11 thoughts on “Jellybean and Talkback Screen Reader”

  • I love Android and have recently started using a Galaxy Note II. That being said, for a person who is totally blind, I would recommend going with the iPhone for a good out of the box experience. As I understand it, only once can the screen reader be activated without sighted help, and once you get past the initial tutorial that's it. This is not good if you choose to get a tablet and have multiple user accounts on it… (see email for remaining advice on this – it won't fit in the comment).

  • Do you think I should get an android or an iPhone? Because I don't know what to get. Android or iPhone I'm totally blind and I'm not sure how the Screen reader works on the Android

  • Well that stinks. I wonder what language talkback is written in. Someone could probably go in and map a quick on/off gesture to volume controls & the power switch (i.e. power + vol up = Talkback on, and power + vol down = Talkback off) since all devices have power & volume switches. If the code is universal on these devices as far as mapping hardware buttons, it should be effortless to build in a shortcut like that.

  • I thought I'd heard something about how you can quickly turn the screen reader on & off by drawing a square with two fingers…?

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