Jilly Anais Made 6 Figures On Social Media After Parents Stopped Paying Her Bills | Blew A Bag

Jilly Anais Made 6 Figures On Social Media After Parents Stopped Paying Her Bills | Blew A Bag

My name is Jilly,
and I Blew-A-Bag. From Houston, Texas,
born and raised. I now live in LA,
Los Angeles, California, and I do music,
I’m a musician. And you guys may know me
from Instagram, ♪♪ YouTube, and a lot more stuff. I’ve been doing music
all my life. I started doing music at the age
of four, five years old. I did dance at two,
so I’ve been doing dance, performing, for as long
as I can remember. I grew up doing
all types of sports. Basketball, soccer,
competitive cheer, competitive dance, karate. My last real job
before I moved to LA, I was a babysitter,
believe it or not. I was a babysitter. I’m not taking
any more applications, no. But I was a babysitter
for pretty much all my high school years, and I started really focusing
on dance and singing, and those were what
I really fell in love with. And I started doing
high school musicals, even middle school musicals, and I would get auditions
and stuff for them and end up always having
the lead role, so I was like, “You know what?
I kind of see a future in this. I kind of like this. I kind of like
having an audience.” That was a fluke.
It just happened. I started doing Instagram.
I got with a group of people who were doing skits
and everything at the time, and that blew me up. The first time I ever got
a big check was when I first signed with SAG
and I was doing acting as well, and I had a role
in one of the criminal shows, and that was
my very first big check. It came in the mail,
and it had the little clear part where you could see my name,
payment to, so when I opened it,
I won’t disclose the amount, but I was like,
“Oh snap, this is for me?” I called my mom
and dad so quick, and mind you, this was when
I still wasn’t paying my rent, so I was like, “Oh,
all this money’s going to me. Oh snap, I’m rich!
I’m rich!” I wasn’t paying for my gas
to get in my car, I wasn’t buying groceries yet. I was still calling daddy to put
some money on my debit card, so I was like,
“All this is mine.” My mom was like, “So how
about you pay your rent now?” I was like, “Uh, can you
all give me one more year?” I blew up super fast
on Instagram, like crazy fast,
like unheard of fast. I did, like, two million
follows in like six months. It was crazy.
It was ridiculous. And since then,
I’ve just been hustling, doing my music,
and building my music portfolio. Dropping projects,
dropping songs, and dropping videos,
and that’s why I’m here. When I moved to LA,
I didn’t have any money, my parents were paying my rent,
they were paying my bills. My lights and water were working
because of my parents, thank you mommy and daddy. Appreciate you.
Shout out to you all. Whenever I needed to go eat,
I would call daddy and be like, “Can you put $100 on the card?
You feel me?” I needed some groceries
and stuff. But that’s when I was like,
“Look, I can’t be doing this.” Even though I was 18,
I still felt like that was an okay age
to be asking mommy and daddy for money still, I was like,
“This is getting out of control. If I want to go to the CVS, I’ve got to call daddy
for some money.” I’m like,
“I can’t do this anymore. I need to get on my
blow-a-bag level.” So that’s when I start
really picking shit up. And the second check
that I got was when money
really started picking up. That was actually from YouTube. So I was like,
“Okay, you know what? They love my personality
when I do these Instagram videos or when I do stories or whatnot, so let me relate it into 10,
15, 20 minute YouTube videos.” So when I got my first
first big check from YouTube, it was like five figures,
it was. That was my first one, though,
that wasn’t recent. And that’s when I moved. I definitely moved into
a really, really nice place. That rent went up. And I started really spoiling
myself a little bit more. I don’t spoil myself like crazy, I spoil my family
more than I spoil myself. I’ll be so quick to go get
my brother a Gucci backpack, the newest Gucci hoodies.
My mom, purses, all designer. My dad, all beautiful ass
sweatsuits and everything. When it came to me,
I think a lot of stuff I buy myself, I love purses.
I do. I just bought a new Louis
purse the other day. It’s super, super cute. It’s like a little box
with a mirror inside. It’s cute.
Don’t try to cop that. So I think when you buy jewelry,
you buy yourself nice pieces and nice stuff,
you’re kind of like, “Okay, this is dope.
This is dope.” Except for when that
big old chunk of money comes out of your bank account.
You know what it is? The biggest time of year
when I really spend crazy, crazy bread is the holidays. And like I said,
I like to spoil my family, so I go a little bit overboard.
Even though family’s about love, family loves you and stuff,
but I don’t know, for some reason, you always
feel like you have to up it. And like, “Last year I did this,
so this year I’ve got to do this.
Next year I’ve got to do that just to up
this year and to up last year.” And I think that’s when
you’re like, “Okay, look. I love you all. I’m not going to keep
upping shit because a bitch has got
to keep having money. You feel me?” But year,
that’s really when you notice. Christmas, those bank accounts
be going lower and lower because you be swiping,
swiping, swiping. One of the funniest things
is also being social media big is the simple fact
that people want to label you as an Instagram model
when the funny thing is, Instagram doesn’t pay me. Instagram
has never sent me a check. I have never gotten
a “To Jilly Anais, Jillian Anais Moore,
check from Instagram”. Instagram has never paid me. I would actually love
to be paid. Instagram is a multi-billion
dollar company. I would love to be paid
some billions and be called
an Instagram model. Shoot.
But the funny thing is is because you have
these endorsements and these companies
who you work with, and you’re getting paid
to do posts, people want to label you
as an Instagram model. And like I said, Instagram
does not pay me at all. Companies pay me. I have endorsement deals
by companies to post pictures because of my following. All my postings,
I am making bread. Every last post I make,
I make bread. So from them all being paid
sponsorships, it’s like, “I’m not complaining.”
Instagram is a real job. Just because I’m not clocking in
and clocking out of somewhere, just because I don’t work a nine
to five doesn’t mean I’m not working.
I make more than a nine to five, and not in any shame,
putting down way, because we need those people
who work nine to fives, we need the people
in every aspect, but at the same time, it’s like, “Don’t shame me because
I’m making six figures off of Instagram.” And that’s only partial,
that’s not everything else. I have also more six figures
on YouTube. So all these social media
instincts people are so confused on how are they doing
the same thing, but yet not making money? But I’m going to just
keep it lit. I love Instagram. I love waking up
and being my own boss, having my own schedule, and I think
the best part about it is having to get dressed for no reason,
go absolutely nowhere, but yet take a picture
like you’re going somewhere. I love it, though. After blowing up on Instagram, I really had been
spending crazy money. Louis shoes, Rolex’s, Cartier,
stuff like that because what girl
doesn’t love diamonds? Diamonds. But let me tell you something,
lace fronts aren’t cheap. Getting your nails
done every week. And I didn’t say every
other week, I said every week. I’m not cheap.
You see these are fresh. This is a fresh refill.
This is fresh. And I would show you
all my toes, but I’ve got on boots. But none of this stuff is cheap.
None of it. And let me let you know this. Instagram probably
will be gone in a second. I have music to continue
with the rest of my life. Music is what
I came out here for, and music is the only thing
I really do. So to speak for people
who are social media big, and that’s the only
thing you do, I would say save,
save, save your money before you go from rich-rich
to broke-broke because once you live this cream
of the crop lifestyle, I don’t know how much you’re
going to like the other one, so save your money because there’s nothing
like flossing and blowing a bag.


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