Jennifer Lopez, Shakira To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show | TODAY


58 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez, Shakira To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show | TODAY”

  • Antonio Hernández says:

    Shakira didn’t won 15 Grammys, sold more than 100 MILLION records WORLDWIDE 🌎 4 success tours around the world, 3 worlds cups, keeping her legacy and relevancy after 28 years in the game for y’all to just talk about Jennifer Lopez only. HOW DARE YOU ALL. Electric chair

  • Of course, the today show was gonna dedicate 90% of this segment to the local act while the international superstar gets ignored. Locals keep living under a rock.

  • Gabriel 'Chirri' Perez says:

    You really think is a help from J Lo? you are right about a LITTLE help from her. Your US views will be from her. Having Shakira, you superbowl might get views from around the world. Don't do Shakira like that.

  • This freaking idiots just mention j-lo and not Shakira
    Shakira is 3000 times bigger than Jlo, u don’t know nothing. Shakira concerns are bigger all over the world stupid news, a little help from jlo please.

  • I love this political stunt….A fk you to Trump! Also,I am all the way for Shakira. Representing two powerful passionate cultures….Colombiand Labanese.

  • Esmeralda Evangelista says:

    Ok you guys obviously don’t know the MEGASTAR that is SHAKIRA. Give her the credit and attention she deserves. She’s an international superstar who has sold out shows and won MULTIPLE Grammys. Come on!!! Also, don’t forget her worldwide humanitarian efforts.

  • Shakira is might be huge in Latin countries and in Some parts of America but JLo is GLOBAL am sorry Shakira can not sell out arenas in Russia , Greece , Duabi or Uk .. Jlo can and has done it this year alone .. Say u what u want Jlo is the bigger star .

  • Shakira is a super star, has been in 3 World Cup and has more Grammys than Jlo, so I should give it her the same credit, I hope Shakira shut everybody's mouth at the super bowl

  • None of them have a good voice ,we only can expect to see how they shake her culis .men like this I know .this is not what super bowl is about , disappointing 🙄🙄

  • J.Lo does not need an inferior artist to join her in the half time show. She can do it on her own! They should of called Gloria Estefan and MSM to join J.LO and do CONGA, they anthem of miami! Not shakira who has not had a US hit since crap hips don't lie.

  • Alex Medina Mestanza says:

    So unrespect from TODAY to Shakira, Do you know she is a global icon? And not only that, she is a truly international superstar, even more than Jlo (by the way she has no a grammy on her own instead of Shakira that has more than one), she speaks 5 languages and you reporters can only speak one, she has sold over 60 millions records worldwide, she an Unicef embassor, many N° 1ones in over 60 countries, one of the most influent people on the planet, she is the biggest selling latino artist in the world, she has 3 world tour (and I remark world, JLO has never been in some countries because none will pay for her and she most of the time has to be with an other artist because of her own she will never sold out a stadium, Shakira does) and I can still go on and you just speak about Jlo? Remember just because of Shakira, everyone speaks now about the Superbowl, USA is not the whole world just saying. I really hope you apoligize not only to her but all her fans around the planet.

  • I’m so angry!!! Shakira has a bigger following, has sold more albums, has sold out international tours. And btw…. she can actually sing!! No hate to JLO ( I love her) but this is disrespectful to shakira’s career.

  • Well, 100% gringo speaking. You did not talk about Shakira and she is the star. Your jlo is a local performer. Remember Brazil 2014 FIFA? Thx! Shakira saved it! Bye!!!

  • It makes me highly upset how they talk about shakira like shes a feature when shes the real artist, the grammy winner ,the composer, vocalist,producer shall we say more

  • Very nice, but the Super Ball is absolutely not the biggest game or stage in the world. The Football Soccer World Cup is the biggest game and stage in the world (2 billion, yes, 2 billion viewers). Super Ball is the biggest game in the US only….( You guys need to travel more and you will see that US is not the only country in the world or the only famous singers in the world. Shakira is more international famous than Jlo). Those two super Latina starts can make a big party and a very nice fun show. They both have a lot experience in international shows bigger than the super ball. Shakira has been 3 times the main singer and song writer for the Football Soccer Would Cup and they all were very successful international songs and her shows were fantastic. I hope she can write a special song for the Super Ball as well.. Those two super Latinas will be doing a very good job. Shakira has a lot experience in international events bigger than the super ball like the football soccer word cup. It will be hot and fun.

  • Yolanda Enriquez says:

    Wow, Jenny and Shakira!!!!!!!!!!!😍😘😚😉😆😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍👍👊👊👊👊💝it. 🏈🏈🏈🏈.

  • Almudena Carnero says:

    Alo estos lo hacen yo no lo veo digo donde estoy. Yo no les gusta si se. Lo hagan. Yo solo me adazte. Me. Cuando les envíe combian esos. Que. Fueron a vi todo lo fui mirando lo ban. Tirando no me da mas. Posibilidades. Yo. No los dejo. Como. Tu. Hiciste. Ya dire en la misma calle macho. Te da. Ya no. Me tln como se burlaban mas ya. Diré uy. No esta. Como se escribe se lee puede tu si yo. No ya ay mismo soy diferente. Que. Tu. Me en todo reconstruir sus. Vidas en todo. Me unos casos. Hoy. Son algo tienen una famil unos. Tienen cual. Negocio digan ban de se celebran despedidas y tu. No. Bas a cudiste. Vives de esas famil tienen famil o cierto. Que es algo como se podía esplicar. Uy un tema. Ay cambio de. Vida. Estudio curro es algo te suena eso huvo ni tenia tampoco son vidas difícil así. Que digas que. Me a una le tiraron piedras otras no aparecen otros tenisn famil enviaban ya diré ese tema es delicado no. Es fácil de esplicar. Huvo para tuviera el curre o ella. Te suena es algo. Delicado enfer el. Que bueno eso kiero. Decir. A veces ni. Me sale bien esplicar ya. Diré. No es fácil de esplicar ya diré. A sabes esto como se lo agradecen asi uy deja mucho mas decir como son. Ya diré ay otros temas. Saludos. A sobre tema de casa oye si te gusta bien tienes como para si tienes ayuda. Bien. Paga bien sea en casa como en puestos. Ya diré ay les dan ay no. A si te lleva el buen sueldo bien si. No que uno. Como otro colores enfer mayor. Medio peque ay puede mantener un batallón axi yo y cualquiera. Si. No. Que. Ay otros temas. A los para que bien my si. No ay. Mismo no sea por patatas tomate oli. Ok ya. Dire como otras cosas asi los bien entrenarse a my ni alto claro oído edad tiempo me de ay. Mismo ya dire buen provecho escabeche ya diré me. Perdí. Me lié saludos

  • Well i think that i and all the World prefer Shakira. And i don't hate JLo but come on it's Shakira the biggest latin artist in the World.

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