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  • Oh Jenna put a sock in your pie hole…Archie should've been in baby backpack instead of a front carrier while walking dogs. Stop the drama. Edit: look up the pics with Thomas having Meghan in one as a baby, they're super cute.

  • Thank you for your comments. Yes, in America people can take pictures of you. My neighbor took pictures of me on my deck. I took him to court and had a restraining order put on him. There are avenues that can be taken and to some extent get things stopped. I don’t know if you can get a restraining order on media violations, but maybe it’s worth a try.

  • Like Hoda said they had no paparazzi in England. So why move to Canada where there is less protection for their privacy. Already a picture of Archie. This was their whole argument for leaving!

  • People wouldn't complain but anyone knows those images of her walking the dogs were set up by her. She notifies Splash media. Why is every single picture Splash ? She is smiling right into the lens.

  • It looks like a doll, baby legs do not dangle and wobble like that. If it is a real baby, they need to take him to the doctor's office ASAP!

  • What is so great of taking photos of her???? Beautiful???? YUK!!!

    Is a public place and is unsafe everywhere!!!

    Want a safe place??? Hide inside the home and dont go out or change the outlook that no one can recognise!!!!

  • Sharne Caudwell says:

    This is such crap look at the baby … its a doll and also she called the media … she is a fruit cake she is smiling at the camera … mom shaming she has never given birth

  • So is it ok that a baby is strapped in a stroller that should be on her back resulting in Archie seeing nothing except his mothers jacket ! Come on ladies ditch the poor Meghan nonsense , have a thought for the child poor boy , dam uncomfortable walk for him ….

  • Sherene Mcfarlane says:

    I really wish, people will just leave them alone.
    Let them live their lives.
    Let's hope it dies down soon for them.
    Canada is a Beautiful country, Canadians be respectful people.
    I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, not for all the money in the world.

  • My generation our mothers taught us that if you didn’t have any thing nice to say shut up and oh mind your own business.

  • Jenna, l totally agree about no mom shaming. Being a mother is hard enough without constant criticism . The saying "it takes a village" is so true! I am sure she is a great mom and is doing right by her son. What I do disagree with is the hypocrisy. That clip of her walking the dogs with Archie is completely staged. Her make-up and outfit are perfect and camera ready. She is looking directly into the camera and smiling. The whole thing looks staged, which is fine, but don't claim you don't want the attention and then poo-poo the paparazzi. I think they want attention and cameras flashing, but only at their whim. She knew what she was getting into marrying into royalty.

  • Jenna Public Opinion Matters. Moms everywhere, can see the baby hanging off, and all MM does is smile Straight at the camera. After so many times claiming “Privacy” Please! Spare us! MM set that up to gain attention, and for what? Will and Kate were in the News doing Event at Buckingham Palace. So again, Narcissistic Attention Starved MM comes along and cry’s to Harry how Pops is “Stalking her” Harry goes off, because he’s got mental issues about his Moms awful accident. MM is a SICKO Playing on his mental problems. JUST STOP IT.
    You can’t Stop People from Disliking MM she Caused this entire outpouring of Hate.
    If Meghan “Life up” the Women in RF instead, then People will Life up MM it all goes Full Circle People. You get what you put out there. MM is created this, and still doing it, it began with the Pregnancy announcement at Beatrice Wedding. who does that?

  • She knows they are filming and taking photos she is all smiles because she loves the attention she is a fame attention hungry beast

  • leave her alone……….she just want a normal quiet life…………….after the grand royal freaking wedding………..a man leaving his buddy and country for this kind of woman?………a frog!

  • Jennifer Hausman says:

    I agree that they need to stop mom shaming her but if they come here the press will never leave them alone. As a mom I make mistakes all the time Meghan doesn’t deserve that she is learning and as a mom it is okay to make a mistake

  • This was not about mom shaming. I realize you always work your personal narratives into every story. This was supposedly about violation of privacy and being stalked by media that should have stayed behind in the UK and left Meghan alone. It had nothing to do about either reporter and/or their families. Stay focused.

  • The hardest job in the world is being a mom! We all need to have each other’s back! Jenna you are so right I’ve been there too with the guilt my children are grown and I still question how I raised them.Just cherish the moments with them while they are little don’t worry about house work when you get home that will always be there love them , play with them you will never regret that!

  • Ngl… Kinda weird when someone smiles everytime you walk or just stand still… (I don't hate Meghan or saying anything negative) I find it creepy and funny and cute

  • That is a doll, not a baby,,,, if it is a baby(it never moves ever in no videos except the one in Africa)))) well the way she is holding it I mean LOOK!!!! That is no way to hold a baby!!!! It better be a Doll because if it’s not poor kid!!!!

  • Nutmegs called the photographer called SPLASH TO PHOTO HER!!!!! She is not fooling anyone!!! She loves the Camera you fools!!

  • There will always be bitter pathetic angry people in this world we live in. So to all those who are….take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what a UGLY PERSON YOUR ARE..LOL your face is going to wrinkle up like a dried-up prune..haha 😄

  • If MM is so concerned about the paparazzi, why is she grinning happily and looking right at the camera ? I didn’t even notice how she was holding Archie .. it’s nothing to do with anyone else how she holds him . Very annoying that people make such a big deal about it

  • The perfecto moms go and mind your own business! Megan you are doing great as a first time mom with your hubby! you are doing well and you will survive this, cause people won’t stop talking and you won’t stop glowing! Jenna and Honda love the way you support the motherhood! It means a lot.

  • Being a parent is hard work especially big kudos to those moms who chose to be full-time parents…you are the greatest. I'm sure Meghan is trying her best as a part-time mom and if she needs advice she should ask her nannies who spend the majority of the time with Archie. However, maybe Meghan should not be preaching to the rest of the world on how many kids to have or how to be better custodians of this planet as she comes across as a hypocrite and if she doesn't like being criticized then don't preach to others.

  • Look at the digusting way the tabloids have treated her… it’s not like they did that with Princess Diana. Never. They did with meghan cos they are RAYCISSSS.

  • U shouldn't have to let people take plenty of pics of u. If u rich u really do not have to leave ur kids, Jenna. You chose to so quit crying about it

  • Paparazzi Britanniques sont complètement idiots, obsédés et CON . Des pauvres imbéciles médiocres et pathétiques. Meghan, Harry et bébé Archie ont quitté vitre pays de raciste donc, foutez les la paix ✌🏾 pauvres idiots qui gagnent leur chienne de vie grâce aux Sussex. Maintenant, vous allez bouffé vos merdes pauvres imbéciles médiocres, extrémistes et pathétiques.

  • She loved it.. She was smiling her butt off!I. Isn't it time to ignore these two over privilaged whinners and their "family"….

  • Before doing anything final, Meghan and Harry should talk to American investment banker Christopher O'Neil who married Princess Madeleine of Sweden. After their wedding they moved to New York City so Christopher could continue his business and she could do charity work with children. However, after a while they moved back to Sweden and again became working Royals because of tax, financial, security and family considerations. Christopher's mother and five elegant half-sisters attended the Royal wedding and were both discrete and supportive.

  • You know what you getting in to, if you can't take it don't marry him! And don't force him from his family, shame on you, they won't let a royal marry an American for 100 years now.

  • Tamrat Gebriamriam says:

    Leave this family alone is there to many hater people in this world they worry someone Life in stad of they own I don't understand that !!

  • I was wondering why she was smiling but now I see she looked at her baby and smiled now her face was still with that smile when they snapped her.

  • Daisy Hair Design at Finley & Phillips Salon says:

    With all the things one could be doing, lots of things in this world to either appreciate or contribute to in your own way but many just focus on this gal Meghan and whether she ——-fill in the blank, or not. Jeez..Lighten up on her, no need to add to the choir to be one of the mean girls picking on one person. Nobody deserves that. She hadn't done a fraction of what would be truly offensive and contributes in her own way. Find something around your environment to contribute to. What does being mean do for you or anybody else? Why try to break someone's spirit like that? Leave her be.

  • I feel sorry for Harry and Meghan . They can't enjoy there life and family for all this bull crap.People can't mind there own business and just leave them alone and let them live like a family and a young couple.If I was Harry ever time the news people even let one of my family name come out of there mouth are paparazzi got a 100 feet never my family i would put a lawsuit on them.Come on people give them a break.

  • It’s true. The UK had much strict rules on that term. The royals or celebrities enjoy being in public because we act as if we don’t see them. It’s our culture. We respect their privacy and you’d hear lots of stories were we dined, went clubbing or even were in the same grocery store as someone famous but then we treat them as humans. What’s sickening is MM coming to our country then repeatedly assume she was under attack. Don’t get me wrong, she was under a spotlight being the new member, having all these ideas and speaking as she spoke. What Meghan couldn’t handle is being told on her lies and when she was short coming. Remove the tabloids because to her misery Kate is in good position now but look 4 years back and you’ll be shocked Kate continued to breathe. The media looks for holes, and sadly Meghan has many . I just don’t think it’s fair how this was all displayed. I surely feel happy for them stepping away but I don’t agree with them on why .

  • Lol. Sorry but she was posing to this ze cameras. Look at that big smile! So ridiculous. When Diana was chase by paparazzis she was never SMILING LIKE THAT, SHE INSTEAD WAS TRYING TO SCAPE! Use a little of common sense, please!

  • I hope someone gets Meghan markle help very soon, the trauma of surviving without thriving in the Royal Family has really really affected her mental health, maybe if someone had asked her if she is okay she wouldn't have had to resort to playing with D.O||i€$. She should stop calling splash to do photoshoots , she will need all her pennies now. I wonder why she is so forgetful?, I would have put it down to baby brain but…. Couldn't she have asked one of the dial a friend's to hide all the strings to hold "archie" in place?, Or tell her to put a nappy on it?, Oh and make sure when you do retake's of scene's that continuity is crucial when filming soap opera's. Make sure your pretend minders could actually pass as Met close protection officers, e.g not have a back problem that causes them to limp, and make sure hats on hats off don't make the final edit next time!.

  • It is not just the media who is out of hand but her " so called" family. Why is scamantha markle allowed to use 200 plus aliases on every utube , and other sites ,which mention the duchess She trolls her " half" sister daily, spewing her venom , jealousy and hatred , and it has become tiresome. She is even on this site ( under aliases of course) .She has an unhealthy obssession with the duchess, and is a malicious and dangerous creature.!

  • The 'media' should not publish pictures of people without their consent . It is beyond evil to do thus. IMO it should be a punishable crime to invade the private space of anyone regardless of who they are. These two royally connected people have had to relocate to another country to escape the media attention . They just want a place to live where they can bring up their child free of the constant comment from the ever babbling English media. .
    Everybody complicit in trying to destroy Prince Harry and Megan's lives are guilty of the crime of Character defermation. These cowardly commentators are not in any position to lecture others on good living practices.

  • Harry has warned the photographers for taking MM’s pictures with Archie and the dogs : Harry you lost your senses – we all know it . But cannot you see MM is posing for the camera with her fake smile ? This is what she wants Harry . This is the reason she walked out with you from London ! Cannot you get that ? Try warning her first . Teach her the Do’s and Don’ts first before warning the photographers .

  • Any criticism of Meghan Markle is probably not about her mothering – but the general dislike of her – she is the personification of everything that is wrong in society today. She is an annoying woke celebrity and self centered millennial all in one rotten package. If we didn't have her (against our will) on TV, no one would care.

  • Fukin rasist Pierce Morgan started all this sahming of Meghan Harry being rejected by meghan. Pierce is obsessed & psychotic. He will dl anything to bring this couple down especially meghan. What a shame.

  • Space for the Soul says:

    I can imagine the desparation. Even though it's not comparable: My upper neighbours are exhausting me. -contiuing to make it hard to sleep at night, noisy in daytime, throwing garbage to my balcony, animals etc. I am scared by sudden noice burst. I feel like having no living space to be me. It's suffocating. And tightening my body. Can't sustain much longer.. But i can do daily walks in nature..

  • One thing I'm sure about H and M is that it won't be a quiet life outside the monarchy. With the paparazzis, media and social media now having more 'freedom' than they were in the UK…IT'S OPEN SEASON FOR THESE 2!

  • I am neutral. I will say, i noticed,Archies leg movement has me a bit edgy, while walking dogs…he should have been a bit more sturdy. That's all🙋

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