Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Went Clubbing in Paris

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Went Clubbing in Paris

You look fantastic. Thanks. You look fabulous. Now, I was trying to get you
to do the same thing, where I would catch you. You didn’t run to me. Well, I felt like you
kind of wanted me to, but also you didn’t
really want me to do that. This is how she entered. They surprised
me, she and tWitch worked on that during the day. I mean, you have to understand. Watch her– this is
really, really hard. It’s him. He’s just so good. No, no, no. Oh, that was so fun. That’s my dream. That’s incredible. I mean, he’s strong,
but that is core, to hold yourself that tight. I was squeezing. Yeah. Really tight. All right. So I’ve been following,
y’all were in Paris– you and Justin. We were. And that seemed like
that was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. You went to all the
fashion shows, are just– Just one. Just one. We just went to the
Louis Vuitton show. I mean, it’s so
glamorous and fun, when you never, ever
do that kind of thing. It’s so cool to see that. And then we– I mean, we really went for it. We stayed out dancing
until literally 3:00 AM. I think we forgot that
we were in our late 30s, and we thought maybe we were
in our early 20s or something. We sweat– I sweat through
that beautiful outfit. Yeah, it was a beautiful outfit. Oh, my gosh, it
was so beautiful. But I literally was ringing it
out by the end of the night. And I said, this
is going to have to be recycled and made
into some sort of tote bag or something. Yeah. So when you and Justin go
to a club and are dancing, that must– Wait, wait. That’s just a good statement. When we go to a club. Yeah. Well, you went to a club. Like the fitness club. Well, what did you go to? We went to a place
called Maxine’s. Is that not a club? Well, it is. But it’s just, we never go. Right. Ever. Yeah. But you did. We did. And you danced. We did. And then what is that like
for everybody to, kind of, be dancing next to
Justin Timberlake? Do they just give
up and move away? Yeah. Yeah. You just give up and move
away and, sort of, admire. Or, you know, you just
throw out your best moves and see what sticks. Yeah. That must have
been so fun though. It’s so much fun. You were gone for a long time. You went to Paris. You were in Scotland,
is that right? We were in Scotland. Justin was playing a golf
tournament in Scotland. He played a tournament
also in Switzerland. Justin is a really good golfer. Seriously good. He could be pro. He really could be. He’s just so dedicated. And he’s naturally
talented in that sport. And Silas is four. So he was, obviously– you
took him with you right? Yes. You didn’t leave him at home? No. He would be so mad about that. I mean, I wouldn’t
want to see that wrath, if I left him for six weeks. I don’t know what would happen. What’s happening
with him right now? What’s he into? He’s into– well, now
he is telling the joke and gets the joke. Oh. Which is terrifying. Yeah. He did this crazy
thing where he said– we were in St. Louis. This was when we were on–
when Justin was on tour. And he was doing
some bit about– doing a bit about, I don’t
like waffles anymore. I don’t like waffles. And Justin goes, what? What do you mean? You don’t like waffles? Are you insane? And we were in St. Louis. And that’s what he said. Justin goes, are you insane? He goes, “I’m in-sane Louis.” Wow. That’s a good joke. That’s a good joke. I’m stealing that joke. I mean it was– That’s really good. –really impressive. It is impressive. So he’s doing stuff like that. He’s building LEGOs. He loves LEGOs. Swimming– Does he sing? Yeah, he likes to sing. Does he have rhythm? He does. He has his own kind of rhythm. So not really, you’re saying? Well, maybe not. I still haven’t met him. That’s crazy to me, actually. I know. I need to meet him. All right, let’s talk
about “Limetown.” I’m two in. So I’ve seen– and I’m trying
to figure out where it’s going. It’s very– explain, so maybe
I’ll understand where it goes. Explain what it is. OK. So it’s a show about an
investigative journalist who has a podcast. And she’s telling– she’s,
like, retelling the story that happened 15 years ago. So in the show, 15 years ago,
this town just disappeared. Everybody in the town– 326 people. –gone. No leads, nobody
knows what happened. My character has a connection
that you will learn about. We tell you pretty
quickly, has a family member that is one
of the missing. So she has this
personal connection. And she’s obsessed. She cannot let this go. She wants to know. So she opens up her own
investigation again, and gets a lead. OK. That’s where I am. The lead is there. And it’s really– it gets dark. Mm-hmm. And then “Sinner,” which
you also produced, was dark. Where are you going? What’s happening with your life? Down into a very dark,
deep, scary well. I like it. Me too. I really like it. I love stuff like that. I do too. I’m a happy, very
positive, joyful person. But I really am drawn to, like,
watching dark things like that because it’s different. Me too. Me too. I’m sunny, I’m happy,
I love my life. But, like, I want to dive
into some crazy pathology. It’s good. I love it.


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