Jason Momoa Flexes His Ax-Throwing Muscles for Charity

Jason Momoa Flexes His Ax-Throwing Muscles for Charity

We’re back with Jason Momoa,
and one of your hobbies is ax throwing. And you’re going to
teach me, it says there. [LAUGHTER] How do I start? We just gotta– you just
gotta throw it at it. Yeah. Cool? But how? I was going to– I was going to try this before. So here’s the one thing. Because we throw footballs
and we throw baseballs, everyone kind of turns
it like this, and throw. Uh-huh, right. It just has to go
straight over your head. OK. If you do this, the
axe can’t go straight. It has to go right
with the grain. I see. [INAUDIBLE] Show me. Throw. OK. OK, lift it up. Throw. [CHEERING] Ready? Well, move that because it’s
going to go right there. [LAUGHTER] Andy, what are you
supposed to do? Andy? Stand right there. [LAUGHTER] Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. All right, so I just
throw it like that. Yeah, OK, go like this,
so just stand right here, then one step, then throw it. Uh-huh. Let the axe do the work. Right? Oh! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] That was almost. You got that. Now come up to this mark
because it’s all just about the rotation of it. OK. OK? OK. You got this. Yes, I got it. You got it. Oh! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] That was– don’t–
you threw harder. You threw it harder. Just let the– Don’t throw it hard? No, because just
let the weight go. Oh. Yeah. Well, you should
have told me that. [LAUGHING] I was putting all
my weight into it. Back and release. Mm-hmm. Oh. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] OK, step right here. OK. This is very hard. [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s just do you. OK. OK. All right. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] All right, so use these. [CHEERING] All right. If I were to take my jacket off,
I probably would be doing OK. [LAUGHTER] We’re going to help you raise
some money for your fight to end plastic and bottle waste. So we’re adding
targets to the wall. Each one has a dollar amount. You’ll have 45 seconds to hit
as many plastic water bottles as you can. All right. Ready? OK. Yup. Say go. Yup, go. [DRUMROLL] [CHEERING] Aye! Andy, you’re supposed to
be helping me out here. Oh, [BLEEP]. Oh! Oh! [BLEEP] Where we at? Where we at? We’re good, we’re good. [CHEERING] [SCREAMING] How much money you got? How much you got? [CHEERING] [SCREAMING] [TIMER RINGS] [CHEERING] Great. OK. [CHEERING] I’m out of shape. 31? I’m out of shape. All right. We expected you to get $10,000,
and that’s what we had planned. But that’s $31,000 for you. [CHEERING] Whoo! But it’s $31,000. [SCREAMING] From Shutterfly. Yeah! [SCREAMS] [SCREAMS] To learn more about
Jason’s campaign, go to our website to
help save the planet. We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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