Jim Jordan blasts Schiff, Pelosi over ‘unfair, bipartisan process’


100 thoughts on “Jim Jordan blasts Schiff, Pelosi over ‘unfair, bipartisan process’”

  • I don’t know why they keep saying this isnt right and that isn’t right. Not like anything will ever be done to them. I use to be so upset because of everything the democrats are getting away with but now I have just accepted the fact that they have to much money and power to be subject to our laws. Here’s what will happen after months and years of crimes being exposed and proven to the American citizens……ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  • Robert Patterson says:

    I think all this needs to be made public I think the Republican party as a whole need to go knock on that door and 173 of them

  • Florida Patriot says:

    Ugh these Fox News talking heads are sounding more and more like CNN talking heads! More and more conservatives are going to One America News network to get the unbiased reporting we all deserve!

  • GramaJ Catherder says:

    Oh please. The trump administration blocking supeona's and withholding evidence are not the normal way our country operates. Quit defending this Republican boloney – the facts are coming out and the GOP has been commanded to go into full damage control, as I suspect FOX has been told to do by BARR. You can't stop the truth from getting out – but nice try. More than half the country supports removing the orange Russian controlled puppet now.

  • THAT is the Presidents job, you taxpayers, IS to outline the qualifications that must be followed in order to receive their countries welfare check, in the form of foreign aid.

    It comes down to this any state or country, MUST have to investigate, corruption and crime within it's borders, before federal aid dollars are given…this goes for emergency fund money for sanctuary states, who committed arson with dew. So THIS SORT OF THING the reminder, that keep your act clean or you don't qualify, there is a new Commander and Chief in town. A reminder that the rules ARE in play. For those who want to improve living conditions for the poor, and not in corrupt powerful peoples pockets. So DEMOCRATS start caring about your charges – Your districts are laid waste.

  • The compromised players are so far in that they have no choice but to continue ,its not about their faux ideals now , its about their survival

  • Why Trump should be impeached: He
    1. held up funds directed by Congress
    2. to push a for a public investigation into his political opponents
    3. to help him win an election

    1 is corrupt, 2 is corrupt and illegal, 3 is impeachable. In essence, he used his powers as president to try to cheat to stay in power. And Republicans don’t care.

    And to think Clinton got impeached for lying about an affair

  • Sorry Folks… Most smart Americans are NOT watching main stream media for news… only for ENTERTAINMENT… quite a show they put on… should be on Netflix!

  • Graham Leadbeatter says:

    The democrats know that president Trump is cruising towards victory next year so they are DETERMINED to get rid of him. No matter what laws they break, no matter what processes they trample on, and no matter how stupid they look, they are going to press on.

  • Josefina Guzman Rios says:

    BE VERY VERY AFRAID! Jordan is just a Patsy since he only recieved a couple million from the Russians in Campaign Contributions. The first time he opened his mouth to cry Wolf is to divert attention on His Campaign Money of Russian Bribes.

  • The headline says "unfair bipartisan" and the lead sentence says "unfair partisan".

    Over and over again we see these ridiculous typos from Fox.

  • GramaJ Catherder says:

    The House of Representatives has complete authority to impeach – they don't have to vote – that's a made up cover up and whine by the GOP because the truth of trump's corruption is coming out. Jordan is just scared that he and the GOP will have to quit staying at Mar Lago without paying. Gaetz wasn't a committee member either and had no business participating. If the WH and GOP were willing to provide witnesses and documentation, this could be done in the open. The hearing testimony will be released, and then watch out GOP as you know its going to be bad for your orange corrupt leader. Jordan you are nothing but a BOOT-LICKER.

  • Barbara Bradley says:

    They have no proof. This is why they are not letting the American People see and know anything, It shows how much they are Corrupt, and out right liars they are. If Schiff and Pelosi had any proof, they would be blasting it to the whole world. If I was them I would do so.

  • I LOVE Jim Jordan!! there's absolutely NO ONE who can effectively make such a schpeal sound as interesting as he can! And thanks to Sandra and Bill for letting him get that out there, unlike Hannity who ALWAYS has to interrupt multiple times per second!

  • Aleada Siragusa says:

    I will never vote for another Democrat – ever! I like Jim Jordan's analysis of these matters; he is a voice of reason!


  • If MIT Romney Will join the dems in senate and impeach Donald Trump, than Romney will bury the Republican party for the next 50 years, Trump base are 65, 000, 000 evengelist supporters, they will never forgive MIT Romney his children and his grand great children,

  • Obviously censure has no consequences and he knows it, and doesn’t care as long as the right misinformation has been leaked to as many outlets as possible. The “process” is as corrupt as those who are making it up as they go.

  • Sandra Smith doing her best to protect the swamp, after Schiff has been caught lying repeatedly since the Mueller investigation she asks why do the Republicans want to censure Schiff "why go down that road". Unbelievable. When are in the dark ages of journalism, very few really good journalists and news anchors exist. Sandra Smith would do well to study Lou Dobbs.

  • GOP TRAITORS defend CRIMINAL Trump and SELL OUT democracy to foreign governments! VOTE OUT republiCONS at all levels up and down the ballot!!!

  • I am really surprised how much tunnel vision is in the media on all sides… When talking about how the media and the left are trying to take small, anonymous, hidden and outright lies and propaganda to try to convince people of a truth that is made up… Its called 'The Tail Wagging the Dog'.. its a well used phrase from the left when complaining about the news or stories coming from the Right. Why won't people use it to describe exactly the same thing from the Left?

  • So Jordan gets asked about Coughing Mick and his stellar press conference. What does he do? Spin it for Coughing Mick. Does FOX pundits call him on it? What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • More whining from republicans, if they can call themselves that. They are a bunch of no fight, do nothing jerks. We are losing our country because they are waving the white flag.

  • All shift is doing is putting the bullseye on his forehead and he's a complete idiot, and all America's can see it what a joke.

  • Schiff, Pelosi, Naddler, and the Democrats have exposed themselves as power addicted career politicians who are threatened by Trump's determination to clean out the swamp.

  • I would rather be governed by the first 1,000 people in a random North Dakota phone book.

    These people quickly forget they work for us.

  • Children always whine about things being unfair. They also cry things like "buh what about what <insert name> did" to distract from what they have done wrong.

  • When Jim Himes says the republicans cannot defend against the "behavior" of Trump, he is speaking truth.
    How does someone defend against something, they're kept in the dark about?
    I would sign a petition that requests Schiff's resignation from the house completely.

  • Well…
    Maybe this gentleman should watch MORE fox 😝
    This channel even hired a judge 👨‍⚖️ to school them on the constitution…
    It would help if a member of the GOP would look into it… at least …once in a while 😜💪😝

    I said it before and say it again…
    This will so blow in the face of the GOP when the next democratic president is sitting the White House…oh i can’t wait to see this…😝

  • Godfather 71 Godfather 71 says:

    You have the glove, the mask, the bloody knife. Its found at Rudi too fruity house. Heck how can a house rep. Not know civics?

  • There is NO reason to defend any of the actions taken by Pres. Trump and conservatives. This is outrageous, Fox is constantly giving the advantage and handing free support to the criminals, including Schiff, clearly a traitor.

    If anyone is doing something for show only, it would be the frickking constant drone of impeachment and false allegations, waste of time and money and misleading/lying to the public to cover the coup they're all involved in. Fox, you're sucking much more each day with the spineless lib support.

    How can Fox think they're fair and balanced when they jump on the bandwagon against Conservative values. The BS that comes from the left is clearly insane and coming from criminal Democrats and Republicans both. Trump is the litmus test for America. Period. Like it or not, if you hate Trump you are not able to comprehend truth from lies and cannot help America or other Americans. Liberalism is a mental ilness that is spread through the fake media.

  • All citizens need to riot in front of shift and pelosi house.. drag them out forcefully and sentence them to poverty for life with no assistance and or 2nd chances. Then bill doze their homes down

  • WHERE HAVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GONE, is what we from other parts of the world are wondering??? you don't help your president, you don't go after and remove these people that are delaying your right to a safe and secure country, when are you going to send a clear message to the people responsible that enough is enough…by the way we don't see anyone from the networks like FOX doing a ticker on the money being spent on these investigations, 40 mil on the last one, by the way your pensions should be triple what they are, trumps done a good job bringing them up but when you spend 8 trillion on BS thats what you get…really makes us from around the world, "do american people really care about their freedom and their country because it doesn't show…

  • When Republicans win both houses of Congress in 2020, they need to close every possible loophole in House and Senate Rules that Democrats will ABUSE in the future.


    Democrats have proven AGAIN that they no longer believe in the SACRED tenents of the Constitution. DEMOCRATS are the biggest threat to our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. Not China. Not Russia. DEMOCRATS.

    They no longer share the basic fundamental values of our Country….like Individual Sovereignty…like Constitutionally limited government….like Laws. They only want POWER, and They must never be trusted with POWER. They abuse it every time.

  • There are laws in place to protect whistle-blowers. Trump and his agents want to expose to whistle-blower. The House is conducting an investigation. The Senate will have to vote on if to impeach or not. I guess I would be scared too if I was one of Trumps Special Agents working in the House of Representatives as an elected official. When Trump gets taken away Trumps enablers are going to have to bear the weight of carrying his water for so long.

  • Schiffy should be in a mental hospital , DEFINITELY not in charge of ANY committee ESPECIALLY INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE!!!!
    HOLY COW!!! It doesnt get much more stupid than that.
    Trust me, I feel I speak for many citizens of this country, WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE MORONIC DEMS.

  • trump literally just stated "the emoluments clause doesn't matter"…and that says it all. He believes he can do whatever he wants, get help from foreign entities in elections, ignore laws and the constitution at will when they don't suit him, and republicans are enabling this at every turn, defending him,. He stated the "whistle blower" should be identified, and said they should be dealt with "like the old days", why the hell do you think democrats are being cagey? They're dealing with the most lawless corrupt president in history who has cult members willing to do who knows what to keep him in power.

  • The "PROCESS' that the liberal media yelling about is the the 'One Sided Process" that doesn't give the President even 'due process' which is what everyone is entitles to.

  • Annnnd once again. NO ONE can articulate exactly what OFFENSE, what CRIME Trump has committed that warrants impeachment. Everyone's talking about impeachment, but no one can articulate one thing the President has done that's so bad as to warrant him being impeached. WHAT IS THE CRIME? What's outside the transcript of the call that is so bad? They don't like the President's tweets? Is that it? The bad orange man said bad things the Dims don't like? GTFO.

  • What the Left keep ignoring or fail to realize is they do NOT work for just the Left, they work for We The People! They do not and will NEVER own We The People's Government, America or RealAmericans!!!! If We The People decide there will be no impeachment, there will NOT be one!!!! We the People Own the WHOLE Government, not just one political party!!!! Either they will do their job or We The People WILL make them go look for other employment😐

  • Speak only facts says:

    Shoe is on the other foot now huh? Wishing it was a Democratic president that was in this tight spot? Oh if dreaming made it so, NOT! Best you can get is wrestling coach Jordan? Weak, very very weak. Just a grenade to stir you brain dead Lemmings up.

  • Robert Shepherd says:

    Jordan called it an unfair partisan process. Hey, it's the truth. All politics. Schiff's unknown informant — if there is such a person.

  • I don't have a problem with someone attacking the process. I believe that the USA is not about to end and that therefore they'll be a next president and one after that, etc. Establishing that there can be secret hearings to attack the president will not go away. We may not always have a Philosopher- King like Mr Schiff to keep everything on the up and up and non-partisan.

  • Defend the President…FROM WHAT?????
    Jim Jordan stated that the Democrats said; No way!! The Republicans can't defend the President on this! So they're attacking the process but, DEFEND THE PRESIDENT FROM WHAT!!!
    We still have yet to see anything presented that is an impeachable offense! And, if they are going to conduct everything in secret…we will probably never see any true evidence. Because, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY! This is all smoke & mirrors and nothing but partisan lies. Let's get something else there isn't any evidence for (Russia collusion). They lost the 2016 Presidential election fair and square… and now it's TIME TO GET OVER IT!!!! – this has been a public service message in the general interest for the true Patriots of America – LOLOL LOLOL LOLOL !

  • TickedOff Yinzer says:

    I'm done With FOX! YOU SUCK! OH BUT A CORRUPT DEM SAID! YOUR JUST ANOTHER CORRUPT MOUTHPIECE! There's like 5 good Americans there!


    "KEY" witnesses. Volker got his arm twisted as Schiff tried to get him to agree with SCHIFF'S VERSION of the phone call.
    The UKRANIANS Have said NO QUID PRO QUO! How MUCH more clear can they be?

    The democrats are AGAIN on ANOTHER Witch Hunt! AND THEY WILL NEVER STOP!
    If President Trump wins in 2020 they will STILL BE AT IT FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS!
    (OR another Dallas visit like Kennedy as Biden intimated!)

    If something "happens" to him or they manage to STEAL the ELECTION we will LOSE AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT!

  • "do me a favor thought" don't take our troops out of Syria the Kurds our friends needs us. God save US we deserve better 🙏

  • SNL rules SNL should rule the country. We need the Avengers to save the planet. Super man Batman Thor hulk. .roy Rogers the green hornet Spider-Man.captain America.Rambo.the Rock ellen Oprah. The invisible man Ant man. The Rolling Stones.please come and save America..

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