Jay-3 Entertainment Update,Trailer Reactions,Q&A

Jay-3 Entertainment Update,Trailer Reactions,Q&A

yo what's up team your boy j-3 is back there it is yeah what's up y'all was going on welcome to take their entertainment guys what's happening on this beautiful Sunday afternoon I'm glad to see everybody's in here I'm sitting low-key in the dark oh my god I got one light on I got the a/c blowing man on low trying to stay cool what's going on everybody everybody doing out there how's everybody doing out there we got a nice green live stream over here Jake through entertainment today this is good what's up crazy oh so you know what's going on Cali gc7 was good hiring rain reloaded what's up that's my brother from another the RZA fuse with me so what's up Jameer vision are go Spidey Kevin Castro shot at Kevin catcher I believe you just became a patreon of the you became a patreon ojq entertainment man shout up to you man I appreciate that man shout-out to you man appreciate it showing that love man I got content out there I got that to talk about that with you guys today my topics is really simple today guys just do an introduction like I do talk to you guys have fun with you guys and then we're gonna get into a little and then we're gonna get into j-3 entertainment update that you guys know what's going on with me and my channel and in the future and everything like that and then we're gonna react to the wu-tang American saga official trailer I was gonna do it by myself but I was like you know what let's do it with the family let's watch this trailer together and see what we all think what's going on horselord Kevin Kevin cash shows that just got back from watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood what'd you think about that film I hear a lot of people and their opinions and stuff man and I respect it yo you know I mean he said he said yeah I was I was about to watch that once upon a time spoiler review yeah we shot you the once upon a time in Hollywood spoiler review is up on the patreon account as of right now and also stranger things season 3 I will be putting up another spoiler review later on this week I won't say yet but I will give an announcement of it but yeah we got trimming in the building Vontae double-deck self in the building man was going on with you a ck Dragonborn man LJ Braun up in here he said J so that's that's the big news what's the big news the patreon is that it's not necessary big news is just an update I want to update you guys on my channels gonna do like a solo video I put it up but I was like you know I might as well just go live and do it cuz you guys are here to know for the most part and you know I'm doing a lot of stuff for you guys I hope you guys have noticed it trimming to say a man have you started the boy Jay I really like it I was gonna start the boys last night and my son was wide awake and I said nope can't watch it you know I can't force them like you know like you know I go to bed I wanna watch this he you know he wanted to spend time with us so we watched uh what did we watch some cartoon and then we all we just kind of fell asleep so I watched some cartoon when I forgot I don't know say one of them one of them cartoons all Hulu but yeah I was gonna watch it but I was like damn I can't you know cuz I know it's more mature and I know you can't see that she not a critic said Leo and Brad Pitt are goats you ain't lying especially in that movie man a godly static shock said you've been grinding hard Jay yeah I've been grinding man I just I got um shit happens you know I mean you get in your mode and you just go for it I got content coming for you guys I got I got a brand new spankin episode coming Wednesday morning seven o'clock in the morning Eastern Time of a new episode of the couch I think you guys gonna really dig that one got Cobra Kai on Tuesday I I might drop Swamp Thing tonight maybe or drop it tomorrow maybe and then I have a trailer reaction to give you guys too and I gotta watch this Batman hush so I got to take a look at all that thing right there so you can have some more content on that what's up Patrick Felix what's going on man what uh Fiona in the building flaming dragon I love you I love it not a critic man what's up I was going to do a reaction to the boys but I was like nah a binge that already it's a Benja bull show so let's just watch it and then just review it that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna watch it and review it they should say j3 the couches shit is fired yeah I've been actually it's funny because beef back in May I was like I started I started really analyzing the shows and seeing things and and and even before me back in December when using me saying you know New York a new year's resolution and and everything like that I said I'm gonna take things back to the basics I really meant that I'm taking it back to the basics and I'm giving you guys the content and the reason why you guys even came to see us in the first place so I'm taking shit back to the basics on my end so I hope you guys really enjoy the content I got this new thing coming up – I got two new things coming up I'm working on it right now and I guess I could say it I've been auditioning people I know to see if it works for them from my idea see if it see if you know flings across so I've been working on that and and you know some things like that but that's part of the update talk I talked about a little about that in the update visit say damn I forgot about Batman hush drop it sure did shout to the coat um and I'm gonna actually have to buy it have you reacted to the penny pending work I did earlier I did a penny worth trailer earlier I think the show starts I think I already starting write it already started Loki yeah I'm saying I think it's possible sprite or something man I'd like to sprite really make sure this is delicious check it out look see look that's what's ugly I could get that seat man crazy crazy was it good luck on that Jay I'm going for it guys I'm going for it new goals a new journey and just doing my own thing I'm doing my own thing when she can entertainment he said taking that taking taking a shit and watching these strings are the best bruh you ain't lyin actually sometimes I go in and I think the best thing to do honestly is be butt-ass naked and usher that shit I do the best thinking butt ass naked in the shower playing music and I could just go in and just think about shit sometimes a some time to be watching my BG uh rate the bars and shit and I love that show I look man I'm thinking about doing something like that next oh man I could I start doing my my top my top lyrics and something like that you know saying I think I think my lot of shit you know I mean becoming being one more my being one with myself you could get a lot of shit thoughts in your head and stuff right and everything like that but what's up Aztec Aguilera man what's going on with you tion-tion-tion the man in the building man I'm glad to see everybody's in here and we got 65 folks up in the building that's tight man that's good on a Sunday afternoon morning and evening from some cats but uh oh I should get you me huh whoo get you going clear out man Luke said what's up from Chicago bro how you been I've been great I've been great I'm living out here om said he just became a patriot shout-out to Oh F we becoming a patreon he put four dollars in there bro shout-out to you man appreciate the love and support I appreciate it guys and I want to talk to you the patreon and the subscribers out there on some of the stuff that I'm moving forward with just to get you guys to take I want to make sure that for the most part you guys are happy that is my goal I want to make sure you guys are happy because if you guys are happy then the people that come in will be stunned may be excited they be ecstatic you know I'm saying if the core family is happy I'm happy and then the new cast to come in and become part of family and then they'll be happy so I want to talk to you guys that's part of my day three and entertainment updates and stuff like that you said Jay Chou said what type of mic are using I'm using a blue Yeti that's what I'm using right now that is my microphone somewhere I want done for this one I heard something I think I think my my mom said my daughter to the African Museum to look at some things but anyway yet yeah that is cement your hold on hold on y'all Jason I knew some eyes that might though what am I do what at my dog what at my dog alright so I'm back I'm back I'm back I had to open the door for the baby my shots are oh F becoming a patreon and stuff like that I appreciate it shout to everybody out there showing love and j-3 entertainment I really appreciate the love and support guys I'm gonna try to get my bestie you guys a lot of content did you hear about the good news about Kovac our four three two season three no I have not Fiona I will get on that I will be late but I will get on that because I have to finish Kovac I because I don't want anything to influence my thoughts you seem saying I'd rather just go in and watch Cobra Kai and enjoy and use my brain and figure out the little things instead of knowing the future so don't spoil anything cover card for me we will get there when we get there y'all trust me I did episode 7 so I got three more left so and shots are brought in for you know coming through and helped me out with that they get to a point I've been so anxious on man I got I want to watch this but I gotta hold off because that's a me and Rhoni thing man he put me up on it and I couldn't do it without him cuz that's what me and running do man and you know brother from another type status you know but um shots everybody's in the chat I'm really happy to see everybody's here I hope everybody had a great Sunday and hope you guys you know just chillin man you know I'm sitting here Tony Robinson just walked in the building man how'd it how you doing I'm seeing a lot of blue wrenches I like that I like to sit on wires out there Stevenson Johnson's in the building I will be removing some mods and I will be knighting some mods and the reason why I do that is because I dunno this time changes things changed for some cats and they get busy and stuff and they can't come through as much as they used to and I want to keep it fresh and I want I want new moderators that you know that are here at the time and stuff like that and if you end up popping up showing up then it's all all means you can always get your moderate moderate mod ship back so I will be getting rid of some mods and then I will adding some mods and and I appreciate the mods honestly that go on the videos and you know take care of folks for me I see a lot of people get removed honestly I'll be honest with you guys though some of y'all be a little hard on some people some people just be actually saying you know sign it sometime it seemed a little ass holders but sometimes I realized something from different countries and that's just the way they get down like they try to say it the best way they can and sometimes just be speaking a truth after a girl are said and forgive me guys but sometime when it highlights my name I I see it as orange which is my favorite color it says when are you when are you and the Justice League doing another fan meetup at the brewery honestly I have no clue there was nothing in talks with the group as far as I know about that we are scheduling a meet-up something like that in New York but I'm working on that and seeing how that plays out and random black gamer says planning to fly random beginners are playing on flying out to Cali soon would be super dope to collaborate with you and talk about comics and movies random black gamer 100 I'm down just tell me the time and I'm down I got you bro I would love to collaborate with you and multiple people and do some episodes together face to face to face you know I'm saying so I have no problem with that when you come out here just let me know give me a time and date because my schedule is a little a little bit you know I'm not as free as I used to be and so we out there we just did out there doing our thing man so you tell me and we can we can get some done you know fellow youtuber I'm with it man I'm with it I need those I need that and unique that we all need to just come together and have fun yo whoo I bet gah go make it – it's gonna be so epic when you come it's gonna be something so tight that mean you're just gonna click on that seat ah it's gonna be tight and if you wanna say I'm so excited to see everyone I'm gonna be excited to see you too I'm gonna give you a big old hug big hug big old hug no doubt and I got long arms that's the first thing but now to say when she saw me she sees a day yours a longer in person don't want freak his lone brother wrapped around Rihanna or not it like yeah that was funny I I really enjoy hanging with Renata oh my god she's such a beautiful woman I love hanging over not a man Renata was like a breath of fresh air for me I just loved hanging over her for that brief time he was just so cool man it's so cool so cool squeezy said the same thing like squeezy looking at me and Johnny like Madison so this is like source you know this is a real there was though like I'm like I'm here bro what's up man sure the same it's weird – I'm looking dead at you like you are Union you I don't even know you brought you know sanli is like crazy right but um yeah it's gonna be cool seeing everybody look see like we're not in the building Arenado his arms are long look shit they'll own baby they love and they'll own I am am I look I am literally if my mother this is God on the street this is what this might this might sure I believe if mine if God had made my mom five six right five five four five six I will be I will be at least minimum six one minimum minimum cuz all my uncles and stuff are really tall I'm just short well I'm not short but compared to them I'm short rats you know I mean so you know I I probably would be in the NBA probably would have been an NBA i would i would have dedicated my skills to just straight pier defense just locking fools down that would be my golden history just be a defensive player yeah look I got I love hugging people man hugging is like it's like meditation or something this weird is like it's just a connection with somebody just to hold somebody holds you back and you just hmm I would I would have did really good in Greek times and shit you know if I could just walk up and Hercules shaking and hug each other that's a tight bra doesn't make a say on 5/13 that even that even right 5:13 I wouldn't that was I would've been that's why I look at my son and in a way he's he's he's kind of tall for a three-year-old and he's actually targeting all the other babies at that are three at daycare and um yeah he's stubborn too III I like that I like that shit that means he gonna be on niggas brother you ain't going nowhere come here will you go wiggle wiggle where you going yeah I love it I love it I love it um yeah hugging is energy exchanging I love it when especially when energy is positive even if it even an energy is negative on one in and you're positive you can make a person feel really good I'm even osorb the negativity and make it positive I love hugging people hugging people was really good but uh we got a show to do guys we got a show glass the everybody's in the building man shots everybody yeah uh space dandy say how's tall is your mom my mom was 411 Johnson tell my mother she's 411 and my daughter is four nine four ten something like that she's nine years old she's about four nine she's she's up there and she's down there my mom's height yeah I got some tall kids cuz my my girls kind of tall my girls would five six five seven and all her uncle's in it like they're tall like you know I mean her brother let me see her brother is four six six so yeah I like that the host of Fat Mike is gonna be tall they're gonna be tall man this they gonna be tall kids now I love it huh you know I mean I just want I want I don't want my daughter be too tall like I don't want her to be a giant you know I mean but I I about five six five seven I think would be cool for her you know I mean but uh she squeeze that I really love when Jay gives us these one-on-one streams I feel special you're a man that's what I do I'm glad you guys appreciate it man i I just I you know this is my way if you guys know me I'm the Batman okay I come off the shelves when I need it and I stand by that shit I am NOT the the one to be all you know I just come out you know come on talk I say what's up you know I mean probably won't know but you you you like you know I mean I don't you know i'm i'm batman shit you know come in yeah I'll go to the press conference everybody don't need some money get my bed will go home and sit in that window and look that's what I do like that's me man you know I mean I'm he sitting on writing sittings doing stuff and stuff like that so yeah man no I'm not gonna play basketball my girl she she does hair that's that's what she does she's been doing here since she was really young um she doesn't does do it as much anymore because you know clientele people people especially when you you do your friends hair and stuffing is always trying to get over on you wish it so I know she doesn't do it as much she's she's she's in like she works like an HR and stuff like that she's really intelligent when it comes to that kind of thing like you know I mean she hires folks and that kind of shit I really admire that shit cuz I couldn't do it I could do it but I'm like Dale Gribble you're fired like I'm like that like I'm straight to the point you're hired you're fired get this guy in my office it's like that that's how I am I'm I'm like a Diddy type of dude like you know I mean like what you got two seconds go nothing get my office it's like that cuz it's like my mind moves and I've learned though honestly the older I've gotten I learned to slow it down a little bit you know saying slow it down a little bit give people time you know I mean cuz sometimes people aren't gonna react like you are and you know and I understand the mentality of it because that's how a lot of older guys didn't mean as a child you know I remember I remember oh oh we going back a time I remember in seventh and eighth grade my teacher mr. Hannon oboe Africa do short black black big lips white teeth white eyes going bald mr. hodda no bow he his teaching methods is uh was phenomenal to this day and III look at who I look at a lot of people and then never get on that level mr. Hahn anova was like this and I had him for geometry no no algebra and I had him for cuz Middle School's uptight taught to two classes had a fourth algebra and I believe US history or something like that but with mr. hunter no bow his tactic was when I write down you better copy could of you don't you lose right so mr. Lobo a whiner crazy bow and erase that bitch bug what was that hill right now our nose erase that sheet so you always got to be quick on your toes and and he'll go like this he'll say he'll give a math question maybe like two plus two and you'd be like um I'm wrong you're out like goddamn uh uh one plus one all right all right stuttering and waiting and thinking in on it and that's not how you you couldn't you couldn't pass his class being that way he will deduct you for pausing for waiting beside an open window joke man I'll never forget they just wipe the whole board Wien has cell phones back then man so you had to write down all the notes and you had to make sure you had it man you should be sloppy but I learned one thing I learned how to write notes down I learned how to do notes and cliff notes not actually like that and it really was a great tactic cuz when I got to high school I would do that shit and the crazy thing is I also learned from mr. Hana no bo was always like my mom told me to miss I know it was different for somebody else to tell me but I never turned in my homework unless you wrote it off if you didn't write my if you didn't check my homework off as receiving it you didn't get it you ain't getting this shit bro out of time for you to lie and say I turn it in nah nigga you you you gave me this and when you and when you came back my test I had it I had it right down especially when I got to continue wasting school cuz they just be lying man they be lying man act like you need to go homework is she trying to flunk you he like 'no god did my shit bro you didn't sign off and i never it was another teacher and that nigga wouldn't sign for my work and I told my principal I was like I was like look G I got the homework I got everything Rock folder for homework in assignments and reports I said this nigga won't accept it because he won't sign it off and he's already known to losing people's homework and giving niggas s because he came fattening what kind of person that you are you know I'm saying my person went to that nigga said says you ain't gonna give him you ain't gonna take his work you just gonna give him a B anyway I got to be on that class bro I got to be on that class rest in peace mr. browning that's tight bro but we got to show like I said um hope everybody's up there having a good time I I don't know if somebody wants to do time stands for me you don't have to you don't want to we are chilling this is this kickback but I do know some people just are have become accustomed to time stamps like I don't know what it's like they nitpick my streams or or the streams in general in which I don't like it's like nigga what you ain't you only want to see one topic like those people I know aren't family like come on bro you got to be you know I mean like what the fuck where's the timestamps and like a watch the show you know mean G ain't all get the timestamps on the motherfucking uh uh episode of Veronica Mars nigga with night that when she find out what everything goes down no nigga gotta watch so our show that's how I go fuck okay Stan one fuckin sometime anyway all right so j-3 entertainment update well you guys know I've been on YouTube since 2013 started with the kickback that was the original group that we did about four episodes three to were aired two weren't and then that we stopped doing that then I came back to the building and once again with a new with a new show the movie hoppers that ran for about two years and then it got striked got hit hard came with j-3 entertainment 1.0 couldn't make any money off that one because the movie hoppers was connected to it in some form of fashion I don't know I did something wrong and I had to cut that one down and start j2 entertainment 2.0 up so we're here at j-3 entertainment 2.0 we're at 20,000 almost 21,000 subscribers shout-out to you guys I appreciate that we had twenty one thousand twenty one thousand subscribers that's a phenomenal goal right there and I'm really blessed I honestly I never saw it never thought it I was just just doing it to have fun I I the goal set was it really – you know I didn't have a number to go for and I was just having fun you know I mean and just checking trying new things out and learning things you know I'm saying so shuts my boy a man in the building Green Ranger in the building man you need get one of these real quick bro you need to get one of those bro and you get one of those man so that was something that's a blessing thank God thank my family for dealing with me and stuff like that and my friends and everything and we we accomplish a goal and that's a good thing so the update on the channel is you guys have seen where we've been and where we are now you guys show a lot of love and a lot of support you guys donate and i truly appreciate it because it helps take the entertainment out a lot and i thank you guys for that so these are the things i wanted to give back to you guys and i've been i've been trying to figure it out for a while and i noted I noticed that my patreon account you know it was a lot of old streams and shit because I was throwing streams on there and then we end up throwing our strings on just alive so then that kind of took a lot away from it because the strings I would put on there you know we're little older and stuff like that and I'm like well I don't know if you would really want to go back and watch those streams like that anymore so what I decided was to use that that level of exclusive content for you guys and I should have probably done this first with you guys but I was so anxious and I really wanted to go and do it and try it and I noticed a lot you know we got like 20 Patriots and shout to that number about 20 people became patreon object their entertainment and like the spritesheet beginning you but actually it makes you burp so much you got to drink it keep drinking it so you damn mmm delicious so I did the exclusive thing I'm doing the exclusive thing like on patreon but I wanted you guys to take advantage of a lot of the episodes on there because I do know there is a limit and I don't want my patreon page to get cluttered you know saying and I'm working on something else so that won't occur next so I'm working on that but I would love to know I'm wondering I'm gonna go down the list and I want to know what you guys think and I really appreciate if someone wants to put a poll up for me so I can see what you guys think and I can put it together for you guys you know I mean you know and put it together for you guys and that way it could really work for you guys j3i might be coming late on Wednesday stream because I'm going to study for my quiz every Thursday my G a man do what you got to do that's one of the things I'm talk about next two strings man so I'll go first thing first my streams now go straight streams alright so the update on my strains was I was looking at the time base of being on the streams extremely long standing on the streams long not being able to do content but I want to do because we probably did it during the stream and it took so much away from the the the one-on-one with you guys I like doing solo videos I like doing live streams but I dunno if I do everything on a live stream that's only appealing to a certain amount of people those that watch the live stream and like I said before when you when you when you go to the live stream where's the timestamps in I just want to watch your reaction you know I'm saying now it looks like alright fuck so this is I don't like that right and and I rather give you a live lively a reaction video that you could just go for on yourself you see I'm saying I appreciate shots of my boy mr. to pot dropping five eyelets on the string baby shout out to you is the Tupac is a big follower JQ entertainment Jodie's corner just live man appreciated brought in he's a moderate through entertainment so what's good J and everybody in the chat did you start on the series the boys yet it's it's eight episodes overall and it's a good is good in my opinion I haven't started yet because my son was up last night with us and we had the watch cartoon with him because he a baby and he's smiling and he was just being a baby and I I didn't want to be mean to him try watch that but I will try to take a look at it tonight most definitely tonight actually prior to the stream probably start watching a couple episodes tonight and a review will be coming after that watch that show because I'm really interested in it but um thank you mr. Tupac I appreciate the fight out of this so like I was saying um so I you know it was taking a lot away from productivity you know you'll come in on a Wednesday you stay all night Wednesday you come home you're tired you really don't want to do anything and it takes away from episodes from you guys especially if you talk about the episodes during the live stream and I didn't like that personally I don't like that because why you guys follow us and follow me Jake the entertainment is not necessary because the livestream is because of the solo content that was presenting to you guys the topics the discussions those things so somewhere in my dough so I decided to cut my streams down I'm running the time of five o'clock to eight and that's why you've been seeing a lot of content I was able to leave early go home finish some videos up if I had to before I come do some videos 5 to 8 o'clock that is my standard time moving forward as far as that I know some people might be like yo shout-out to another dumb becoming a patron it or gen 3 entertainment shout out to you I appreciate it thank you thank you I appreciate it showing love and we're gonna get on the patreon too because I want to make sure you guys are satisfied too but I want to make sure both my families are satisfied right including my one that's here so the live streams and also it helps me out family wise I get to come home you know I'll drop my kids off at daycare or school the daycare at like 8 o'clock in the morning and I won't see them till midnight like I don't like that personally I don't like that I don't like that and that's why my son wants to spend time with me at night you know it's like let's go for it you know I mean stay up with me you know I mean cuz he's waiting for his dad to chill and my daughter you know she's getting older and she wants to spend time with me so I do understand that you know sometime is like damn I'll do a stream all night and then they won't even see me you know me so I cut my streams down to 5 to 8 o'clock and I've added my topics quick topics quick topics I felt benefits you guys more than then then what you guys probably think when you do a quick topic it's like for instance last couple weeks ago you guys are like hey what about you what do you think about black skull I mean uh wasn't a black mass being gay and we couldn't answer it because when part of goddamn topics but if you're in quick topics you could get that answer you get a quick little snappy snap discussion and keep it moving so I wanted to keep it fast-paced I'm running to D'Antoni right now with my streams I want to keep it moving and I want to get you guys the information you guys want and you want to get our reactions and our conversations so I did the quick topics so you can just go in and be like BAM I think I can get you like seven topics I think we did one stream we did but eight topics like and then you you get that and then so I'm like okay I get a quick topics you get that you get a little introduction for everybody within the next the the beginning light like right we start at five probably stay on you know in waiting page real quick and and then we go into introductions that we talked about these and then we go quick topic boom boom boom we in and we out and then you get a reaction video something from the group's the most important you might get two you might get one depending on how important it is and how big it is and how much you guys want to see a groups reaction and then you're gonna get a main topic something that we're going to dive deep into and then if if we finish up early I say eight o'clock so we got a Q&A where you can chill with us that is my new format and I think it's efficient time efficient and it gives you guys a stream and it gets you more content throughout the week because you guys noticed it already I mean like if you look at this week I got shit coming out like a motherfucker I got content for you because I'm able to edit I'm able to record and not worried about oh shit well we talked about that this day I don't know if I should do it if I do this reaction they might not work and you're not worried about that shit Nomo so now I'm able to give you more content and you can see J every day no days off you're gonna always need a video for me my I sometime I might jump sometime I might jump into like I might drop a double video and forget I was supposed to release it I release it like 11:58 and it's supposed to come out eleven I'm supposed to come out midnight so I could be that day so then it looked like you you only get an episode you know me other day but I'm trying do you episode every day so you this is considered an episode but I'm still gonna probably drop an episode today for you guys at the distraint so you're gonna get that and buy me buy me stepping down my streams you're able to get that and that that's my new format quick streams get you in get you out now usually sometimes I might have back in the day I might have waited for some members to show up or we were eating we're talking we're doing something like that that won't be happening on my ever again I'm not doing that I'm starting at five o'clock if I'm there I'm there you know I mean I have been doing some other things outside of YouTube and working on some stuff so you will get future announcements if I'm not able to do something or be somewhere for you guys you guys will know you will know that I'm gonna do my best to give you guys the information so you guys can know what's going on when it comes to the streams you still get your Sunday streams as of right now like I said I'm working on something so I'm gonna try my best to make sure you get a sunday stream every other evening crazy so I said become a patron of JQ entertainment you get exclusive content like spoilers only reviews and older videos among others that's damn right thank you for that I appreciate that yeah but I've always had the blue Yeti I usually have it back here somewhere you can't see but I got the camera like right there usually something I back the camera up a little bit but I wanted you guys to see the epicness that you guys have you know between my boy Theron and Darren gave me all this right here on these epic this right here my boy see so when she cry and then you know I got the Power Ranger up there man golly it's really amazing um so thank you I appreciate it guys so that's what the streams now it's time for a poll that's that's where I want to go with my streams but I would like to know how you guys feel because if you feel some type of way and I will try my best to do adjustments so we both can meet down the middle so could one of my moderators be so kind for the stream yay three hours quick topics reaction video main topic boom or keep it the same way it had been originally can I get a pole for that patrick said how does this chair feel actually my bony elbows have messed up the cushion on the arms so I need to get me a new chair quick because this shit this opposing pushing right there bro cuz when I when I edit this Dublin like this you know well when I'm thinking or something like that I'm like that so can I get a pole anybody and I do notice to a lot of cast got to go to work in school and and I ain't trying to keep everybody up all late and stuff man I just rather he said long string means more debate not necessarily that means you just got me longer so let me see Peart mindset if it ain't broke don't fix it one honey that's what's up so if I could get that pole the first one's a little bit more organized you know I mean shai the Tim Favreau dropping $10 on his dream he said I just want to slide some love for it for that Mister Rogers reaction one thing about one man I never wanted to see Tom I never wanted I never want to see Tom Hanks play a villain the boys good a man you ain't lyin bro you ain't lyin bruh god damn ah oh man he's me up man shot the Ben J 97 in the building man shot screams brother my brother from another so this is the pole all right so we gonna look at the poll let me put the window capture so this was looking we got how it's always been and then we have with quick topics so there we go I will add though like you guys have to really listen you get longer strange you get less content that is the set up and down I'm not sure you mean then kill me I'm only 33 years old even thinking no seven our motherfuckin streaming and thinking funny give me some fucking three our topics that shit you know saying anything happen so it looks like with quick topics is working so I that experiment was this week I did the quick tapas last week and you were able to get multiple content throughout the next two weeks of content and look lucrative I ain't gonna lie man it looked like it was way better like people were you know Thank You Ben Jay I appreciate that link man so I'm gonna keep it up for a little bit about five about two more minutes and then you guys can vote on it and see right now it looks like with quick topics is working yes some time long strangers only have two topics and then you gotta just I mean it has his way man it has it has his moments you know quick topics is running right now I was had a baby maybe beer like my candles I'll let you guys know a secret – you gonna know some really shit when we did that last time we did that stream Oh check their entertainment you end up you guys end up the group stayed there and we did nine episodes we were done babies like a man tonight is early Brooke let's knock these episodes out you get that kind of shit bro you get productivity man when it comes to that seat bro I'm just being honest I love long strings but I want to see how quick topics goes for a minute but I says that's cool he wants to see long streams are cool you know I mean like like if it's a special occasion stream or something that's different but as far as the main deal I'll tell you how all that stuff goes on on Twitter Fiona yeah we ended up doing a lot of Street that night man I went home and did a video the group finished up some more videos and we were just we were is you got shit done I ain't lying man J I have have you watched the that Warriors show the one with Bruce Lee right no no no no but that will be some maybe some exclusive content cuz I got to pay for it to watch it so I might make that exclusive maybe I don't know I'm we gonna talk about that we'll talk about what's exclusive on patreon and stuff like that go on and make sure you guys get everything that you when you donate or net node and stuff on make sure you guys get that exclusive stuff how'd you say in the name Kevin X bin XP I could spin or spin I hope I said it right he say quick topics lead to more efficient streams with productivity in the future plus J you get to spend time with your family friends and much-needed breaks bro it's true it's true like live streams take a lot of out of you and that's shit ain't easy it ain't easy being greasy alright one more minute and then I'm gonna turn it off it's true though I got think I think I was able to really get a lot of shit done in last two weeks just by doing a quick stream and just being for the product having productivity with those streams and you guys got more content out and more discussions and more topics and more flow it was just easier for you guys it was it's easier for us and it's easier for you guys alright we're done so quick topics wins with 29 votes and how it always been with ten votes same with you guys you guys are selfish now I'm joking I'm just joking guys I'm just doing that's why I asked you I did the experiment already I did the experiment to see how it would work for me personally and how it would work for the streams and and just overall and honestly it was productive it had a lot of productivity to it we were able to get a lot of shit done and you got more content you got some justice ly live content you guys projecting entertainment but you got way more on my end you know we were able to you know come together and do more things so yeah so if that is alright the quick top is gonna run that's what i'ma run now always remember this if the topic is just lit we will always go over a couple you know I mean we go just alright I'll see y'all cut it off in we're gonna do a first take of none like that because we ain't owned by nobody we will just you know we'll finish that off and it would be done but always notice I always have backup so if the stream looks like it's ending quickly I have backups for all that shit so you never have to worry about a stream being an hour or two hours with a group unless we got something to do that's but um looks like that's the first thing off the update so strains will be three hours you have quick topics reaction major topic and that's throughout the week so that's right there as cooler so and I appreciate you guys that that I think it'll work out for everybody because also most likely during the streams you're gonna have more content even after the fact because I'm gonna make sure I drop so much stuff there that you can see it you know I'm saying swag cake okay Stan you bruh now I love you miss all love he said how's life J AJ life is good I'm blessed I'm alive it's hot outside and I'm cool inside I'm doing really good sides of my boy there you go some happen OBS OBS be trippin brass we're man I'm gonna pay for that other woman I'm gonna pay for it as far as getting a high top industry I may be using a pitcher bro is in his dope mining it we'll put it up I don't know if it'd be on the backdrop but it will be in the studio somewhere man you know saying it will be there it will be there but uh Tiano Jackson in the building man you two strikes again yeah when I was in YouTube that was that was obvious your Nana that was OBS doing this stupid thing it always does is we haven't we use a free program it has its malfunctions can't see you j-3 no video YouTube is bugging is it YouTube ah this should be good I'd be good his back okay now tonight that was OBS y'all OBS was acting a little funky OBS was acting a little funky stevia says that let me know if you need a picture for the couch oh I would love to see that huh What's Wrong sweetheart turn TV on is he asleep turn TV on yeah I would like to see that you know saying the couch and you could draw a couch and everything whoa that'd be clean man that'd be clean bro mmm Kenan can we pick anybody we want to be on the couch Stephen whoa I like that see all right but um oh you go see – hold on all right so next thing on the list yeah refreshing it was obviously active funky Oh Oh see was we gonna talk about that that'd be nice I want to see that give me details you know I'm good with details all right so the nice thing on the list like I said we move forward I'll show you to be three hours five to eight o'clock sometime you may go over depending on how hot it is but you will get quick topics you will get a reaction video you always promise one reaction video maybe two shit maybe three depends on how hot it is and then you get a main topic and after that if we have time you got a Q&A every string if we have time that's that that would be that's the strange moving forward and so yeah that's the strange move for it next thing so I have officially approached my patreon account is been there for like almost two years I believe something like that and it had content on it a lot of people weren't watching it because it was a lot of old streams because I was using it as a stream format so I take my stream down and everybody can go back and watch it you can watch streams but then we end up going to putting some strains on just leave live and then I end up keeping my streams on my channel so I was like fuck you you know I mean let's just let's revamp this thing and I've been thinking about it for a minute so I made my patreon account exclusive right to those that exclusively want to watch new content and I feel like if you it's not I don't want to take away from YouTube not at all while you're getting content but I do know that some people you know they I want out I want to give back to them as soon as they give back to me so I want to give them something exclusive my first thing I did was it's the first thing I want to know I put my spoiler reviews on my patreon so if you become a patreon you can watch my spoiler reviews right so I actually this is my question was that Shelly's scratched cart Sheila's scratched car a shot – you see list I love that hey you how you doing brought the Bartman out alright so this is what I want to know exclusively my first thing I was like yo the algorithm on my spoiler reviews be whack because people just either if it's if it's something hype and they want to watch the negativity of a rant of something bad I'm talking like you know reason shit so bro like it's like so when I look at it it's like alright I put these read these reviews out these reviews are an hour you know I mean I'm sure they're talking and yapping and just giving great sheet I think it's magic Brown cuz this is type of shit look this is I want somebody don't review is the child get motherfucker used to stand and sit in break rooms and listen to him the whole hour break from like like this is your tuition and you're new to me reviewing movies ain't new that's just been my thing I do that shit in the break rooms at work you'd say did you see the movie and I won't stop so I was like yo this is hot shit you know I mean but no one's really watching the algorithm sucks I'm not getting those scribers on it people barely watching us at our video averaging three minutes like goddamn like I looked at even though I got 11 views on my my stranger things right review the algorithm is beautiful but goddamn seventy-five percent this is this is amazing seven five percent of the video was watched I loved it you know I mean that's obviously dumb the numbers I liked the pool in I even made 17 cent on that goddamn video like that was tired I was like yeah that's right you know I mean but I knew that she watched it you know I mean shots my boy Ben's a 97 we're watching that thing he was the last person not seeing that watched it that wrote something um but so I was like maybe if I make it exclusive and people want to watch it so I asked you as patronage first so you guys know who you are the Patriots do you like the fact that it's exclusively to patreon or would you prefer it be considered an early release for the patreon so how I say this I release my spoiler reviews two weeks after I've done them so then you guys get to watch him early before everybody get to watch them exclusively early content and then I'll release them two weeks after the fact how you feel about that that's what I want to know that's what I want to know what up my artist Sheila says she says do we do do you want do you want me to give you a shout-out on my live string on Wednesday hey you know what shout out J to the tune baby doesn't suck beside the Steelers scratch garden bro tight shot the Selah I like that name too whoo yeah I like this she'd be waiting Brooke when the lottery tickets that's hot what up ain't my artist man I picked his shirt up bro I was gonna wear it man and and I gotta I gotta bulk up bro it's a large G I should be hanging on me man I'll be like goddamn this is me hanging on my body probably ah I like you too is my adam west man i'ma bulk up in here bro you don't see me rocking more I'd be want to wear it but it just hang on me man you know I'm a medium in shirts because I'm gonna spaghetti you know I'm skinny I'm a stick I got no meat I'm a bone uh yeah you know me I'm skinny bro I'm telling you bro like I put that shit on like yeah you guys like noticing man sometimes my shirts when they get old and they just get wrinkled and they started hanging loop Ian's droopy lookin like a greyhound dog face I'm out I gotta bulk up bro I gotta bulk up I gotta bulk up I gotta Boca I'm missing out a lot of great clothing I gotta bulk up and perk mine as you say where I get this hoodie from I saw it actually I got it from the Nike website s B's no sue it is large Rome is large Jay would you start lifting weights and bulk up yeah I would I just alright alright so I've been going I've been going to the gym and and things like that I just got really busy and then 24-hour fitness ain't sheet but niggaz charge me and taking my little money I got so I had to cancel my membership so I'm finna go Cobra Kai changing the house and going a cement truck or something the guy I'm finna go Cobra Kai I'm sayin Kevin said J I peeped that you steppin your hustle on these platforms bro you've always done a good job but I feel like you're getting more out of your day man J hustle flow J threes hustle flow all money and no money out so it to a degree sometime but I really enjoy doing this kind of thing y'all I really enjoy doing it and I appreciate everyone that shows love and those that can show love they still show love by coming I appreciate it it's the grind it's what it is it's what happens so would you prefer to patronize I didn't really see it but would you prefer to get the patreon account only gets early exclusive content or would you like dedicated exclusive content that's my first question cuz someone give me a poll on that even would you and you got to be honest even if you vote and you're not a patreon yet would you prefer exclusive content or only early exclusive early content like I will like I got Cobra Kai episode thing I'm like I think I gotta do one more or something like that you know I mean I I'm up there but would you prefer to get him early then everybody else he's insane or would you like exclusive content like the spoiler reviews crazy saying keeps it keep it exclusive to Patriots alright I see that one I don't know what happened but it had to stop moving he goes run away when I'm out of your bra early is good early is good for Patriots exclusive J okay Kate I said Jay I wanted to recommend recommend but on the one live stream a week the lead should do a live stream arena battle you guys stay say your points and then let the fans vote later I'm be honest G the arena is not designed for a Justice League not at all the arena is designed the way I designed that the arena was for four individuals maybe three but we put in four because he gave it a balance it is not designed for nine niggas it's not it's not it's choppy to be all over the place you won't be able to really put your your your your your input like you want you won't be able to really argue because there'd be somebody that says two things and then they're quiet you know I mean the arena is is really there for the debaters that is what the arena's for I know a lot of you guys will want to see everybody they're like oh they'll be great but everybody ain't that and when you have that then you have chaos he's like God down well why he ain't saying nothing and then why he ain't saying nothing then why do you think if you talking to many folks on the arena man that's too many bro you can't his foe men maximum foe people bro you know I mean you might want to put a carry champion there to divide it like okay you guys go you guys go but the arena has to be folk people too many niggas becomes the issue I'm just saying I'm just saying that's why I went I just when I said the arena it was it was supposed to be it was we did experiment see how it worked for his episodes and we decided nah too much that's what it is to me no no that's why the couch folk people bro not 9 not 5 4 because when you have too many people you can't get your shit across and you forget and it doesn't run smoothly but I but because you said that I'm gonna think of something for 9 niggas so you're saying coach a Jody in a special league member for the arena I missed I mess with it keep the cell keep it self-contained I missed the arena though so we can establish and quarter see that's the thing when you go hang in court see yeah it's funny you said that because there are some arena episodes about hanging in court we already did it we already touched on it we just never released it it's a lot of content out there bro never been released angin Cora we had a magneto when it was magneto was it magneto and Green Lantern versus what the Freak we got episodes man I think I think what happened was one of the the flashcard it was born got deleted cuz I remember that shit it was like it was like Green Lantern and Captain Marvel versus Magneto and like dark side or some shit it was something like that that shit was and but I think it got it got deleted or something I don't know I don't remember I don't remember I don't remember I'll look for it though I think I might have it I'll look for it though um so it looks like for the patreon they want to keep it exclusive so the spoiler reviews say J I'm again a patreon song bro can't wait to see your videos ok for sure so as far as as far as the the the exclusive of you know I think I think the patreon want the exclusive spoiler reviews and why I don't how does the how does those that aren't Patriots like I say it doesn't you could be a patron for a dollar it could be a dollar you could donate however much you want to and you're good you know I mean it's just there for you guys exclusive content midnight say it's is an exclusive player exclusive exclusive lavell Crawford level but yet do do what your heart tells you Jay I my heart's telling me to talk to you guys we did it man early release for patreon is I think it's cool and that's when it that's what I've been working on now I put some old content up and no one watched it now I know I don't have a lot of patrons right now but it's true so I'm looking like okay well maybe maybe it's not maybe it's not what you guys want I want you guys to become patreon patreon so you guys can watch the exclusive content but if you ain't gonna watch it then you know it's just sitting there not getting views it's just sitting there waiting I ain't got no content yet laugh out loud it's it's on the patreon website if you become a patriot it's right there for you to watch I respect patreon waiting waiting wanting early exclusives Jay your heart to lose an early content for a patreon that's not exclusive now okay not a crease that I think it's fair non-spoiler reviews for the channel and spoiler others and spoilers and others for the patreon so I thought yeah because a lot of times people just watch the spoiler review and I mean you're non-spoiler review because you're getting both you're getting the not you're getting a non-spoiler review and then nice that the spoiler review the patrons get it so this is what I'm gonna do this one out this how we're gonna run the patreon account y'all right this is what I'm gonna do so update for the patreon shot to everyone I've become a patron I think we had 27 27 Patriots shout out to that number that's a good number and I appreciate you guys my spoiler reviews will continuously be exclusive on the Patriots that's what we'll be there early content will appear on the patreon account that will be early and that'll be stuff like like for instance like the Warriors show I will throw that up I'll knock that out throw that up it'll be up on there for about a whole month then I'll go and then I drop it or something like that that's something that I'm thinking of after you guys early access to certain episodes certain content certain old content and you guys can watch it exclusively I get a lot of these messages job I get a lot of these messages now I don't want to really do it but at the same time I want to be fair with my family a lot of people been asking me they say JD want to see me do def battles personally I still well it depends what match it is but I always kind of dip in real quickly look see how stupid it turned out however a lot of people ask me they want me to do def battles again now the audience that came with dev battle I most of them are on some dweeby shit and I don't really have time for that shit but I got moderators so I thought about it well my mosque and Newark nerf these niggas real quick and get him get him go get him go get him out of here brother you know I mean get them going so I thought moderators to get them nerves going that be on that bullshit and then I still give some of you guys deaf bells that you guys won you know sometime you know it might be a group thing or something like that good nice Selah good night fun getting that nice cool bed oh man I'm gonna feel good when you put your feet at the edge of that bed and them sheets and shit feel good see I thought about that now I gave that recommendation to the Justice League live channel I I did that shot the AEG dropping five dollars on the stream and keep it up that was one of the ideas I threw at the Justice League live I said once y'all do deaf battles I'm gonna let you guys know this if any content that I'm doing personally if I'm doing content it's gonna take through entertainment a rock eman anything they need me to do on that channel I do it with them that's how it is I'm not going to stop content on my channel to put on just alive I won't do that now I will not do that because that takes away from my viewers and that makes that go over there if you need me on JP I own justly live I'm there like what you guys saw me on the tread reaction and that other video with a rock I'm there but I will not give content to just Li live I won't do it well I would be part of it but I won't do it cuz I'm doing content for him now like I'm like okay let me let me do this over here no no that's a rock and it's a man and they've been doing it content shots of them brothers out there doing anything putting that shit together if they need me to do a video with them I'll do that but as far as editing and Dornish I'm not doing that for that channel I will not do that I'm j-3 entertainment I am the Batman I have my own platform and I'm sticking to that even though I am a co-creator of that just alive that's why imma stay it yeah I I won't be giving I won't be dropping my content and putting it over there for that channel I won't do that anything that got me in it and I came up with the idea like that where I'm working in it I'm gonna do that now if they need me to do episode or anything like that you guys can do 20 episodes I'll do it I'll do it but I will not be taking my content in putting over there I won't do that no and that's not fair to me nor you guys because the 20,000 people that aren't subscribed to justly live which I recommend subscribed to it's a lot of good content and a lot of different different ideas and freshness subscribe to our channel then that means they gonna be like Jay did you react to this and I'm like yeah I did but I'll put it over and just leave live no I'm not doing that she no no not at all Marky's said I'm a fan of your channel my old channel got terminated I watch I was watching your Atlanta season 1 review an hour ago and I enjoyed the Real Talk hey I you know it's funny cuz Hulu just popped up Atlanta on me I was gonna watch it again season 1 man I love that show can't wait to season to come out Jay have you thought about reviewing this current season of Power Rangers would eat so alright let me finish and I will get back on that with you uh so um as far as deaf battles I've been thinking about it I rented by the the a rock and a man I read it I ran it by him I said you guys should do deaf battles and I think it's a good way to get viewers and new new people to come in so that is just something I meant when I said I'm taking everything back to basics if you guys want to see deaf battles do you care about them can somebody make a poem yea or nay for deaf battle if you want to see those I will start reacting to those again you know me I was early with dumb bitches who I was early nigga I came a minute out they dropped their own the biggest I think it's like what the fuck singing did this shit already so if that's what you want then I will personally release all my old dev battles up I'll put them back on for you guys to watch them again yes a little corny is oj it's J no hair J you know saying backdrop wack camera look ugly but I'll put them back up and I will get back on the band as far as star reacting to dev battles now I'll just do it I'm doing everything now you know I'm saying it's something that built my brand in the beginning and I kind of shied away from it a little bit because I didn't like what the audience was bringing but the audience is different and my moderators are here and a sniping so with that I appreciate you guys for that no doubt Severson Johnson say can somebody make a pole for me say yeah I will actually love to see you react to certain death battles again they were tight and I put a lot of kind of commentary in my shit I get deep into motherfuckers I get deep in them I get deep in them yo none other nothing that nobody reacts to dead bells like me that's just a fact so I wanted to get yeah and I know that's something a lot of you guys really like back then and and reason why I brought it up is because a lot of people always asked me to do dev battle and I'm like I don't do him no mo and they like do the dev battles man I'm like but I don't do him no mo so are we got one no I wonder who I was from ah I crack myself up guy Lee beside the K dot k dot in the building dropping them them polls up bro but um yeah I know a lot of people like dev battles and we do have an audio a hey shots of Oh F man drop him $49.99 on the string baby keep up keep up heart keep up the hard work and new exciting content thank you brother I'm going back to the basics show I'm going back to the basis man I'm going back to the basics I've been praying I've been talking to God you don't really hurt about God God is my therapy man you know I mean and talking to him and trying to figure out think about all Aquaman and seeks out – he shot you many became a patreon man in the same day man shot to do man sad to you that's tight that's tight you got to check out our house of X shit explain I actually have he bro shots my boy a seesaw I got a lot of freaking kind don't know if y'all can see that sheet who's that a squeezy who is that guy dust Ashleigh Gregerson dusty bra oh don't want y'all CNSC oh this is hands down alright def bowels is coming back to take you anytime y'all fuck shot the crazy so became a patriot shot the crazy and someone else became a patriot – let me see Ranade Oh F how do you pronounce this authorities Attar's how do you say that see I want to make sure I get it right mama I ain't gonna be a pronounce that she shots all the patrons man I appreciate it you know you are putting in I can't pronounce it man but there is the third is odorous a car is for something how you say it man I'm not a saying bro I'm dumb Shila Tim Favreau coming back in the building say Jake what if you upload your old deaf battles check how many views you get if people really want to see the Deaf bowels again you can judge it from there that's true but a lot of my old deaf ballot just say Ark okay whatever art a art just came in a building become a patron of JK entertainment Tyra thank you people still watch my old deaf battle says this is real shit niggas are still commenting on the old as deaf battles bruh and then they asked where's the new ones that so that's brother they still up there man and Fiona hey you you get it how you get if you become one now you can't I still love you we just all family you guys are showing I'm giving you guys the content so the patreon it's official exclusive spoiler reviews Batman hush we'll be having one real soon so you guys gonna check out that and I'll try to make sure my exclusive reviews spoilers we'll always have a guess I always have a guest there well you guys can watch somebody else I'll try my best to have that for you guys but um shout out to all the new patrons I appreciated guys showing love man thank you so deaf battles is coming back goddamn it's eight nineteen to three dead vowels coming back real soon I'll be dropping those I think those come every Wednesday or something like that so you'll be getting new deaf battles real soon so I appreciate that guys patreon game yeah so the patreon is going I'm still working on some things to to help your content come more fluent so deaf bowels is coming back that's off my list so that's that's a new segment for you it's open a new segment dweebs we are the new ones yeah I see and my moderators y'all gonna be there man the snipe thing wack niggas bug get him go get him go get him out of here get him out of here yo get him out of here and I'm gonna be moderating a lot of new mods man so yeah all right that bells are coming back shouts you play doc all right so the next update is so we got dev bells yada yada all right so Cobra Kai is ending Cobra Kai is ending Swamp Thing is also ending so I want to make sure I fill in those voids the boys I won't be reacting to because it's already 8 episodes in that's why I didn't react to stranger things because I'll be damned if I gotta watch an hour show and then react to it and then I'm really anxious to watch the next one next thing next thing I know that Turner that eight hours turns to 16 hours and I'm exhausted then you start seeing me slur my words and not give a fuck so that's why I didn't touch it a lot of stuff that is i fucks with cobra cock it's 30 minutes that's easy you can go either you can go through that shit Tim Favreau said the new desk battles are trash well that's the case gene we're gonna trash them bitches but we don't react we gonna trash him gene and I ain't reacted to one thing the last one I did it was like a couple years late what two years ago is some shit so I got a lot of back episodes to come up with real soon man and bring out some new some new ones man bring some new shit to the table let me see some Kate I just dropped two dollars on straining I shot skater he says Jay I think savage will embrace the sail into more if you call him perfect sell ha ha that intros iconic and yes we laughed but that shit's tight sail to still sells to doesn't look all that cute but at least when sell becomes perfect he looks hella handsome as far as Steve Smith with that man that's up to him bro you know I don't that's my boy man and I think I think he likes it honestly it's this thing sees me I have to be perfect man I told him that already I said man you gotta be perfect bro you got coming here look at myself – I sell three come in all swole moguls she clean-cut sup niggas you know I mean you gotta come in and beat and beat that nigga bro you know you gotta change it up all right here here's something I sing I sing something I seen something part mind said attack on Titan all you need until my hero and October so attack on Titans could be something but that's gonna be a j-3 solo but load thing I don't know if I could react to attack on Titans though I don't know I don't know because I don't really fuck with a lot of animes because some niggas dumb niggas find a karate kick and then claim yo shit like I don't fuck with that shit yo I don't fuck with that shit I don't fuck with it one bit y'all y'all saying so I will watch a check on Titan Saturday in a problem I can get on to that oh so so this is what it is to talking to the couch the couch will be changing for certain elements so when we get into the retro rewind which is coming up soon I think I'm gonna debut that in October retro rewind will be debuted in October yeah I think I'm gonna do that and the reason why is because I want to collect episodes I want to treat I'm treating my channel like a network I don't want to be spontaneous new information not actually I want to be able to drop content that's already recorded and ready to go like the shit gonna be dated and schedule and when that shit drop it drops that's what I'm that's that's the goal that's what I'm hoping for that's what I'm praying for see I can react to attack on Titan but I don't trust them man they'd be banning they'd be blocking niggas channel man that anime no joke man I don't want to get hit for some damage some damn show that I'm you know I mean shit crazy I gotta go for now gotta clean my pool with bugs inside love y'all content y'all bring some crazy soon thank you become a patriot make them entertainment man um so what I'm thinking is I don't know if I want to run it I don't I don't want to really get too much into reacting on enemies because of that shit dumb motherfuckers be on that be s baby getting niggas channels swipe clean and if you noticed the major reactors and I paid certain everybody they don't react to that shit for a reason and and the reason why I watch they shit on that note is because they are they have a company that they work with and the company says don't do it and I learned this because I did a video that Tyrell madness also did a video to and his channel didn't get hit and the reason why is because he took his shit down two weeks in advance when they sent out the message that nigga's they had this shit up alright so it should be back up alright and she said I did that as likely renard Caprio okay so they means I'm clean my room house watch as what's up Patrick so what happened that's all OBS OBS is acting funky and it I'm only doing 32 seconds 30 frames per second um so what happened was when they dropped the Deadpool shit the Deadpool shit got got it sent a message out and the companies the youtubers that got companies told them all to take it down and I believe Tyrone Magnus took his down Ryan writing them niggas took they shit down the real rejects they took they sit down Gator Martin um today stood the Ottomans took they sit down where the mouth was like don't do this shit but I can sign was only one that left his shit up and I think if she got hit that's what I so I believe I believe this shit guy he was one of those I got hit so I don't really fuck with a lot of shit and that's why I don't you guys notice I don't react to fan products because dumb niggas are grimy especially when you get more views and more in comments and more thumbs ups than they do they are hateful so I don't fuck with this shit Kate I said Jay how would you feel if Cartoon Network did a huge fun collaboration movie 90's cartoons the currents of the other cartoons and all the big screen together for the kids I think that is beyond the kids brother that's like all of us think that'd be high Warner Brothers can do it many did they own Cartoon Network YouTube like he knows too much I've been doing this shit forever that's why I'm very cautious on what I react to and what I say it's just it gets to that point so I don't have a company I work with so they can't warn me like you're gonna take a shit down I mean for goodness sakes remember that channel Michelle what's the call mission Jana some shit like that that gaming channel we reacted bro to Mortal Kombat which was on that channel and I got a strike for that shit I'm good I even haven't I have a Batman Justice League dark episodes with Ron and Joe Genji which is four episodes of exclusive just League dark content that I won't even release because of that shit so j.a alliance Elias said uh do episode recap reviews for big anime episodes and/or one of one of that you feel is worthy of reviews you don't have to react to them hopefully you do my hair I could be in for my hero academia uh we haven't watched that we're gonna watch the wu-tang Americas saga trailer next I'm just doing my updates on my channel with you guys and running it running it by you guys see what you guys think I'm heading to work shout out to marques have a good day at work be safe man and watch it back on the fuckers out here or crazy so uh so yeah my my hair academia review season 3 coming up neesee smith supposed to be doing that he's been telling me and then he stopped watching it I gotta get on power too so I gotta finish episode season 5 review matter of fact on my car knocks after this shit and tell them what's up like yo you didn't go back and watch power again cuz I forgot some shit too so yeah so I won't react to the enemy but I will watch it and now we're getting into when television shows are starting to show slowdown and shit or getting into comics season I wanted to switch it up I talked to E man he keeps coming to me he's like yo they wanna watch the power interesting I'm like II I don't care about three niggas who gonna watch this seat bro is that what I told him I don't care about three niggas don't want to watch this argue about rate range in agreement you ain't gonna win anyway reverence for life bruh BAE anyway so what I decided because Eve was speaking some shit to us and me and Roni we're looking at each other like so it's not official so this is kind of exclusive stuff for you guys it's not official so we're thinking we're going I say I told E we have to build a power and your fan base before we do this tight shit because I'll be damned I'm throwing out fire and you throwing out fire and we going her be going at each other barking each other bra and niggas ain't watching I'm not doing that see I'm not putting my time in that scene man you know me I'm not putting my time in that she huh I won't do it because it's a waste of time to me it's like yo what am I doing this for if niggas ain't gonna watch so I told E Ronan even C or anybody wants to join in with it let's build a Power Ranger fan base so the arguments the debates are going to pop that was that's the idea I haven't initially put the stamp of approval as far as how far we're gonna go but I'm good furious but that's why I think we're gonna go with it Power Rangers we're gonna build a power inch of fanbase and the way we're going to do is we're going to take it back a step and go read the comic books and then have a comic section about Power Rangers issue one three four five six whatever and talk about it and break down information to the convoy I don't know how I'm gonna do it but I think that's what we're gonna do moving forward Power Rangers I want to get away from DC and Marvel for a minute I need a break I want to appeal to something else I love to read the transformer teaming up with GI Joe I'm with it I don't want to read any more Batman Superman shit like that I'm sick of it with the passion and the reason why is because it's not I need something different yo yeah I'm saying I'm good Kyle oh so that's a plan in the future might it might come October November but uh so I want to build it we're gonna build a power as a fan base we got the turtles and the Power Rangers teaming up and that's what kind of sparked the idea so you prepare in December December B deadline we probably would have already started before then but December would be that time base where we gonna come together and we don't talk Power Rangers and we're gonna build a comic book power engine fan base and then we might be able to get into the show's might be a to get into the show's a little bit more and build a fan base so that's a plan I want to build I don't want to just do I want to build I want people to come in watch for a reason so yeah that's next on my list and that's gonna be you know this it won't be called a couch you know it the couches us using our minds going out it'd be some comic book shit you know me so that's something else now we haven't discussed anything yet Carlo we haven't got into wu-tang I'm just doing the updates on my channel let me scroll up here I think I seen somebody look like Ian they're watching right now look yeah 30 degree Ranger brah o Flintstone shut the Flintstone say have you has your opinion changed after you found our Shane she's power I actually had never changed bro I was already set I was when I heard that the man did you watch the the the couch episode part one and two and we talked about shang-chi as far as when running broke down his abilities but he told us who will be in a movie I was already so I known as this motherfucker whoop ass I'm sold I don't wanna think of just using powers and shit in jumping and diving and she's looking like some bootleg double dragon shit my ad that show needs to come back and it needs to be a movie but you know that's a couch episode um so II remember that sheet Double Dragon couch episode all right so um so yeah you know I mean so I I'm already so the the MCU face for just for you to record guys I am very optimistic about it because I don't care give me a good frickin movie and I'm happy I have I'm tired of it I guess it's a growing step for me but I I'm just I don't I I forgot about why I watched movies when it came to this MCU DC shit once I got to a certain age I forgot about what why I watched movies and I figured it out again I found out why I watch movies because movies are tight I remember Darkman came out score by Danny Elfman sounds like Batman but he ain't Batman money good so I'm not gonna complain that men freak through seat man I want my Batman bruh no I'm gonna watch Liam Neeson and darkman and say this shit is a knockoff of Batman but it was pretty goddamn good and then next year I'm gonna watch Batman I got two good movies you see I'm saying I'm done I'm done with all the demo pen I will only rant on destructions of film that's the only time you'll get a rent for me when you win I understand movies I understand people and we have changed as a society like for instance wasn't then Cody Bryant he went to my old freakin Shazam video to up to put an opinion with somebody that said I was an idiot because I didn't like the way they portrayed Shazam because they didn't announce his acronyms they didn't show his acronyms then it show us why he's insane he's just some stupid grown man kid which doesn't act 15 because 15 euros don't act that way bro gee holy moly what nigga act I never heard no brother and in the time of my life of 33 years old say holy moley that ain't happenin brother that's bad writing and in no 15 tracks that way anyway but he wanted to go in there and throw that I said that the owner how you got that but he said that oh he thought Beyonce wasn't I was a good song I'm paraphrasing but Beyonce was a great actress in Lion King he doesn't know acting nigga if you don't shut your dumb ass up that's how I look at it because it's like yo who does that who goes to our old movie review to make a point about something new because no one agrees with you if you listen to my reviews I wasn't harsh to Beyonce because she didn't deserve to get crucified she was better than most so what do you want from me the worst actor in the movie was Mufasa is that a challenge Simba you have forgotten who you are so you have forgotten Who I am looking yourself remember who you are you were my son and the one true king nickel is terrible brett-james old rose was terrible but I'm not gonna crucify him till he's 19 years old free come on man get out of here with that sheep I'm not I'm not random man I won't I won't do it unless unless it needs to be ranting on some people get really pissed off about movies nowadays man and it ain't that damn serious you know I mean I just if you look at Lion King throughout the movie childish gambino did not do a bad job as Simba he sounded decent he wasn't the worst part so why am I gonna crucify him because everybody was a boy band everybody in Lion King was a boy band and Seth Rogen was the lead singer come on man let's keep it 100 they all were bad but it ain't they fought his Jon Favreau's fault because he's the director of the animation he did not direct their voices correctly with those animals and it didn't look right that's why I sound it back but anyway anyway so yeah you ain't gonna be getting that kind of shit I look at the face for bring it to me give it to me I'm I'm sold on all episodes brother let me watch it if it's trash I won't watch it I'm out of here brother said we I'm gone I'm gone there's no need to complain about somebody else shit I'm not getting tensed on a dollar I complain buy my shit if you don't come out right then I got something to talk about I'm about Jake through entertainment y'all it's a new leaf on life bro so James Earl Jones has the voice of dark side please ash sigh that's it anyone done bro to old man he can't do it is that a challenge that was the that was I was like oh shit he's done oh man yeah man it's just a movie man I mean I know we got passionate like this Batman everybody's really freaking out about Batman right now I'm not I'm not y'all forget Val Kilmer was Batman George Clooney was Batman I don't keep a fuck just with the cowl on Brian be Batman that's all I care about just be tight if you ain't tight then I'm gonna tell you this nigga was a bad Batman he wasn't tight Ben Affleck was Batman he was tight as Batman he was bad as Bruce Wayne he was whack so come on man just be tight RBG you asking a lot Power Rangers is longest fuck brahh I've been watching her since I was six years old you want to watch something that's been out since I was six and I'm 33 right now and all 28 goddamn episodes nigga please I'm not doing I might as well go out Doctor Who it's wrong with you man go back and watch all the old power episodes and review them for you are you a patriot I'm having fun so yeah yeah I got any more updates so you're deaf bowels coming back the patreon CH the spoiler reviews are exclusive and certain exclusive content and then certain stuff will be early released so I appreciate everybody that became a patreon today especially that one's gonna mean a lot to me well Saiga oh wait wait wait KDOT had dropped something to out of donation KDOT okay okay tossed a a he dropped $2 shot a kdrama to us through extreme lab he says AJ I always wanted to see a big collaboration movie of OG new Cartoon Network all in one movie freaking Dexter Mordecai Benton Powerpuff Girls Rigby and many more on one animated scream our fanboy out like a kid if it happened I would love to watch it's like that video game what's the feel game call I got it down there to Utley Cartoon Network battle crashes or some shit like that that would be tight that was high that was high I think that'd be really dope review all that Mister Rogers episode no I mean you have me tearing up your seat crying hissing man he made me feel some type of way ain't doing it man after what that Mister Rogers bruh I'm done he said you know why for us now man and going back watching that perish I only watched only powers I do watches the old seasons like the first the first three seasons of some shit I'll go back and watch that she any more updates so we establish you guys alright deaf battles coming back deaf battles are coming back obviously you guys want more anime takeover so that's that's definitely something to do Cobra Kai is ending so I'm trying to find something we have the Watchmen show gonna be showing up so I might react to the Watchmen and talk about that cuz I heard it sounds deep like white supremacy and stuff like that sounds really in-depth I might take a look at that maybe i'ma watch it but I might react to that that might be something you reacting to talk about no we haven't watched it yet we're gonna watch it you – whoo tang a trailer soon I have an idea though like I was talking about the BT things I have an idea about I wanted do some j3 stuff man I I think my channel is what the one thing my channel is missing that I think it really needs it's fun you know I think what is missing is fun and I'm trying to make my channel a little bit more fun so I've been talking and I won't I was I was gonna get into gaming but gaming takes time and if I ain't willing to give that time up cuz a lot of youtubers they start gaming and then they become a gaming channel and that's all they fucking do that's not what I want to do I'd rather enjoy a game play it and still do YouTube you know I mean like I could be I could play pokemon all day each other you know I'm saying hey Rock we probably need to do an unboxing tomorrow G but anyway I could do Pokemon all day type shit but you know so I wanna have fun on my channel that's my next big thing I've been planning it it was supposed to launch early but like I said I've been doing auditions I want to see a magic happen I want to make something fun on my channel I know it's a lot of youtubers and and I watch a lot of shit and I pay attention to a lot of people's stuff so I want to I want to have fun that's my thing and I want to do I want to have fun with my youtube channel and I think you guys will really truly appreciate that Flint's don't say J I got one more question if you don't mind answering who would win in a battle Hulk or juggernaut by the way keep up the great work alright so with that question it depends because the juggernaut is magic no matter how hard the Hulk hits him he's still magic Hulk will win because he will knock him so far away he has to walk to come back the problem is the juggernaut won't be damaged technically by this thing you're like that's the outcome hope will win like he wins with Wolverine punch the nigga to the next universe and he comes back so that's that's that's so the hope you win for the juggernaut is just a tank he just keeps coming wait what do you talk about Corvis you need to react to it and what do you talk about need to react power rangers hahahaha now I did do Power Rangers before I reacted to Power Rangers when we did that uh me Ronan and uh was it was me running in knox i believe we did reactive Power Rangers full episode too and it was on that what was that she called when you could react to all the episodes and I got a lot of positive feed on it but we were grown man powered you like some shit you just sit back put your hand in your balls and rub them and watch TV man you're like that ain't no shit like I ain't gonna be just man nah you know me it Angry the whole gifts are stronger but you're punching they go out mile away so death battles coming back we are a exclusive content got all that anime got all that you guys getting more cow episodes I think you guys would really like the cow episode that comes out on Wednesday 7 o'clock a 7 o'clock Eastern Time 7:00 7:00 a.m. Eastern Time yeah so I think I might react to Watchmen yeah I think we're gonna get on that reactor watchman scarguard is confirmed as Nightcrawler in the MCU uh that was done even got x-men so why is he confirmed yeah we gonna get on the boys that shall look tight no no no III most definitely I will get on the Watchmen so yeah so we got contact a lot of content coming your way and like I said the only thing about my channel that I think needs to be there it needs to be needs to be something fun something chill relaxed and fun so I've been working on some stuff so look out for that I hope you guys appreciate when it comes so I'm working on that right now and give you guys fun content Tony Robbins to say je ne porn talk on the couch unfortunately I will say no because I don't think the couch and individuals on the couch will be comfortable enough or knowledgeable enough about porn on that note yeah so that's a difference so yeah I think the couch work the couch will always just be something that we can we can express ourselves as far as film music anything want to talk about casting how we feel topics you know I mean it won't you won't you won't get that because number one thing foreign is tired I'm gonna lie I like for anyway so it is what it is I love women and I can see them Nikki let me see Nikki and that's just being 100 but it is kind of like whatever I only really you know I don't think the group really wants to see that well not the group of the couch it's not really about that that was the whole point of it to be a little bit more structured and more mature as far as content you know I mean get you guys something you can watch watch see a foreign conversation is very great for those that are that are old school but when you're trying to bring new people in and then you got four minutes in their time I porn stars and who booty ho look nice and shit like that should be honest with you and niggas ain't imeem you get people that come in on actually but at the most part that doesn't look that good as far as being professional neither so that's the difference with the couch you know I mean so porn is less young it is it is it is it's not it's not a hobby or is it is it bright I don't know I'm normal me human my man vision said j34 your retro reviews can you review diehard taxi truck breath can I review it man visit you late bro you don't even know what's been a combo to fire Finn a combo that fires Finnick um you gonna be like goddamn these niggas they went to another the fires gonna come about to show you guys what's up I'm about to show you guys what's up y'all gonna be like whoa got you guys you guys don't know what's up y'all yeah I don't know man so but anyway so yeah that's what I want to do next on my channel was make it fun have some fun with you guys I've been I've been examining a lot of yeah a lot of YouTube channels getting looking at people channels trying to make my own reinvent some of the stuff that people are doing and just and just uh coming with some magic give you guys something last thing about my update like I said before in beginning of this stream I wasn't looking for like I didn't really have a goal or you know I have one you know I mean but I didn't really care much about it but I'm in a I'm in a state of mine now we're you know I'm j-3 entertainment and that's what it is this is my channel and I run this channel and this is my main priority it's not studio nor so like that it's not that I'm worried about this make sure this shit floats because if this doesn't flow and I start doing everything else you don't get your content and I'm not doing that anymore so you still get your strings we still collaborate with everybody in groups and stuff like that I wanna make sure everybody's on the same page with that but j-3 entertainment is where it's at it's my channel that's where I'm gonna be at I'm in my Batcave that is my thing and I brought you guys the couch that was my first thing and it's a success with three episodes in and people are watching them please share those videos let people know about them I see what legend of old does I will appreciate if you guys even did something like that and put it on Instagram when you took a little snippet of it and do it on Instagram because Instagram to me I think is a bigger representation when it comes to visual then Twitter is to a degree going to share that Beach on Instagram throw it out there retweet them things and on Twitter and stuff like that and let people know about the couch because I want the couch to really get big I want people to really pay attention to the couch and what it brings and it brings the pureness of fans of film and cartoons and music and stuff and we can just have a good time on that couch our DC world is definitely having fun and that's what my channel was missing it's missing fun and these have fun and I think having fun makes you guys more comfortable and you guys know so have fun so that's that's why I met with that corporate said yeah J YouTube will always be around you got to make sure you stay here gonna keep growing 100 yeah that is my thing man I'm gonna stay 100 take their entertainment that's when you act that's why I'm at nowhere else you know I'll collaborate with folks I'll do things like that but in the day I go home and I take care of home when I started collecting my home then you start seeing neglect and less content and I'm not doing that no more so I got content coming you guys way a lot of collaborations you know so I'll make sure you guys get a lot of a lot of new content coming out yeah I think I'm done I think I'm done moving on all right we good I think I'm done so we got a reaction we got each other's to react to y'all if you guys don't know I did a trailer reaction to this it was like a teaser shot – Oh F though MVP tonight minute oh f dropped $50 plus became a patriot of Jathan entertainment if you want to become a patreon get exclusive content like spoiler reviews early access old episodes there's episodes up right now I did what did I drop I dropped a matter of facts at you right now hold on let's see what I dropped all right so I officially dropped once upon a time in Hollywood spoiler review I dropped a ghetto comback ex reaction it's real 85 I also dropped Thor vs. rating Mortal Kombat dev battle reaction I also dropped stranger things season 3 spoiler review with Monroe and Joe Kenji and me and C Smith did that once upon a time in Hollywood spoiler review so that content is sitting there and ready to go Thank You furious tiger I love my wall man the wall is a product of you guys and your love and your kindness and Thank You Maya I appreciate it guys so I gotta say it we got a trailer to react to whoo tang and American saga trailer official damn you know what they're gonna block the stream yo they're gonna block this dream because that music so i'ma pausing in the middle of it I'm a positive because they don't block it because they did it last time I had to me right if you watched it I had to mute out some of the rap lyrics and shit so I did not watch the second trailer of Milan percent because I didn't I didn't I forgot to actually I forgot to I'm into okay all right here we go let's watch this official trailer of wu-tang America's saga trailer I used to be put in your work is dis truce looking good y'all oh shit I'm feeling this shit shit cash rules everything around here we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we may be from seven hood [Applause] [Applause] whoa I can't wait rub that shit gonna be fire yo that's gonna be fired that right there y'all is going to be fired oh shit I'm so yo I only saw when I saw the first the first teaser minute I'm so man what do y'all think about that sheep ma th OD man dang so we basically just fine following the RZA man going on his journey bringing this group together y'all this is this is tight and it's a series so we get that exclusive detail-oriented not know strata compton shit where they like lied half the movie and then you know i mean and then kind of zoomed in X I know the niggas are the men you know I mean like we gonna get some get that grimy shit man you know Staten Island bro the slums of Shaolin this is they gonna be able to mix in with the martial arts that man I'm so I'm so I would love to know that the the story I think you know the risen them they so down to earth they so down to earth that like I don't I don't see them lying to make this self look good you know I mean like I see them really telling the truth and and and and really being 100 kind of like how a new addition was man when he did the new addition story man you know don't caster from Boston and they really down like they not they not fake and they was like the studio wouldn't let them put half the shit they want to put in there of the realness they wanted you to see everything you know me and I feel like that's what we fun to get with this Hulu story man I you know it's funny cuz it's a lot of superficial niggas that never really want to tell the story about themselves and then they make they self they glorified a self you know I mean I think this might be really yo I think this really might be legit I think this might really be legit I want to see this man I want to see this shit yeah it's funny method mail like skin and shit like it's funny I want to see I want to see how he does that how you play method cuz I met Method Man I talked to him twice and me it's funny to me and met the member talk I met I met met the man twice I met Method Man at e3 a long time ago I played Bill Gates what year was that oh five I was old five right Oh five so I'm in mentem and oh five and then I got a chance to talk to Method Man at Best Buy boosters on my comic books and Sadler Ward is crazy anyway so I'm with this type of shit it's funny because I wish that the couch was never just some new shit but it's kind of a revamp of what I did before ye we should do and I remember doing an episode about this when I was talking about strata Compton I was like yo they should really build a universe the first hip-hop universe and take that trip like like on another level so excuse me you make a hip-hop universe and you start off with drought cut well you start off with a was trying to come to the first one technically it was notorious but you start with shudder Compton and you take it back or you take it forward right and and I was like yo at the same time they've been hot right you listen to this you watch out of Compton and then you hear you know wu-tang on a radio but then at the same time that's just being played you go into Staten Island and you showed a story at the same time I showing a story you seen aa story you see Jay running in the building running sheet you know saying and you go into that then you take it back a step back and you see tribe then you see Big Daddy Kane and you go into the hip-hop universe then you bring that shit back one time and go to the bay and show foti and to short right and then you flip that shit around you go down to the south and go to big loop and then a Scarface and shooting you know I mean and just build a fucking hip-hop universe where all these actors will coexist at award ceremonies and shit like I thought that shit would be brilliant like that's on a different level like it's gotta be bigger than fuckin MCU trash to me when it comes to that like you were saying like idealistic like this it's too simple like we'd be going on in some real shit you know I mean like not comic book shit where niggas can make up shit nah and that's what I mean I say MC trash day like you make enough shit to make something not you build a hip-hop universe that is actual factual you get somebody play M&M bread you see you go into a dr. Dre concert and then you see the nigga that's gonna play Eminem in the future he's in the concert looking like yo I remember this do you know me and just really bring the life that was an idea I had it might it might be too much you know I mean might be ahead of the game you know I'm saying but I think that should have been high you know I mean I just I think that shit would be like on a different level bro Diddy and shit run around and you have the Suge Knight beef you know mean hell a Britney Spears biopic you know I mean Jennifer Lopez biopic goin that bitch and run that shit see her coexisting with certain people just I think I think that would been amazing it'd have been in a different level of film you know I mean just really telling the truth about these artisans and stuff man you know and it won't be machine-gun kill you the Menil haha he wished yeah like big punish shit man seeing a fat joe over there being being being a second second-in-command and shit you know me that should be high it'll be high but really tell the truth you know I mean don't don't gloss up over all well you know some of these rappers were really nice and their wives nah nigga tell the truth like it has to be that way or you you you make it false you know I mean you make it false like I hate the fact that they didn't really you know there's there's a lot of cases out there about a lot of artists who are women beaters and there's a lot of cases about women who do shit and sneak around it and after they homies it and they never talk about it because they feel like it's not obligated let's make this guy look like a good guy he's made it make that nigga look like who the fuck he is in real life you wanna tell me about pick about motherfucking and go tell me who he is you know I mean little Dickie could not be in the know no Hale not but yeah I think that I've been hot and I think I think that's on a whole different level man I would love to see the Busta Rhymes story him I would love to see Busta Rhymes DMX and J rapping in the lunchroom and shit in high school and shit battling niggas that should be clean bro like I said you guys this is it what's this thing a name anything shine oh fuck Earl this shit what's up nigga a doesn't get this thing Veronica's on her rapping is she a man you know I mean but this is my that's my way of looking at even on me but yeah this is this will taint shit hot breath wu-tang is arguably the best rap group of all time the styles of it bruh every you every individual and wu-tang clan is a G like there's some that are weaker but they're all Ali it's like going to the lead for with the wu-tang clan right like like when you listen to ODB right Oh dirty bastard right his rap style is so different I never heard you buy like old ol Dirty Bastard this thing a rap set style is so different in the way he pronounces it's like what the fuck and and the way he phrases his words and put them together it's mind-boggling like that's the appreciation style of rap when you think about it like it's how they put words together you know personally to me methods my favorite out the group cuz Method Man was met them it it's like Method Man was Michelangelo of the wu-tang clan he was Michelangelo he was the the cool when the venture is when like heyou go to a movie and come back in still rapping be hard as ever you know I'm saying you know he is the the they all are honesty they all got some you know some child shit in them in the comic book movies wu-tang you know carved comfortable films you should think they all know about this shit let's take the grew up on this you understand but some grew up harder than others and some was even though they were harder they still appreciated certain things and yeah Method Man is my favorite because even in his rap verses and you listen to him you kind of feel I gravitate more to method then than anybody else in the group like I like Raekwon you know saying he but Raekwon is so grimy and I mean any respect like the way he just that bee and his wordplay he's sold it think I sound like Gangstalicious he's so gangster naked light it's like psych god damn thing I can't even fuck with this nigga I gotta listen to you I can't I came and get on this nigga love I love what I'm listening to but it's like I can't fuck with you like I can't even I can't relate I don't even have a relief a relationship with that shit it's more of I'm listening to you it's like watching a movie we was in the Ghostface and Raekwon because it's like their life and their story how they put their words together it's so so on a different level and you're lying down I listen I listen you know they they demand your ear so you can hear what the fuck they saying you know me and then and then that's what you get but when I listen to Method Man I listen but then I come in one with it like yo I fuck with that shit you know I mean that's that's the difference with how I look at them because I think honestly Raekwon and ghosts personally could be the strongest out the group lyrical wise but when it comes to presentation in the style of it I think Method Man is the best he has the voice the Delaine the lingo the knowledge and and in the carrot the charismatic fact of him is just it meant meant it to me met the man is the best because he tackles all those punches he's a he's a he's a he's a all-around player but when you go lyrical content and you go and attacking that beat you know his ghost and Raekwon expect to deck you know they hit differently ODB is like he's just fine but his wordplay is just cold you know I mean it's just cold listening to them and then you have the RZA who's just all around I think honestly this is the guy on his truth cuz I love the RZA I think the RZA is so he's tackled so much shit that he's the weakest when it comes to wordplay it's like if the RZA if the RZA didn't do beats produced and dice and just focus on rap he probably Dakota's nigger because his his ideas are just he's like a book and he's he's all he's there right so when you listen to him you feel it you hear him but his delivery and stuff because he's doing everything else it's like it's like sony Sony Studios Sony makes TVs radios VCRs I should do all this shit and they can't focus on one thing so they focus on one thing they be a master at it peace out Renaud I have a good night be safe watch your back imma fuck it's crazy um so I think you know when it comes to that he kind of becomes the weakest out of out of the rap but like I said being the week is out of wu-tang don't make you trash that just means that there's the Yarra leap squad like you know I mean we ain't talking about Tony Yayo shit now that nigga's sure goddamn he's better than me though I'll give that to your ass better than j-3 but when you compare him to the rest of the group that nigga is trash right oh my god so you have garbage um but yeah I love the routine man that is something uh there's gonna be some special to watch mm-hmm it's gonna be something special to watch oh this is great what a great string y'all what a great stream we talked we tackle some things man shot the Oh F becoming an MVP today bruh dropping that $50 at $49.99 coming a patriot man my boy art came in became a patreon today what I got a crazy ohso Ranade let me go to my notifications Oh F became a patreon today shots you guys man I appreciate it showing love I appreciate it I appreciate it guys I think the worst rapper I've ever heard in my entire life of rapping and I won't count the new school I won't count them I'm gonna count like I won't count new school because a lot of them niggas that are trash like they trying bro I don't know if y'all seen that new are DC video is like a minute time about how rap songs are getting shorter I'm back in my bitches my bitches back in any games I always shit was that shit too long or just go bad and run that shit I run in shit bag and I think it did like two lines and that was it not even a line two words now she was able Russians crazy anyway I think Joe Rooney's to play himself because he needs it um but I think the worst rapper I've ever heard before the new school honestly I'm being honest Silkk the Shocker soon shot coming doesn't it and I go down strychnine under comes under said oh my god shut show ass up nigga oh so the Shocker fry the worst rapper I've ever heard like what's that masked nigga name I want on st. lunatics rap better than him he won't say shit I think he the worst rapper ever heard man soak the shocker that nigga name is Silkk the Shocker there's some comic book shit I'm soaking I came to shock you like I think it's sort of shocking man yeah he's good so the Shocker the female rappers back then right badder than that nigga man that nigga trash bro oh my god oh man he better be glad he related I think he should have been gone cuz I ain't a lie see murder we really waiting that bad see murder actually was kind of hard man like for what it for his work what it's worth he was better than Master P it was better than P see murder won't even that bad and I ching ching sound better than Silkk the Shocker me GE Howard had an actual type of rap style so Coshocton would rap fast and then talk slow and when he's talk slow and didn't even make fuckin sense I was like what the fuck you talking about an English shut up go are no jeans they know it's like it was like a week but um yeah Master P biopic will be really good that'll be real ooh ooh that's a good one we need to in ice I see a fish biopic that nigga got paid in full and bounce man I said crazy see I'm afraid about jay-z's biopic man I don't think J go tell the truth like that I think niggas gonna be mad like nigga even lyin bruh I don't think J go tell the truth I don't think J go and tell the fool true I think anything on 50% that movie bruh and I'm a jay-z fan I'm being honest I think jay-z going to look dj9 fighting said be BG and cash my bro I'm behind us go listen the Bee Gees mixtapes bro he ain't that bad he ain't that bad get him when he ain't on crack he ain't that bad BG ain't that bad bro but yeah I don't think J gonna tell the truth he all acquainted with the white folks that shit I don't see that nigga tell the truth man he ain't gonna tell hold true man it's gonna be 30 percent truth and water and the rest water down lies like a like I don't think we're gonna get the jaina lid you know I'm saying I don't think we're gonna get that I don't think we're gonna get the J in the leader the lid and the dam – stealing his girl I don't think we're gonna get that shit I don't think we're gonna get the Rosario Dawson's I don't think we're gonna get the player J bruh being with my I don't think we're gonna get that jadam stories we hear so much about jay-z I don't think we gonna get that I don't think we're gonna get that I don't think we're gonna get it man him going at the Fox and shit his face all and hiding her pussy I don't think we're gonna get that Jay bruh I don't think we're gonna get that movie cuz if we get the Jay I think if we get jay-z's true story that we'll probably the best biopic of all time you know I mean I think I think if if if we got a jay-z story I think it will probably be the best story of them all cuz J honestly from what you hear when when the streets when the streets open up and they tell them stories about Jay Jay is like he's an icon already like and Jay is like on some other shit like he was ahead of his time he was curved you know yeah I think he did some backstabbing things in there you know I mean but I mean people human people do shit and I don't think one nigga in Hollywood ain't never stab another nigga in the back facts and it depends how you look at staffing nigga in the back you know I mean so you know I mean it's it's yeah I don't think Jay gonna tell that truth minute because Jay Z's story ain't a movie Jay Z story is at least a two season show hands down I think I think honestly as far as that's I think J has the best story because Jay Jay Jay been around so fucking long and Jay Jay was involved with so many people you know I mean and and jay-z came in a time when hip-hop was growing I mean jay-z was with big daddy kane jay-z grew up with DMX and Busta you know I'm saying Jay knew autumn niggas big and shit Jay was Jay was that too Jay was like Stanley like that's jay-z's part jay-z met with everybody like jay-z story is just too unique like jang huije is and how he is like he was there like jay was that to like it is you have some cast that dealt with some cats and dealt with some dude some dudes right here someone right there baba block but jay-z was there and everything like that was Jay he was that nigga in the back he was right there he was a nigga in the south real quick Jay was just everywhere and JJ is that word is Jay is the ladies man hands down jay-z had all the baddies before all the niggas had him that's just the truth what I hear with jay-z he he might be the most funniest looking nigga tell a lot of people he's meeting us a delight Joe Camel nigga say ugly nigga say he can use one roll of chapstick in one white and throw that shit away jay-z the ugliest nigga but he had the baddest bitches of them all he's always had the best of the best and he can rap jay-z grew up dysfunctional what quite unquote family mama gay how he tackled – shit how he overcame that shit selling drugs making money teaming up with Dame making Rockefeller overcoming that bouncing doing his own thing Rock nation Beyonce kids million I don't know man is either J or Diddy they got the best stories bro and I know damn well did he ever tell that story did he ain't telling that story bruh some shit just ain't gonna be said I'm just keepin it 100 just kidding 1 honey I respect him I respect these artists I respected their craft and everything man jay-z's like triple ace yeah he's like triple ace man he's just he's involved in everything man like jay-z got niggas career swiped down and he wasn't even a man yet ain't fucking with this thing get him out of here but yeah I mean super head he didn't even talk to her just told her to come come here come her and pull out his piece legend did a Diddy story gonna be 10% right you know what did he ain't sayin and bruh I don't know that did he ain't saying shit brah I'd know his story gonna be nothin gonna take a segment like oh it's gonna be a week movie like this what happening this week cuz didn't mean everywhere man Diddy man a guy I know he know say his whole story I would love to hear a pride try call quest story though like q-tip and shit and fight dog so I would love to hear that shit I think that'd be hot that would be really hot but yeah man this is a cool stream man hope you guys appreciate it these streams are for you guys meet 101 you know I'm saying like I said I got a lot of good content look gregory said 5% right yeah man I don't know did he story man did he I heard some wild stories about Diddy I know Ingleby saying that shit you know I mean you know I don't know I think he heard some things but for the most part yet it was hot I love doing these strengths with you guys one on one we have a fine man how many people in the building that's what that's the question how many folks in the building 98 people man that's what's up we had a height of 142 people in here man on this Sunday evening J tired of my ass when you talking about you talk about me did you write me something I didn't comment Bad Boy Entertainment biopic j-3 ain't never answered my question before what was your question you gotta remember is shit moving I'm talking to shape let me see let me go up let me see if I can see your question alright alright here it is RTM Luke can you make a video on Israel 85 updates apparently he's claimed that he's copyright strike people copyrighted striking people who react to his videos he blames you two for it wait wait apparently he claimed that his he's copywriting he copyright striking people will reacted to his videos and he blame you two for it ah I don't know what you mean are uh cuz Israeli five personally gave me his permission I even got the the tweet and everything he said I could react all understood RTM what you talking about you talking about it YouTube is going that room you taught my YouTube is a striking people who are reacting to this stuff we'll be talking about I'm waiting waiting for the comment see what's up why is this up Oh cuz I went to my video you know he taught my Mariah Carey biopic sassy you wrote a comment I'm as a all right guess I don't know but it's ready five gave me permission to react to his stuff man so I always got that I was given permission Israel said that YouTube is giving people strikes who react to his stuff and he blamed you too of course and he said that people haven't have a certain amount of time to take down his videos hold on to me summarizing my door well if that's the case then I didn't see him post anything I don't I'll take a look at it I'll take a look at it and see what's going on with that cuz i'll take windey reactors have recently made videos about it and they've taken all their videos down from their channel so yeah I will I will take a look at that how some how late how how how late was this like was this recently like this week type stuff or was this earlier like or was this it's been a couple of weeks thanks for the heads up he said it on Twitter sometime Twitter be laced let me go to this sheet let me see what's up cuz I don't want get hit for some shit did he say which videos it is is this like his buddy Freddy's and shit if you if the walking dead I'm so so send me a link I'll take a look at it see what's going on let me see he said it on Twitter it's about a month ago yeah I ain't got no word that shit it could be the video games that he was reacting to when he was doing the video games but I don't think like bloody Freddy and shit they can do anything because that's original content so I'll take a look at it tonight I'll look into it see see what videos they were striking yes and a man it might be constant in the video because I remember when he was doing like the Arthur's and stuff like that you know they were they were giving strikes on that kind of stuff you know I mean so yeah but thank you for the information I'm gonna take a look at it tonight look out guys more content it's coming you guys way I got to check out some videos and stuff like that so I can review some things and do some and do some more content for you guys this was fun I'm glad you guys we had this discussion about the updates and where I'm going with the channel and you guys don't get a little bit more content if you get more info on it I'll be sure to let you know where the arts are so I appreciate our team I appreciate it because I don't want my channel to get straight because the other content that's why I don't fuck with other niggas you know material I don't I stay away from it but if that is need be if I have to take all my stuff down I will find a way to put it back up for you guys excuse me hope you guys enjoy the discussions the fine we had today I'm glad you guys understand about the content and I'm glad you guys thumbs up the videos and pay attention to everything that I'm doing I'm putting up a lot more content for you guys and I will be watching Harvin shop this week I also I supposed to be watching 47 meters to supposed to be watching that shout to all the new patreon shots at of'em MVP tonight with a $49.99 donation I appreciate it and thank you guys for standing by Jake through entertainment my boy ten fat roll for dropping bread having showing love just everybody in general guys I appreciate it and AG midnight Sheila K dot mister Tupac always showing love I appreciate you guys and like I know you guys want to you know watch something or something but it's new content up so I got all 10 to some Pharaoh drop fighters he said what about Anarkali biopic twenty years from now that they gonna be locked up so yeah I appreciate you guys showing me love and uh this was fun yeah see you guys when I see you peace you


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