jay leno headlines 2006 3

jay leno headlines 2006 3

the woman cuddling Simon Cowell is here my wife is very upset that Chris Daughtry was kicked off I never seen her like this okay I mean she’s furious like I’m not watching anyone she never gets that way she’s really upset so we’ll find out about that also 93 Iraq 93 year old actor named Johnny Holliday this guy didn’t become an actor to lose 91 so he’s here to check in see um I parent Lee’s got a 15-year plan those gonna see how odd music from t-bone Burnett I’m very excited about that everybody come on one of the best guest of all time Ellen DeGeneres will be here I love Ellen always very funny also week Angelina lily and Nicolette Sheraton Michael Bolton’s gonna sing on that show all right so they’re engaged so I don’t know anything could happen either folks it’s Monday night time for headlines says celebrate Mother’s Day put mom on cloud nine with these fabulous shoes your mom is not going to wear these okay look their sandals that have a bottle opener in the bottom of them okay what mom doesn’t like to kick up her heels and open a brewski cavea something you might like for the house a white trash compactor well you know this one really made me laugh this selling draperies and curtains okay all right there’s curtains no one seemed concerned that there’s a giant bear outside good you know keV I thought I knew all the cars all right I don’t know this one there’s a ninety five mercury mistake is Ball State University look they’re looking for a labrie office assistant to work in the university libraries our smallest hearing aid is virtually invisible now you see it now you really see it fourth his-and-her deluxe twin coffin set slightly used comes with pine tree air freshener throw your next printing order why not go out of town well how stupid is this look at this hurricane shelter kit a sensible alternative oh yeah yeah that’s come on everybody in here yeah I’m just getting the barbecue okay it’s the same thing Kevin have any GM Monogram appliances now my appliances I don’t know about this one mammogram dishwasher crying while you’re washing dishes you just do it you always want to buy the name product not the one that sounds like the name product Duncan Hines fine fine name and cake mixes when you break them oh well here’s don’t go with this Duncan Heinie’s moist the luck who wouldn’t like a Duncan high knee actually okay fall home builders guide snappily Brookside only five homes remain available look at lassen come visit our neighborhood you will want to stay away I see why you’re vegetarian cab to local man and one great idea equals success the meat house the men sell poultry lamb veal and erotic meat the pass on the erotic meat all right this is six couples a livestock trailer used to transport the six couples till the Ellen Wood high school prom really and what girl doesn’t want to be taken from prom and a horse here’s black suede richly distinctive distinctly masculine comes in three masculine scents fresh aromatic oriental amber and sensual woody what is that question your opinion would you approve and disapprove of wireless telephone towers in your neighborhood even if they were concealed look at Radford Mitchell hey that stuff causes cancer man you know how lazy do you have to be gospel sing to benefit Calvary Baptist Church and look live drive through crucifixion plan you know if you can’t get out of your car I like this is the night exchange it’s all these stupid sex things says look your privacy is guaranteed your privacy is guaranteed it’s guaranteed your privacy going over eavesdrop on others hey I thought my father here’s Crescent Center drugs if your doctor writes you a prescription for a specially prepared suppository we can and will fit it okay thanks yeah I’m gonna pass here’s a you know keV again I thought I knew all the options on the cars you know you got so you got the talking thing your doors ajar you got DVD players you got every kind of thing it’s 96 Dodge 1500 cassette automatic an ass rifle three go to our website NBC comm slash tonight’s show be right back with Simon Cowell right after this


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