100 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions says Democrats have lost their objectivity”

  • Please Alabama, do not elect Sessions to go back to the US senate he has shown his colors already. He has done nothing for our country since Trump has been in office. He has only helped the Democrats, a true RINO he is..

  • Kenneth Campbell says:

    TRUMP said your a do over so we don't care what you think! You BLEW your chance myself a thousands of ALABAMIANS WON'T VOTE FOR YOU!!!!

  • Schiff,go and put your favourite dress on and your size 9 Stilettos,tuck that little 2inch weener to the left….I doubt its two inches, I've been a bit generous there, to be honest you probably dont even have one, just a little hole, oh!!!!! thats your arsehole lol

  • Only Sessions would know when one have lost their objectivity!!! Time for this RINO to recuse himself (from the 2020 election).

  • Jeff, you could have done so much more to have head this off… but you where so busy trying to be Duddly Doright that the Democrats Snidely Whiplashed you…

  • ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel says:

    dr Suess stories again by Shiff, dont step in the Shiff. they are attacking the office of the presidency because they are not in it. All about power wealth and keeping the corrupt gravy train going.

  • Sessions recused himself. F^ck sessions. He kept the ball rolling with the Russian collusion hoax by recusing himself.
    The biggest threat to our democracy is if this f^cking rino gets back into the Senate. May he rot in hell with mccain and romney

  • the Democrats are as corrupt as it gets. This whole thing is a distraction to keep America's eyes off the dems crimes, keep using up the clock to give them time to cover up their crimes.
    God bless Donald Trump.
    burn in hell you evil Communist Democrats.
    This government takeover will fail.
    Then it will be the Republicans turn and there will be long jail sentences for the dems once the Republicans have time to investigate the dems.

  • It is way passed time that a psychologist or a psychiatrist if that's what it takes, does an evaluation of Schiffs suitability to hold office. Does he have the intellectual capacity? Does he have the psychological capacity? Does he have a personality disorder which could interfere with his ability to carry out his congressional duties? Are there any extenuating reasons based on mental health that would preclude him from being able to uphold his oath of office? Now, usually these things take some time to determine. However, under the current penchant to rush decisions through, I think this evaluation of Schiffs capacity could be fast tracked. What's that I hear you say? Two for one? What do you mean? …….oh Nancy? Get them both done at the same time, and save our constitutional republic from imploding.

  • Really Jeff! Where were you when you were the AG? Now you talk like a republican because you wanna run for senate again 🤔!

  • Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy says:

    Crazy how the entire world, less the far leftist commies, can see that Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi et al are throwing a dangerous tantrum because their dirty money has stopped coming in since Trump was elected and put an end to it!!!

  • Katherin Keegan says:

    Is POTUS a saint? No, no one is. Every president has done something objectionable, the majority didn't have the press breathing down their necks looking for crimes to report on.

    Has Congress become corrupt? Yes they have. Does Congress need to be cleaned up? Yes it does. Trump is not a good old boy participating in the swamp with a 'business as usual' attitude. It's the fact that he is not playing the game but trying to expose it, that has the swamp creatures so eager to get rid of him.

    There is an article about the fall of civilization, there are 6 stages I think. The last step is the fall. The step before it is apathy. We are in the apathy phase. Trump has been trying to get us out of this phase. People are waking up to the fact that we are in trouble due to our apathy.

    Is there any easy answers? No. Since there has been no public work on dealing with voter fraud/corruption, I fear the 2020 election will be nothing less than a powder keg. This country is so divided, I honestly expect the election to be the straw to break the camel's back. That is if there are not any arrests ahead of time. If there are arrests, the camel's back will break earlier.

    We need to get ready to do what needs to be done to save our country. May God have mercy on America and bless our efforts to take back our country.

  • Vladimir Trumpenstein says:

    "Impeachment is not about justice… you don't have to have committed a crime… impeachment is about cleansing the Office of the President!" – Lindsay Graham, 1999

  • Isn’t this the guy who recused himself from the Russian Collusion Hoax & Scam? President Trump might think twice before praising for him again this time around.

  • Pamela Karlan going after Barron Trump: wile "Hunter
    Biden is supposedly off-limits according to liberals, but a 13-year-old boy is fair game.Disgusting."

  • I just can’t seen to trust anything Jeff Sessions says anymore after what he did to Our President, his backbiting of Our President just shows me he can’t be trusted anymore in the political ring in Washington, sorry sessions but you’ve lost my confidence in ever becoming a US Senator again or any other office as far as that goes

  • The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump says:

    "Jeff Sessions says Democrats have lost their objectivity"
    Lost it? When did they ever have it?

  • Sessions has no credibility. He recused himself from the most important investigation in our nation's history. My anger when I see his face will never abate.

  • Seriously tho', when did they have it. "Those behaviours". again they were asked to provide evidence not one raised their hand as to what it was he did. I'd never go on record though to say that Trump has exactly helped the situation

  • Ратмир Курманов says:

    "Don't do insufficient efforts that disrupt country"…? Well, doesn't it obvious enough that this is what they're doing after all??? Isn't it obvious?
    They're disrupting the work of your congress and federal government on purpose so they could do the mess – and then blame Trump in that mess.
    They're disrupting country on purpose, it's only explanation why they're doing this.

  • The dems want him impeached because. He will find out what the dems have done illegally
    Against America they the dems are bringing America down to its knees they are traitors

  • John Butterworth says:

    Funny how the corrupt are trying to protect their criminal intent. What is even funnier but sad is they participated in a dark cult of money laundering, including the American tax dollars. Thank God we have a businessman as commander in chief. Pres. Trump is not interested in making money or fame from draining the swamp, it is what he does best. He is protecting the People's money. We need to get the monies spent on this impeachment circus tent and give it back to the people. I learned one thing from this historical event, There are criminals protecting their interest in congress and in Washington. The public will be shocked when the hammer hits the gavel. It is time to come together as a nation, not tear it apart, like these socialists are trying to do.

  • We are deplorables. But they are mentally derranged. SOCIALISM won't work no matter how hard they try half of population doesn't work a small Cuba is the mirror of the usa

  • If you bypass all the [fake] news and listen to all those that have provided testimony in their own words (via youtube etc.) its pretty clear what this president did and why. If he is not called on his actions, he will do it again…and again. You know that. YOU KNOW THAT!

    Are we all just zombies or sycophants – can we not think for ourselves and do the right thing?

  • Did Sessions actually "garduate" from college? Why are you asking him questions, he left the Obama DOJ in place after he started his job as Attorney General, then got the political hack Mueller to start a fishing expedition on Trump. He is either very stupid or a staunch Democrat.

  • Mr. Sessions, you say Demos lost objectivity. I think you, yourself lost objectivity trying too hard to be objective. You should see what went on from a distance and you should see DOJ was on fire and you did not lift a finger to prevent it. You never tell me you served the AG office with integrity and fairness. You don't seem to see how much unfairness President Trump and his family had to persevere. You seems to think you were just an innocent bystander. You were the AG where actions were needed but you acted like a Senator where nothing gets done.

  • Democrats losing their objectivity is like Madonna losing her virginity. I’m sure it happened but it was so long ago that even she doesn’t remember when it was.

  • I just wish Jeff had not recused himself from the "Russia collusion hoax" and save the country from the ridiculous Mueller investigation. He badly failed President Trump.

  • Funny to hear Jeff say, "it is hard to run this government." 2:37 — It was easy for you Jeff. When there were important things to be done, you just said, "I recuse, I recuse, I recuse."

  • Well, it would seem to me that what I learned in law school must have been wrong. Law experts that talk about law to Congress can omit the part about the blind fold. Blind to prestigious has no place in a place that makes the laws, and following unlawful orders is not a personal responsibility ~ If what Nancy says is her law, that's it. However, a party vote is an unlawful order, voting in congress is coercion if a law maker will lose his or her parking space because of a vote. Some of the best runners in a race ware blinders, but that's just horses, not jack-asses.

  • Jeff Sessions is old RNC, he had a chance to do good work, he did some, but he only works for himself, too safe. A good man with a good retirement, he should enjoy his family, God knows he's earned it.

  • I'm on the fence with sessions. I'm very upset that he recused himself and now he wants to get back in government. He really messed up Trump and I won't be forgetting that anytime soon.

  • Sessions speaks so well. A lot better than any democrats. Why Pelosi wouldn't invite him to joint president run against D.J.Trump? Sessions ones have tricked the country and this is enough. I don't want his face on big screen, I don't want his foxy manners, I don't want his lies on radio channels. Yes, country want Hilary instead.

  • Sessions let the resistance get a deep foothold by recusing himself. That was a very bad thing for him to do. Why would we want him back in government?

  • “The Democrats have credibly argued that [Trump] committed impeachable offenses” in the Ukraine scandal. The easiest one, because this existed in Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, is obstruction of Congress. So, by directing his subordinates to refuse to comply with lawfully issued subpoenas, whether it’s for testimony or for documents, that’s an impeachable offense. We know that from history, every time the House of Representatives has looked at that with respect to a president, they found it to be impeachable. On that, reasonable minds cannot disagree without rejecting history and without rejecting constitutional norms.”
    — Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News analyst, December 4, 2019

    Host Bill Hemmer: “If you were in the House, would you vote for impeachment?”

    Judge Napolitano: “I certainly would."

  • Don't like him. He is more like a John McCain. We need a Republican senator in Alabama, but not him. I would vote for a dog first. He showed his colors as Ag .

  • Perfect example of the failure of our education system….3 profs totally in the leftist tank and one anti Trump prof sticking to the letter of the law as written in the Constitution!
    Who CAN'T or WON'T see this as a third world kangaroo court?…..there are a few sheep.

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