moron I hate him so much and he sucks he makes a 38 minute video about memes and how people are ruining fucking meme culture like why do people care this much about the memes nowadays

  • I'll admit I'm one of those Republicans that wants obnoxious military spending- I know we aren't weak and defenseless without increased military spending, I just like the idea of the US flexing on every other nation in the world.

  • Trigger Bearswag says:

    Every late night show in a nutshell: white guy reading unfunny jokes written by someone else, having an interview with some celebrity, then dissing on trump because haha lol so relevant for every single episode

  • I don’t get that shit on his face. He looks like a troglodyte. I don’t get why they think they can grow facial hair. Conan is the only one in late night that gets a pass with facial hair. Now that Letterman is gone of course.

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