19 thoughts on “Jessica Tells Louis That She Grieves Differently – Fresh Off the Boat”

  • Dreams & Teddy Bears says:

    Thats how I feel about the car that we have to get rid of. Its too expensive to keep but I have so mamy memories attached to it

  • I’m Asian. When I use to work at Sam’s Club there was this one white lady customer and she approached me saying that I look like Eddie. I mean is that racism or what.

  • Classic annoying bitch, create drama for days just because you cant even be honest to your family up front. Get some attention first then talk about your feelings…. Id drop that bitch after 1 time of this shit

  • MissStoryTelling says:

    My first car wasn’t brand new; it was my dad’s car and he taught me how to drive in it (even though I was far too young to learn how to), naturally I wanted the car after I got my license.

    After I got my license, they lied to me and told me they sold the car when in actuality they repainted the car a brand new color and gave it to me as a congratulation gift for earning my license. The car couldn’t have been more than 8 years old by then, but I had special memories of it.

    I took my sister to school with it, went to Vegas with friends or had a get away to Vegas on holiday with my now fiancé, drove to and from college 14 hours each holiday, picked up my little brother from kindergarten in it, and moved to two different apartments in that car. There’s additional memories of it when it used to be my dad’s car, but other than that it was a good car and I loved it.

    So by the time it was getting so old the repairs would cost too much, my parents told me it would be better to get me a college graduation car two years early. My reaction wasn’t desperate hoorays or anything; instead, tears spilled down my cheeks without warning. Clearly I didn’t like the idea, but my parents had a good reason why: they didn’t want my car to die on me in the middle of my 14 hour drive to school in the middle of nowhere.

    So I understand this video on a personal level and I still miss my old car to this day. It’s been 5 years now since the CRV had to go, but it was my first car and I loved that old thing

  • My grandpa had a his minivan for 15 years he got it new. He loved that thing and when he passed away my family sold it… i was so sad my grandma was too…. i would’ve taken it but i was still young

  • DrCheese Production says:

    Constance wu suck at acting in the end. Wasnt that great in the other movie as well, wish they would pick someone else thts more alive

  • STILL WAITING to see that film project (or whatever great big film) that Constance Wu was so "passionate" about that she had to have an immature bitch fit after FOTB was renewed. She'd be lucky if she gets any work in 3-5 years. Her acting is as good as Jennifer Lopez…terrible.

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