Jim Jordan defends Trump after Schiff slams GOP for despising impeachment


100 thoughts on “Jim Jordan defends Trump after Schiff slams GOP for despising impeachment”

  • President Trump, "Vindicate me, my God, and plead my cause against an unfaithful nation. Rescue me from those who are deceitful and wicked."

    Psalms 43:1 NIV

  • Mitch McConnell has announced he’s coordinating with the White House for Trump's Senate impeachment trial. Norm Ornstein tells Ari Melber that "to basically admit before you start the trial that it's rigged is just quite astonishing" and says he doubts many Republicans will be happy about that. Joyce Vance adds that McConnell's comments mean that the Senate trial is a "rigged jury" and Trump can never truly be exonerated. McConnell is completely ignoring the integrity of the office he's holding by announcing the outcome before anything has started. TRAITOR. This is essentially saying that a juror will confer with the accused to determine what the outcome of the trial will be, to hell with the judge, the jury, or the evidence. wrong wrong wrong!

  • Teresa Manning Suz says:

    You can't engage with Dems fantasy story, barreling their agenda through makes them wanting their impeachment no matter what. Impeachment was already decided. There is no engaging with that and at the speed they went. I love Jim Jordan and the rest who worked so hard for us! ??????❤❤❤???

  • How about the fact that Trump corrupted a Charity? Is that fact good enough for you to place a doubt on Trump acting as an anti Corrupt figure? Hell yeah! Republicans who support Trump has dirt too. Mat Gaetz, Nunes,Jim Jordan etc.

  • Until today Jordan is still so stupid to not see that the meer fact that the aid was Held was enough. But instead Jordan chats a long story and trying to mislead everyone! I told you Republicans=? cry Babies ?

  • The Democratic are nasty communist and they don’t know they are. They has to much hate for the Democracy and  freedom they have hate for the capitalism and they hate our soldiers and our policemen and hate our Country and  hate our religion and they hate a lot our president and much hate for our God.

  • I wonder what sleazy, dirty trick the left/deep state/banking cartel has up their sleeve. They are obviously evil, criminal, corrupt, disingenuous, dishonest and dirty, but they are not stupid! They must have concocted some kind of corrupt plan to proceed with this impeachment coup. It looks to the outsider as if they are making a stupid mistake and squandering their changes for the 2020 election, but I find it hard to believe that they would be so stupid! They are too shrewd, too cunning and to scrupulous! We must watch them carefully and be smart!!

  • I Donald Trump am greater, and more better then George Washington. He chopped down a cherry tree. I did nothing. No chopping. I never chopped. I dont even know what a cherry tree is. Im also much much better , and greater, then Abe Lincoln. He had to do homework by candle light. so poor very very poor, , terrible how poor he was, as i had servants do my homework , while i masterbate in my tanning bed.
    I Told them to talk to Rudy. . I actually really dont even know the man. Ive heard of him. Ive seen him around the White House a few times, but really, probably, maybe, never seen him before.

  • Dennis Mollner II says:

    Confused about impeachment? Have you been told that Dems are abusing their power?

    Consider two things:

    What’s a worse ABUSE OF POWER:

    Cheating on your wife and getting a blowjob.


    Withholding foreign aid to an ally to coerce them into investigating your political opponent?

    Secondly, what’s a worse obstruction of justice?

    Lying to Congress.


    Not cooperating at all with congress and ignoring 71 subpoenas.

    It’s clear who abused their power.

  • Happy Golden-Mountain says:

    Off topic rant: QandA trump you piece of ?… I wanted full ufo disclosure. Not some ? tease bs we already had from the Russians intel. Think ? sucks now? Florida and Louisiana data breach is gonna fk you and your thieves up. Release it. And you may get a chance to bid on your info. Info4info. Or as you ? would say… info wars. Lol

  • Putin to Conservative Americans: Shut the fxxx up and listen! Who's in charge, Putin!
    Conservative Americans: FYou! GOPs & Klans: Yes Sir Boss!

  • 62 million voted for the imposter……..3 million MORE voted for the other guy. That's not exactly the will of the people. The facts are on trumps side ONLY IN THAT he pressured a foreign govt to interfer in our elections. Gym Jordan need to dry up and blow away.

  • 330,000,000 passengers have been hijacked. It is happening, again, People! The cockpit this time being occupied by A COUPLE A DOZEN psychopaths, crazies who have turned this high-powered instrument of government into a weapon of mass destruction, is the U.S. Congress. We have all been stunned, paralyzed in disbelief that such a sudden attack on Our Liberty by domestic enemirs * has now endangered ALL of our lives.

    Only this time the cockpit door is left . . .
    WIDE OPEN! << ? !! /?? ~ ~ ~ !!

    Call your representative out! Now!!
    202-225-3121 . . . before it's too late.
    "Let's Roll!" Patriots!

  • Your job is not to defend the president!! Your job is to uphold the Constitution period..no bias..no leaning towards another political official..this goes for Dems too

  • Mr Jorden seems like he's the only man in the Republican senant. that's got a couple!!!!! he's a good man to have on your side!!! he doesn't buckle down for them corrupt criminals!!!!!

  • I am looking forward to November and hope everyone of those slime ball DemaRATS LOOSE THEIR SEATS. EVERYONE OF THOSE CROOKED DOGS!!!

  • There's the old saying: "If you take a shot at the king, you'd better not miss." Since 2016, the Dems have been the gang that couldn't shoot straight. Its scary to think how things would be if they weren't so completely inept.

  • Imagine going to a make believe courtroom and you’re on trial with Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz prosecuting against you ? goodbye world

  • Jim Jordan is such a moron. Should marry Hannity. You guys have zero defence against "you have to do us a favor". No quid pro quo?

  • Rosemary Gaskell says:

    Graham may think that Trump's impeachment will die in the Senate, but it won't. Regardless of what ever the vote says, and that will be no surprise, what they are doing will live on forever as the day the Republican party violated the constitution and their oath of office. And all to cover up how much the Republican party sold this country for to the Russians. That won't die, at least among the millions of tax paying Americans who are being disrespected by the Republicans, and aren't as yet owned by Putin. Trump had better behave squeaky clean from now on as we all will be watching.

  • Time to vote away Graham….he says he is not trying to be just.
    Did 63 million vote for #45 to lie constantly. Those who voted for him are being betrayed the most.


  • With these Impeachment Hearing's could you help explain what is actually going to happen. On bases of no evidence the vote still favored the Democratic's 24 to Republican 17. If I remember that correctly.

    Can someone make a video to help explain how that this can legally happen. How we can keep a good President in Office. If we cannot, who can we all help vote for that has a good strong head on their shoulder's. To keep America Great and for us to help Make America Great Again.

  • It is refreshing some Democrats may vote against impeachment. Pelosi has said members can vote their conscience. The GOP meanwhile continues it evolution towards one of those North Korea style parties which march in lockstep behind a Dear Leader, competing to offer slavish praise to the tyrant.

  • Jim Jordan is just a loudmouth liar. Why isn't this pedophile in prison? The whole Republican party has become the party of pedophiles and treasonous Putin boot lickers.

  • Greetings from the rest of the world: We are watching. If you do not impeach Trump, we'll know that your foreign policy is up for sale. Stick with Trump, end American power in the world.

  • About cartoon characters: Velma wears her orange socks, Scooby wears his collar, Jordan's blue shirt, yellow tie, stick out like a monopoly dollar!



  • 2:52 I like how he slid that one in and nobody noticed. I hope the Space Force is hiring. Im sure the background check is going to be vigorous. I don't mind trying out for cosmic clearance.

  • All that and not one mention of the president being a complete tool, a criminal empire, exposed, adored by Republicans. The divide used to be about policy now it's about sanity or lack of.

  • i am happy that the majority of Americans do NOT want an impeachment; still, 49% wanted it and that means almost half BELIEVES the liberal media propaganda LIES to impeach an INNOCENT president that has been, to me, the greatest president in this century (if not for all time)!

  • Karl Aage Kirkegaard says:

    Twelve facts that never change (and for which there is evidence):

    • The president forced out anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch

    • The president´s hand-picked agents (Giuliani and the three amigos) began the scheme

    • The president froze vital military aid to Ukraine

    • The president conditioned a White House meeting on investigation of the Bidens and investigation of the 2016 election

    • The president wanted Ukraine to announce the investigations publicly

    • The president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor

    • The president´s representatives ratcheted up pressure on the Ukrainian president

    • The president´s conditioning of military assistance and a White House meeting on announcement of investigations raised alarm

    • The president´s security assistance hold became public

    • The president´s scheme was exposed

    • The president released the security assistance

    • The president´s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed security assistance was withheld and conditioned on investigation of the DNC server

  • I think just after the re-election of President Trump, will start the Military Tribunals which will put a lot of bad actors in jail or in the ground for acts of treason and or traitor. Because of the Dems actions a Red Wave is coming Voting Rep. Voting Trump 2020

  • What’s different today is not the abuse of power by a rogue president, but his party leaders’ shortage of principle. That in turn flows partly from the pernicious influence of Fox News, which enables a Trumpian ecosystem that is largely impervious to facts.

  • If there is 1 Dem that has watched the trial and see that there is nothing to impeach on and stay with the party, their brain dead.

  • When you fail at stopping impeachment, you go on FOX and complain. He never talks about Mulvaney. He never refers to Trump open admission of guilt.

  • Albert Nothnagel says:

    trump obstructed justice. If you can't see that you're stupid. trump already lost the popular vote by 3 million votes in 2016. Lol

  • I agree that DEMOCRATS have never accepted the "will of the American People", even BEFORE Trump. They are a criminal collection of "lie, steal, and cheat" people. JUST DUMP THEM. ALL OF THEM

  • Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth says:

    Who is the mad man ? Schiff ? A mad man is the one who attack people for no justifiable reason . Schiff is the mad man , mad of hatred of a successful president .. We shall tell our grandchildren we gave Schiff and the Dem the worst election in the Dems history to deal with their madness

  • Don Emigholz Jr. says:

    Conglomerates are now openly exercising authority (ruling) this nation. It is over. Impeachment is a formality to cement Russia's and Trump's victory. Trump and his family are the last president.

  • Let’s go back to the beginning. Trump has NO political experience. Being a so-called businessman isn’t enough. NO understanding of the law or the Constitution. And he makes no effort to do so. His motivation for himself, family, and business associates is to make as much money while in office and changes to this country to be in alignment with his own prejudices and his distaste for anyone not white or wealthy.

  • Jim Jordan lies like Trump paying him extra on the side. No facts are on Republicans side and that's why they cannot do anything to stop empeachment. Bunch of bullies and liars defending the indefensible … Keep it up Jim Jordan … Dig up your own grave, you're doing great.

  • When will the American people have Schifff , Nadler , Pelosi Arrested , Charged and Tried for Sedition and Treasonous acts againt's the American people and the Great United States of America

  • The Democratic party treated Abraham Lincoln the same way They are treating President Trump. The media was unfair and the Democrats hated Him. History remembered Abraham Lincoln as being one of Our best Presidents. History will remember President Trump the same way. A great but flawed Man who led Our Country out of some of Our darkest days and back into the light. I pray for My President every day. Unlike most Politicians, President Trump is doing exactly what He promised to do. Think about it…

  • It's all Trumps fault, he should've drained the swamp as soon as he got in the office , he should've gone after Hillary and the dems. he failed in keeping that promises and it came back and haunted him. still not too late.

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