100 thoughts on “Jason Chaffetz calls Schiff ‘a large liability’ for Democrats”

  • I wish someone would ask Adam Schiff if he likes to dress up like a woman before he meets his very young boyfriends🤦‍♀️

  • When this is all over and the democrats lay broken, disgraced and openly exposed as traitors to Our Nation and Enemies of The People I hope they start suiciding. The democrats are undeserving of the respect that humans reserve for each other.

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  • I am a registered Democrat.  On my little 4 page Democrat questionnaire, I wrote that Schiff  was a complete and utter embarrassment and to get rid of him I will also add Pelosi, Nadler and Schumer to that as well.  And don't get me started about either of the Clintons!  I had one proud Democrat tell me recently that he's a "dyed-in-the-wool Truman Democrat."  I told him it was very hard to be one of those when your party has got up and left you.

  • RightISright Allright says:

    Time and time again, the democrats have shown us that they are petty, vindictive and incompetent. It says a lot about their voting base.

  • First person I would call is Adam shifter next is whistleblower
    Keep whistleblower is separate room can't hear what Adam shifter say
    3rd person is Biden an his son hunter
    An end of hearing need four handcuffs for Adam shifter whistleblower an Biden an hunter straight to jail
    Then ask Pelosi an nadler resign or charge with corruption


  • There really is a Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Schiff is the poster boy for it! He claims appealing to the court is obstruction of Congress – and his latest idiocy is claiming that Trump assembling a defense team proves he’s guilty!

  • Shiff a large liability thats the biggest understatement I’ve heard in weeks, he is like greasy finger prints on your glass in a restaurant just brought to your table

  • The dems, expect trump and his team to cave to their whims. Who the hell are you? It’s time for fairness, you one way pricks’.

  • From here forward, Trump won't be standing alone; there will now be a united front of Trump and the Republicans against the faltering and very flawed Democrat party. That's unfortunate because we're moving toward a one party system. And even though the Republicans make for a much more secure choice in that regard; it's still not healthy.

  • Schumer is insulting his own constituency. Does he actually think they're that stupid? In all fairness they probably are.

  • Your a joke Mr. Shifft you and Nadlier and Nancy and chuck have destroyed this country shame on you all putting our country through this as of now as a Democrat I have seen no High crime or misdemeanor. I have seen unfair treatment of the judicial system by your party and this I will not except. Shame on you all see you on Election Day start packaging your bags

  • Well rushia!! If your reading these posts please do what you can to reveal the truith about our democratic swamp!!! Sighned concearned us citizen!!!!

  • Adam Schiff argued: "If the House cannot call witnesses …it's not a fair trial, it's not a trial at all." But that's exactly what Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler did during the impeachment hearings. They didn’t allow the Republican representatives to call in their own witnesses. Hypocrites!

  • Reps Dems it’s all the same company they make you think they are separate competition but it’s to keep you distracted from all the secret government spending in the Trillions that is unaccounted for

  • John Williamson says:

    Agreed that Adam Schiff is a liability for the democrates….
    And so is the person that keeps appointing him to handle these projects. Go Trump.

  • He should be in jail Adam schiff for stealing money from the American people. He's involved with hunter Biden pay out. The money that hunter was getting what his dad, Hillary, Adam, and them sent to China and Ukraine, Democrats were getting back. What's sad this has been going on for years and years. All I'm asking is when it stop. We Americans could of used that money.. what's sick that's why Democrats won't bring it up because almost all of them got their hands in it. It's sad what the Democrats are doing to us.

  • See Through the BS. says:

    Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler etc… are puppets to the Ukrainian oligarchy. Think about it, Trump wants to stop the corruption that exists between selected people within Congress and foreign government. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost, when you try to cut the head of the snake its bound to strike back. Look at the relations that Hillery had with Russia. Look at Pelosi's, Shiff's relationship with the Ukrainian oligarchy. They will not stop their own corruption. They have gotten rich off the tax payers money. How did Shifft make his money? Buy miss use of their congressional power

  • The environmental policy of the Donald Trump administration represents a shift from the policy priorities and goals of his predecessor, Barack Obama. While Obama's environmental agenda prioritized the reduction of carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy,[1] the Trump administration has sought to increase fossil fuel use and scrap many environmental regulations, which he has referred to as impediments to United States economic and energy output.[2] According to critics such as Chomsky, the environmental policy of the Trump administration is dedicated and committed to the “destruction of organized human life on earth.”[3]

  • ​I love how these paid trolls are typing in a semi colloquial southern country slang. An attempt to make real Americans in the south believe that some of us are actually against President Trump.

    The logic behind this is laughable because, If this "country boy" can't type a comment without sounding like Pa Kettle, then why would I even care about his political opinion? You suck at this, troll. U go own an tail ur frins thay suk at beehen trolls two.

    Y'all come back now. You hear?

  • pelosi said obstruction of congress and abuse of power, it all boils down to she wanted to do what she pleases and trump called her on it

  • privilege has kept this boy molester out of jail, Schiff is one of the sickest criminals to ever hold office in our Government

  • Schiff is such a liar…back during the Russian collusion “we have overwhelming evidence”…uh no, he’s always lying hoping that the general public will believe him. Now because they didn’t have overwhelming evidence of interference of the 2020 election or for obstruction he wants the senate to interview ppl for them? Unreal…Trump 2020!!

  • Hahs schiff did anf is doing a tremendous job moscow mitch and whole reptile party as corrupt as corrupt can be complicit in the crimes and nreaking their oaths nonono no witmesses they tell what wr dont wanna hear corrupt traitors

  • FOX- Trump Communist State Run Tv. We lie for the President because we know you can't handle the truth. It's all about soviet style attack tactics for us. We are Communism tv news network

  • He's there because it gives him a possibly a slight plausible cover because he is a part of the trial as a manager but is actually a material witness.. They should subpoena his staff tok get to the bottom of the "whistleblower" scam

  • Schiff is a sleazy scumbag. How could ANYBODY vote for this idiot? Even for California. Next time folks, vote him gone.
    What’s in the water in California. Gotta be some psychotropic drugs.

  • Delilah Rainelle says:

    Schitt is going down and so are a whole bunch more, including Hillary and Obama.

    I’ve watched all of this stuff for a year now. This all began with Hillary and rigging the 2016 election. Hillary was supposed to win. And, she needed to win so that she could cover the dirty money trail that involves all the people central to this coup. Heads are going to roll and I can’t wait to see them disgraced!

  • Adam Shits is a strung out freak looking for his next hit, bug eyed pedophile. He would know the truth if it smacked him in the face.

  • 🤔iron clad case from an impractical congressional house is what it should take. But these fools forget they work for We the People🙈

  • God bless Adam Schiff Donald Trump surrounded himself with Shady characters everyone that helped him get elected is a federal prison right now


  • Charles Labanowsky says:

    This comedy is very simple. Adam Schiff= HYPOCRITE! It's all name-calling, like a child on the playground. But I guess Schiff wouldn't know; he didn't have any friends in grade school.

  • Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler should be tried for Treason what a bunch of lying fools how did they ever get such a responsible position

  • Chaffetz had an opportunity to represent the people, and to enforce law and ethics – yet resigned his seat, instead of doing his job. He has NO CREDIBILITY. EVER !!!!!!!!!!!! And I AM FROM UTAH !!!!!!!!!!!! We don't need "Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots", we need those willing to endure Valley Forge, prior to routing the British… and then refusing to "become a king". Instead, we have King Bone Spurs…

  • The American deplorables are tired of the lies of the Democrats Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, and think it is time to vote them out of office because they not only do not respect the office of our elected president but they fail to respect the very people they are suppose to represent .Just look at the shape their districts are in. They are in the worst shape as any in the nation. These people have shown the American people they have no respect for the people at all. We don't want to forget Chuckey boy either for blocking the bill in the senate to lower the cost of drugs for the American people. It is over time for a vote out of these crooks. These people are stepping on the American people that they are suppose to work for. We the people pay them they do not pay us a danm thing as they would have you to believe.

  • The mainstream media is as much at fault in the democrats venture also for they have followed the fake news to the hilt.

  • It’s interesting to me, all these allegations against impartiality tend to run one way, accusing the Republicans of coordinating. Yet no one is calling out the coordination between Schumer and the House Managers. They had PowerPoint presentations and assigned speaking roles for every amendment Schumer proposed day 1. How were the House Managers so well prepared for his surprise and impartial amendments to what he calls a secret resolution?

  • Straightupshooter says:

    Bull 💩. I know your channel lies and makes up crap cause you know how ignorant and uneducated your audience is. Schiff was brilliant in his address to the Senate.

  • the dishonest lying cheating unAmerican democrats should be disbanded and treated just as the nazis were at the end of WWII.

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